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June 2023

Page 1 | June, 2023

Ted ’ s Talk

Teamwork is our theme of the month! In this issue of the OCI you will learn about several achievements our team recently accomplished, as well as two national recognitions for our work! We also recap our progress with the Cultural Initiative. The Economic Development and Tourism team won a National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award for the Edna Lewis Menu Trail project! This project has resulted in at least 20 articles promoting our community as a tourism destination in publications such as Southern Living, Garden and Gun, The Washington Post Travel section and most recently, Smithsonian Magazine! Orange County ’ s multi - year broadband project also earned a NACo Achievement Award for our implementation and startup of FiberLync service! As of June 2nd, FiberLync has placed 329.92 miles of fiber on a total of 466 roads! We now have 4,052 customers with high - speed Internet service. Stay tuned for the July OCI as we have another award to announce that is under wraps for a few more weeks. (Hint, hint, it highlights our digital transformation in support of the Board ’ s “ Digital Citizen Initiative! ”) The dedication of our organization to its mission is noteworthy. Pages 2 - 4 outline the work our colleagues have put into the Cultural Initiative over the last couple of years. We ’ ve accomplished a lot! Together we created a road map to success and are well on our way. If you are interested in participating in the process, please reach out to Human Resources.

Thank you for all you do, and stay safe as you enjoy the summer!

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Page 1 | June, 2023

Cultural Initiative Update

By: Orange County Communications

The COVID - 19 pandemic taught us many valuable lessons. One of the most impactful was the importance of culture in an organization given how adversity tends to bring out the worst and the best in people and organizations. So what is culture in an organizational context? Organizational culture is the collection of beliefs, values and methods of interaction that create the environment of an organization. Organizational culture encompasses the foundational values of a company or business. It also reflects an organization ’ s expectations and philosophy and the experiences of the employees and leaders within it, often determin- ing the group ’ s future direction. In the summer of 2021 Orange County ’ s senior leaders were challenged with how to tackle culture within our organization with the understanding that culture is an ongoing process, not a onetime action. But what does this have to do with individual employees? Every organization has a culture, whether leadership builds and maintains it purposefully or allows it to grow on its own. An organization ’ s culture defines how individuals work and function, making organizational culture a crucial element of an organization ’ s ultimate success. And a thriving organizational culture supports employees, fosters a positive work environment, and improves job satisfaction and employee engagement. Ultimately, that leads to better service to citizens and the community.

Let ’ s take a look at what we ’ ve accomplished and where we are headed next.

In the autumn of 2021, Senior Leaders identified a Culture Gameplan to help guide the project within the organization. The Gameplan consists of five (5) strategic areas: strategy, structure, measurement sys- tems, human resource systems and technology.

With this many things underway, on top of our daily routines and service to the community, staff quickly ascertained that professional assistance would be beneficial to crafting cultural change in the organization and in early 2022 contracted with Zelos to work with stakeholders to de- velop a cultural analysis and road map. From the beginning, staff through- out the organization worked together to set the following goals for the project: improve morale,

increase excitement among employees, establish better

communication channels, be the employer of choice in the area, and enable employees to explain the goals of the organization. The roadmap breaks goals into actionable steps and assigned volunteers to teams to tackle specific subject areas.

Page 2 | June, 2023

Staff identified five (5) focus areas to tackle in response to the cultural analysis. Areas include:

Employee Growth & Development


• Customer Service (internal and external)


Positive Work Environment

Over the next few months employees worked together to spearhead spirit events, launched communication and branding initiatives, and implemented the J.U.I.C.E. program. Zelos conducted Meyers Briggs training for Senior and Key Leadership, hosted on - site and virtual interviews for staff, and surveyed the entire organization to gain insight into where and how the organization should focus efforts to address culture. 53% of the organization responded to the survey. After collecting data from this survey, participants were selected and discussed these results and outcomes through focus groups and interviewing employees. Survey results highlighted several areas of achievement and areas to focus our efforts. Overall, the organization was described in a positive manner with words such as, “ caring, friendly, family - focused, hardworking, and fun ”. Concerns were shared with the overall level of stress felt by the workforce while acknowledging improvement and progress. Zelos culminated data from the in - person interviews, surveys, events, and meetings to develop a two - year Cultural Initiative Road Map.

Key themes identified as challenges facing our organization include:

Page 3 | June, 2023

Working with Zelos, staff crafted a road map divided into priority initiatives to help tackle the challenges facing the organization. The goal of the initiatives are to: • Engage all staff to create values statements and communicate Orange County ’ s shared mission, vision, and values to all staff and the community

• Improve two - way communication that allows for staff to receive and provide information and know they have been heard

Prepare new employees for success

An Implementation Team consisting of volunteers from across the organization were given the responsibility of launching the road map. Over the course of the next several months, the team has met to fine tune the organization ’ s value statements.

The organization has also taken direct action to address challenges identified in the assessment including:

• Implementing an exit - interview process

Sharing survey results

Renovating office spaces

Stress management programs

• Class and compensation studies and budget adjustments

Benefit analysis and adjustments

• Cross - departmental training opportunities

We find ourselves six months into the implantation of the road map and we ’ ve accomplished a lot! We continue to work with the Cultural Initiative Team and subcommittees to address the five focus areas. If you are interested in participating, please contact Jenny Carpenter, Human Resources Director at or (540) 672 - 3313. Participation is voluntary and will be conducted during working hours.

To access the road map and Zelos ’ Cultural Initiative Summary Report click here.

To submit an Orange J.U.I.C.E. Employee Recognition Form click here.

Page 4 | June, 2023

Economic Development & Tourism Launch Orange Uncovered Video Series

By: Orange County Office of Economic Development and Tourism

The Orange County Office of Economic Development and Tourism recently announced the launch of the Orange Uncover ed video series. The videos are designed to tell lesser - known stories from Orange County history to build awareness about what Orange has to offer visitors and residents alike.

The first six (6) Orange Uncovered videos include:

Stonewall Jackson ’ s Arm

• Barboursville Vineyards and Barboursville Ruins

• Gordonsville: Fried Chicken Capital of the Universe

• Thomas Jefferson & James Madison: A Friendship Story

The Potato Salad Sandwich

• The Knights of the Golden Horseshoe Expedition

The series was produced in cooperation with: Barboursville Vineyards, the Germanna Foundation, Ellwood Plantation/ Friends of the Wilderness Battlefield, the African American Historical Society, the Town of Gordonsville, and the James Madison Museum of Orange County Heritage. The videos and related historical content are available here. In addition to the online content and videos the Orange Uncovered program also includes widely distributed brochures, printed materials and an in - market photo op soon to be unveiled at Orange County visitor centers.

Page 5 | June, 2023

Orange County Wins National Association of Counties (NaCO) Awards

By: Orange County Communications

R. Mark Johnson Chairman District One Supervisor categories that reflect the comprehensive services counties provide including: children and youth, criminal justice and public safety, administration, information technology, health, civic engagement, and more. Launched in 1970, the program is designed to recognize innovation in county government. Each nominated program is judged on its own merits and not against other applications. Orange County received two National Association of Counties (NACo) achievement awards for the deployment of broadband internet to unserved and underserved areas in our community and the Edna Lewis Menu Trail. Each year, NACo ’ s Achievement Awards are given in 18

Within the first four years of deployment the Orange County Broadband Authority (FiberLync), connected to one of the largest wholesale internet providers in the world, created a sustainable customer service and business model, laid over 360 miles of fiber (out of 603 miles of unserved roadways), and connected 3,586 subscribers representing 60% of previously unserved residents. FiberLync continues to expand its operations throughout our community delivering efficient and effective local government services, promoting economic development, and empowering our student population. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the release of Edna Lewis ’ first cookbook - The Edna Lewis Cookbook. The Menu Trail has attracted national media attention and visitors from afar featuring Orange County restaurant stops along the way. Through The Menu Trail, Orange County has helped preserve

history, a way of life, and the cultural contributions made by generations of African American women in the South. “ The Achievement Awards demonstrate excellence in county government and the commitment to serve our residents every day, ” said NACo President Denise Winfrey. “ This year ’ s winners represent some of the most innovative and collaborative efforts we have seen in over 50 years of presenting these awards. ”

Personnel Policy

Qualification Scales

For information about FiberLync ,click here.

Employee Benefits

For information about the Edna Lewis Menu Trail, click here.

Page 6 | June, 2023

Page 7 | June, 2023

Orange County Launches New Airport Facebook Page

By: Orange County Communications

Orange County recently launched an Airport Facebook page to inform residents and visitors alike of the unique role the Orange County Airport (OMH) plays in our community and the region. Orange County is an attractive location for visitors to refuel on flights across the east coast and the country. The Orange County Airport is a public use, general aviation airport. It has a 3,200 foot runway and will accommodate turboprop and propeller driven aircraft of 12,500 pounds or less. The airport is equipped with an Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS III) to provide pilots with real - time weather data to promote safe operations. The County leases 10 T - hangars and 19 tie - down spots to facilitate aircraft based at or visiting the airport. OMH offers a complimentary pilot vehicle and works with local car rental companies to provide transportation to visitors. The airport also hosts community events such as field trips, educational seminars, and hopes to host 5Ks and movies in the future. Contact Paul Weber at to book your event at the Orange County Airport today and follow the Orange County Airport on Facebook.


Airport Identifier - OMH

Latitude - N38 14.83'

Longitude - W78 02.74'

Field Elevation - 465' MSL



Weather Data AWOS - 3 118.075

Potomac APP/DEP 132.85

Navigation, Gordonsville VORTAC 115.60

Page 8 | June, 2023

Page 9 | June, 2023

Orange County Is Open For Business By: Orange County Economic Development & Tourism

Local businesses are the heart of Orange County, and your support makes a difference! Visit and start planning your shopping, dining, and recreational activities! Are you a local business owner? Visit to create a FREE profile. Once subscribed, businesses can showcase their offerings by listing services offered, menu items, hours of operation, website, social media links, promotions, photo galleries, and more. For more information, please contact the Office of Economic Development at (540) 672 - 1238.

Event Calendar


6/21 - 6/24

Gordonsville Green Market

Orange County Fair



Music in the Park

Thunder in Orange


6/17 – 6/19

Patch Brewery Bases Loaded Brew Fest

Juneteenth 2023: Celebrating Stories of Freedom at Montpelier

Learn more about these and other events at:

Page 10 | June, 2023

Orange County Employees Attend Conferences Around the Country

By: Orange County Communications

The Orange County departments of Human Resources, Economic Development, Finance, and Emergency Communications recently attended multiple conferences and returned energized and full of new ideas!

Hailee Perry, human resources specialist, learned about programs Tyler Technologies offers to the public sector. One of the benefits to using this software is being able to update paperwork directly to Enterprise ERP® and creating a seamless onboarding process for Orange County employees.

Perry ’ s duties consist of managing benefit enrollments, onboarding, and recruiting new hires. She says she looks forward to more conferences in the future and streamlining the onboarding process to be all online.

Rose Deal, director of economic development and tourism, attended the inaugural Virginia Consultants Forum, hosted by the Virginia Economic Developers Association, Virginia Economic Development Partnership, and Team Virginia. She says the opportunity to hear first - hand from leading site selectors about what business leaders are looking for when considering an expansion, or relocation was extremely insightful. She noted that the information collected will help her and the Economic Development Team strategize about marketing and recruiting efforts to create new investment in Orange County. The purpose of a site selector is to work exclusively with large businesses and organizations considering their next site in a community. During the two - day conference, attendees learned about the latest trends that drive site selection including workforce availability, site preparation, housing, and the importance of economic developers telling their community ’ s unique story. Via Hailee Perry. Hailee Perry at the Tyler Technologies Conference

Via Rose Deal

Page 11 | June, 2023

Chris Cord, emergency communications center director, attended the Virginia NENA (National Emergency Number Association)/APCO (Association of Public Safety Communication Officials) spring conference. Cord was able to hear from 911 professionals around the state, representatives from national 911 organizations, and speakers including Jeff Dodson, a former Orange County communications officer. Now Chief of Police for the City of Radford, Virginia, Dodson presented on leading in times of crisis as Chief Longo did during the search for UVA student, Hannah Graham. He also learned about new recruitment strategies and help staff become more prepared in times of crisis.

ViaChris Cord. Jeff Dodson speaking at the NENA/APCO Conference

Finance director, Sara Keeler attended the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) annual meeting in Portland, Oregon. Finance Officers and professionals from around the nation convened to learn about

topics such as: PCI compliance, public engagement in the budgeting process, public - private partnerships, and financial data transparency. Keeler noted, “ The opportunity to meet colleagues from around the nation and learn how they are tackling real problems in their communities was inspiring. ”


The Orange County team is dedicated to enhancing service to our community by staying up to date on the issues that impact our organization and our community.

Page 12 | June, 2023

Are you prepared for hurricane season? The Atlantic Hurricane season runs June 1 through November 30. Hurricanes, like all major storms, have to potential to cause power outages, property damage, and dangerous travel.

How can YOU prepare?

Start by creating an emergency kit with flashlights, batteries, perishable food and supply of water, medications, power bank, medical devices, and healthcare information. If possible, connect your generator and follow the manufacturer ’ s instructions and operate outdoors with good ventilation.

Stay away from downed powerlines and assume they are energized and dangerous. Stay at least 30 feet away and call your electric provider immediately.

Dominion Energy: 1 - 866 - 366 - 4357

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative: 1 - 800 - 552 - 3904

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative: 1 - 800 - 367 - 2832

Consider developing a family evacuation plan. More evacuation plan information can be found at https:// - prep. For more information on hurricane preparedness, please visit the following websites: - relations - contacts/severe - weather - preparedness/hurricane - safety/

Page 13 | June, 2023

What fireworks are legal?

Any ground firework (ex. Sparklers, fountains, spinners)

What fireworks are illegal?

Firecrackers including those that explode, travel laterally, or rise and fire projectiles in the air.

When enjoying fireworks, remember to:

• Obey all local laws regarding fireworks and firework usage • Have an adult available to supervise ALL firework activities • Wear safety glasses when deploying fireworks • Light one firework at a time and move away quickly • Use fireworks OUTDOORS in a clear area away from people, pets, buildings, vehicles, and trees

• Never relight a “ dud ” firework

• Have a bucket of water and charged water hose nearby • Dispose of used fireworks by wetting them down and place in a metal trash can away from any building or combustible materials

Page 14 | June, 2023

Stay away from downed powerlines and assume they are energized and dangerous. Stay at least 30 feet away and call your electric provider immediately.

Dominion Energy: 1 - 866 - 366 - 4357

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative: 1 - 800 - 552 - 3904

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative: 1 - 800 - 367 - 2832

Consider developing a family evacuation plan. More evacuation plan information can be found at https:// - prep. For more information on hurricane preparedness, please visit the following websites:

Page 15 | June, 2023

Page 16 | June, 2023

Kid - Friendly Staycation Activities in Orange County

By: Orange County Communications

As summer approaches, families might be wondering what fun local activities their child can enjoy? Luckily, there are plenty of activities in Orange County! Here are some suggestions to keep your child busy this summer:

Paint it Orange!

Paint it Orange is a paint - your - own studio located in the Town of Orange. With plenty of kid - friendly camps and classes including bird houses, hat making, and even Bob Ross night, it is sure to have something for everyone. Visitors can paint almost any time of the week within open studio hours. Don ’ t want to come into the studio? Pick up your own take - home kit including everything you need to glaze and create your own ceramic art right from the comfort of your own home! Just follow the instructions, drop your ceramic art back off at the store, and let Paint it Orange handle the rest! To see the full calendar of events, visit the website for more details.

Via Paint it Orange

Orange County Parks

Orange County Parks and Recreation has plenty of local parks and playground equipment to keep your child entertained for hours! There are several playgrounds to keep your child active throughout the summer months including Barboursville Community Park, Booster Park, and the new Unionville Community Park playground. Additionally, our disc golf course, pickleball courts, and tennis courts provide a new outlet for those wanting to try out a new sport or hobby. Interested in renting out pavilion space for an event? Find more about our rental details here.

Via Orange County Parks & Recreation

Page 17 | June, 2023

Lake Orange

Lake Orange is a public fishing lake surrounded by farmland and forests with a fishing pier, and picnic facilities to enjoy all the shoreline the lake has to offer. The lake also has access for paddleboards and kayaks, grills for cooking, and restrooms. Please note the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) requires an Access Permit for visitors to department - owned Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) and public fishing lakes, who are age 17 and older, unless they possess a valid Virginia hunting, freshwater fishing, or trapping license, or a current Virginia boat registration. Interested in what fish you can catch at Lake Orange? Click here!

Via Visit Orange Virginia

Robertson Fountain

Located by the Orange County Visitor ’ s Center is the Robertson Fountain. Known as the ultimate source for splashdown fun, the fountain provides a wide area to jump and play! Bring your animal or a few young visitors for endless running around and physical activity. Fight off summer boredom with this exciting summer activity and enjoy the sunshine too! Don ’ t want to go alone? Bring a friend and spend an afternoon at one of Orange ’ s kid - friendly attractions!

Via Stephanie Straub

Oakland Heights Farm

Oakland Heights Farm, located in Gordonsville, offers horse rides on local trails as well as riding lessons. While on the trail, riders pass through the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, meander through beautiful countryside, and pass Civil War campsites and battlegrounds. Please note, children must be six (6) years or older to ride. Visit the farm ’ s website to learn more!

Via Oakland Heights Farm

Page 18 | June, 2023

4 years, Erik Peterson, Sheriff ’ s Office

36 years, Mark Amos, Sheriff ’ s Office

3 years, Ashton Wolfrey, Office on Youth

30 years, Amy Cryst, Library

3 years, Dana Oldaker, Social Services

30 years, Gilbert Gray, Development Services

3 years, William Alley, Landfill

26 years, Jayne Rogers, Commissioner of Revenue

3 years, Beverly Robertson, Circuit Court Judge ’ s Office

25 years, Teresa Frick, Library

24 years, Michele Beamer, Library

2 years, Kara Smith, Library

24 years, Gordon Kennon, Sheriff ’ s Office

2 years, Barrett Michael, Fire & EMS

22 years, Dawn Herndon, Treasurer

2 years, Carl Jones, Fire & EMS

17 years, Thomas Curtin, Fire & EMS

2 years, Edward James, Landfill

12 years, Glenda Bradley, County Administration

2 years, Deborah Peppe, Social Services

11 years, Sinead Tanner, Library

1 year, Victoria Falb, Office on Youth

10 years, Elizabeth McClanahan, Commissioner of Revenue

1 year, Logan Lohr, Sheriff ’ s Office

1 year, Julia Lindsay, Development Services

8 years, Leigh Waugh, Library

1 year, Rebekah Zummo, Office on Youth

7 years, Drema Rogers, Treasurer

1 year, Logan Pritchard, Library

6 years, Patricia Sparks, Airport

1 year, Jessica Bowman, E - 911

5 years, Abe Smithson, E - 911

Page 19 | June, 2023

Do you have team members that exemplify the J.U.I.C.E. mentality and are going above and beyond? Remember you can nominate them! Submissions are open and we will be doing a quarterly drawing to choose a winner for that

quarter. They will receive a fun jackpot prize! Visit the JUICE Employee Recognition Form, or simply use the QR code to recognize another employee.

Page 20 | June, 2023

Information Technology Tip: Orange Open Data

By: Orange County Information Technology and GIS Departments

Orange County ’ s Open Data Portal allows the public to access free datasets, maintained by the County ’ s Geographic Information System or GIS team. The website serves as a hub for serval GIS applications for interested parties to explore anytime. Located in the center of the County ’ s homepage, users can find the “ GIS Map ” icon, which directs them to a map called the Tax Parcel Viewer. There, citizens can search for parcels by several criteria including Parcel Address, Parcel ID, and Account Name. Once a parcel is searched and selected, the Tax Parcel Viewer will zoom to the parcel, and the user will be able to explore its information in more detail. By clicking on the yellow outline of the parcel or number in the center, the viewer will see a pop - up including information about the parcel ’ s zoning classification, land value, and latest sale date.

Additional maps can be found by navigating to the Orange County GIS Open Data Portal and clicking on “ Explore More Apps ”. Public users and Orange County employees can use Orange County ’ s GIS Open Data Portal to download the County's available GIS data in a variety of commonly searched categorical datasets including Administration, Boundaries, Historic, Hydrology, Planning & Zoning, and Transportation.

While these maps are central to planning and zoning developments in the County, some other map examples include road cycling and the Orange County Disc Golf Course for recreational use. Users can find additional maps by using the Search Bar.

Orange County ’ s GIS staff strives to provide the county ’ s citizens with up to date and easily accessible spatial data. Citizen ’ s requests for specialty GIS applications or datasets can be submitted to Jim Whipp at, GIS analyst, or Cecelia O ’ Neill at, GIS technician. To find out more information visit the Orange County Open Data Portal.

Page 21 | June, 2023

Page 22 | June, 2023

COFEMS Celebrate Emergency Medical Technicians Week!

By: Orange County Fire & EMS

Orange County honored our COFEMS team May 21 – 27 during Emergency Medical Technician Week! COFEMS ’ EMTs work with the county ’ s volunteer EMS and fire departments on a routine basis providing care to all parts of the community. COFEMS staff provide: advanced life support on medic units, fire suppression, emergency management, and county - wide training with partner agencies. All first - out ambulances carry turnout gear, air packs, and thermal imagers. Ambulances also carry whole blood, an innovative program which won a Virginia Association of Counties (VACO) Achievement Award in 2022. COFEMS strives to deploy the most up to date equipment not only to better serve the community but to keep staff trained and safe. COFEMS is a community and regional leader both in service and education. The department partners with Orange County Public Schools to teach Firefighter I and Emergency Medical Technician training during the school year. Additionally, COFEMS ’ s dedication to innovation has helped them lead the region in advanced medical protocols to include but not limited to RSI, Dual sequential Defib, Bi - Pap, and ultrasound deployment. Thank you to our dedicated team of professional and volunteer EMTs who strive to provide immediate care to the critically ill and injured, and to transports patients to the proper medical facility!

Interested in learning more about our EMT team? Visit to learn more.

Via County of Orange Fire & EMS

Page 23 | June, 2023

Virginia Cooperative Extension Celebrates Dairy Month this June!

Interested in learning about agricultural education in Orange County? The Cooperative Extension provides local clubs, camps, and specialty programs for children of all ages. Programs include: beef cattle production information, 4 - H clubs, diabetes prevention, school enrichment, and soil sampling.

Master Gardeners are available to answer home horticulture questions, and 4 - H volunteers lead day and residential camps for youth.

We encourage you to learn more about our office by visiting the VCE unit website or the Orange County 4 - H website.

Page 24 | June, 2023

Skydog Orange Dog Park Opens!

By: Orange County Communications

Orange County Parks and Recreation welcomed the community to the new Skydog Orange Dog Park on Tuesday June 13, 2023. Chairman of the Board, Mark Johnson and Parks and Recreation Director, Tim Moubray made remarks and thanked the community for their support of the project. Four and two legged participants alike enjoyed an afternoon of fun in the sun amongst the agility equipment and the DogGone Fence debuted to much fanfare. The park is open daily sunrise to sunset.

Page 25 | June, 2023

Calling all dog lovers! The DogGone Fence Memorial Sign price has been lowered to $25 until July 1! You won ’ t want to miss the opportunity to showcase and commemorate your dog at the SkyDog Orange Dog Park. Sign up to get your Memorial Sign at - Park - Project. For questions and additional information contact Joe Falin, programs and facilities supervisors, at

Page 26 | June, 2023

Page 27 | June, 2023

Parks and Recreation Staff Gear Up for Playin ’ In the Park 2023!

By: Orange County Department of Parks & Recreation

On Saturday, July 1, 2023, Orange County Parks & Recreation will host their annual Playin ’ in the Park Independence Celebration at Booster Park with the event scheduled to begin at 5:00 p.m. This year ’ s event will feature fireworks from Pyrotecnico, live music, food trucks, Touch - A - Truck, skydivers from Skydive Orange, and a live bird demonstration from Earthquest. The musical acts will feature the Yurasits Family performing on the main stage from 6:00 to 7:00/7:30 p.m. After a brief intermission, the Yurasits Family will be followed by Dave Goodrich who will be performing until the fireworks display begins around 9:00/9:30 p.m. The food trucks in attendance at the event will offer a variety of different food options. The following food trucks are scheduled to be at Playin ’ in the Park 2023: Buffalo Wild Wings (Wings on Wheels), B - Radd & Honey, R U Freak N Hungry, Kona Ice of Culpeper, Barbara's Soul Food on Wheels, and Happy Family Ranch. The Touch - A - Truck portion of the event will feature vehicles from Orange Volunteer Fire Company, Orange County Fire & EMS, Orange County Sheriff ’ s Office, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), Virginia Tractor, and Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC). The skydivers from Skydive Orange will be returning this year for a jump, with the expected landing spot being on Field 4. Also returning this year is the much - requested Earthquest bird exhibit. There will be several birds in attendance that the knowledgeable staff of Earthquest will provide interesting facts about. Additionally, Earthquest ’ s Robert Haynes will be putting on a hawk demonstration on Field 4 for all interested visitors. Playin ’ in the Park is free to attend and is scheduled to begin at 5:00 p.m. with the Orange County High School Football Team assisting with the parking. This year the event is sponsored by the Town of Orange, Town of Gordonsville, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, American Woodmark, Mason Insurance, Mr. & Mrs. V. Rea Jones, Altman Tire, and Andy & Audrey Hutchison. Orange County Parks & Recreation looks forward to seeing everyone there!

Page 28 | June, 2023

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

By: Orange County Communications

April Showers brings May flowers in Orange County! In the May rendition of the County Cup, players competed in a large inflatable booth in hopes of catching flowers worth valuable points. Participants scuffled their feet inside the inflatable silo trying to get as many flowers as they could with one hand. Points were allocated by flower type ranging from one point to 50 points per flower. As the clock ticked down, players grabbed flowers of all shapes and sizes with points totaling over 1,000! The Finance Department continues to lead the way in the competition with Jenna earning 1,543 points. Carrie, from the Treasurer's Office finished second with 1,362 points and Dionne from the Social Services in third with 1,311 points. June marks the halfway point through our County Cup competition so make sure to mark your calendars for the final six games! Things are heating up here at Parks and Recreation, so we ’ ll give you a hint for the month of June: Fore! Check out the leaderboard on the next page to see which team is taking the lead!

Page 29 | June, 2023

Page 30 | June, 2023

Page 31 | June, 2023

Child Care Lead Teacher - LES Child Care Lead Teacher - LGPS Child Care Lead Teacher - OES Child Care Teacher - LES Child Care Teacher - LGPS Child Care Teacher - OES Child Care Teacher Assistant - OES

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney County Assessor Custodian Deputy Sheriff Emergency Communications Officer Emergency Communications Supervisor Victim Witness Program Manager

Page 32 | June, 2023

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Citizens Ask...

Q: How do I find out what animals are available for adoption at the Animal Shelter?

A: Interested parties can visit Petfinder here to see current animals available for adoption.

Q: What are the hours of operation for the Collection Sites?

A: Orange County Collection Sites operate six days a week and follow an alternate holiday schedule. For information about hours of operation click here.

Page 33 | June, 2023

Orange County Public Hearings

Board of Supervisors

Planning Commission

• Thursday, July 6, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

• Tuesday, June 27, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

Orange County Public Safety Building 11282 Government Center Drive, Orange

Board of Supervisors ’ Meeting Room Orange County Public Safety Building 11282 Government Center Drive, Orange

Public comment is at the second meeting of the month.

This information is for reference only. Specific information about hearing topics and schedules will be available in that meeting ’ s agenda packet when published. Agendas can be accessed in the online Agenda Center. Please note that due to the monthly publication schedule of this newsletter, it is possible that some upcoming public hearings may not be listed. Pursuant to the applicable section of the Code of Virginia, notices for all public hearings will be posted in our newspaper of circulation (The Orange County Review) at least seven days prior to the

Christopher Hernandez

Get to know Orange County staff... The Personnel File:


Chis Hernandez came to Orange County with a mission to save lives. As a firefighter/EMT who has worked in Orange County for a little over a year, Chris says the everchanging atmosphere is his favorite part of the job along with helping others. When Chris isn ’ t working, he ’ s often volunteering. One of his favorite projects was volunteering in the smoke detector program which helped him bond with the community. Chris is appreciative of his COFEMS team, and says the people he works with make it all worth it! He is a more confident as a provider knowing he will always have support from his team, who are one big family. Away from work, you can catch Chris listening to blues music or hiking.

Juanesta Williams

Support Technician

Page 34 | June, 2023

Orange County Communications Department 112 W. Main Street P.O. Box 111 Orange, VA 22960


Meet Thor! Thor is a handsome, loving, gentle, and friendly male adult cat who had been living on the streets. Since testing positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV/FeLV), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus attacks the immune system allowing bacteria to potentially cause severe illness. Thor was brought to the Animal Shelter along with his siblings, who have already been adopted. This cute boy has been vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and dewormed. Thor is looking to find a home with a loving owner who will take care of this sweet boy. If interested, please go to the Orange County website and fill out the preadoption application and submit it by email to the Director at

Page 35 | June, 2023 Find your new best friend at The Orange County Animal Shelter

Visit us on Facebook Find Adoptable Pets (540) 672 - 1124 Directions: 11362 Porter Road Orange VA 22960

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