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WHICH WORKOUT WILL HELP YOU MEET YOUR GOALS? With hot yoga, barre, Pilates, weightlifting, kickboxing, and more, personal fitness DROP IT LIKE A POUND When it comes to weight loss, full-body

arts will improve your balance, which then, of course, improves the quality of your life.” By incorporating martial arts and yoga into your workout regimen, you’ll be able to perform impressive party tricks and stay on your feet if you lose your balance.

companies offer every workout you need to stay in shape. But sometimes, having dozens of choices can be more anxiety-inducing than having just a few. When it comes to finding the right workout to help you reach your goal, whether it’s weight loss, better balance, or more muscle, it’s best to seek advice from the experts.

workouts, like swimming, running, and cycling, are the most effective. “The more muscles you have to incorporate, the more calories you’re going to burn because those muscles all require energy in order to work,” Nike Master Trainer Holly Rilinger told SELF magazine. Regardless of the activity you choose, Rilinger recommends interval training as the best method. By combining bursts of intense effort with periods of active rest, you can keep your heart rate jumping and those calories burning. generally associated with yoga, and while it’s true that yogis are champions of standing on one foot, so are martial artists. According to an article published by the martial arts academy chain Evolve MMA, “Martial arts works out the entire body, from the base, to the upper torso, to the all-important core ... Practicing martial WAX ON, WAX OFF The words “balance” and “workout” are

DO YOU EVEN LIFT, BRO? For building muscle and increasing your

strength, nothing beats weightlifting, whether you’re using dumbbells at home or machines at the gym. Lifting weights also helps burn fat. Speaking with SELF, Rilinger called the practice “the mother of all weight loss techniques, the highest in the workout food chain, the top of the totem pole.” Of course, the most important thing to consider when choosing a workout is whether you enjoy it enough to squeeze it into your schedule. If you resent every drop of sweat, it will undoubtedly take you longer to reach your goal than if you look forward to the challenge.

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM AQUATIC THERAPY SPLASHDOWN! With the temperature outside ratcheting up, sinking into the pool probably sounds more like a much-needed getaway than a form of physical therapy. That said, aquatic physical therapy isn’t the same as a quick dip in the deep end or even the water-bound exercise classes at your local YMCA. It’s a targeted and sometimes challenging program overseen by a trained physical therapist or physical therapy assistant who is dedicated to helping you recover. YOUR BODY, YOUR PROGRAM

Even if you’re sharing the pool with another patient, the exercises you do will be customized for your goals and challenges. If you’re ever worried about your ability to complete an assigned exercise, just speak up, and your PT or PTA will be happy to modify it for you. AN UPSTREAM BATTLE Just as with exercises outside of the pool, there will no doubt be times when you struggle to complete an assigned routine. Don’t worry if you feel tired after an aquatic session — as long as the effort you’ve put in isn’t causing you pain, you’re sure to be making gains in your recovery, not prolonging it. If you’d like to try aquatic physical therapy for yourself, give Campus Commons Physical Therapy a call. Our program, spearheaded by Physical Therapy Assistant Brody Choy, is one of the best.

According to the Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy, these supervised exercises in the water can help improve a wide range of functions, including aerobic capacity, endurance, flexibility, balance, muscle strength, and locomotion. Here are a few things first-time aquatic PT patients should expect when wading in: YOU WILL GET WET — REALLY WET Depending on your injury, aquatic PT might require you to stand chest- or even shoulder-deep in warm water (between 82–96 degrees F). Unless you want to soak the seat of your car after your session, remember to bring a swimsuit or change of clothes. 2

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