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Q2 2023

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Technical Article: Prepress Information and Operational Success Paper, plastic, tinplate, no matter the substrate being printed on, there is a prepress department behind it all responsible for assuring the final product is correctly printed, manufactured, and satisfies both customer expectations, and meets manufactured quality standards Experts in metal lithography operations were asked their opinion on the current state of prepress functionality Expert Article: The New World of Sustainability Platforms Rebecca Lipscomb, Director of Global Regulatory Affairs, discusses how sustainability platforms play a critical role in supporting businesses to be more sustainable in their operations and supply chains Roundtable: Prepress Tech Advancements Power Improvements in Quality and Efficiency




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Expert Article: The New World of Sustainability Platforms By Rebecca Lipscomb, Director Global Regulatory Affairs, INX International Ink Co S ustainability has become a buzzword over the past few years. One may find multiple definitions for sustainability. The World Health Organization (WHO) refers to it as sustainable development and defines it as “a broad term to describe policies, projects and investments that provide benefits today without sacrificing environmental, social and personal health in the future”. The EPA defines sustainability on one area of its website “as the ability to maintain or improve standards of living without damaging or depleting natural resources for present and future generations.” The European Commission has defined sustainability “as a means of meeting the needs of the present whilst ensuring future generations can meet their own needs”. However one defines sustainability, there are obvious commonalities and the take away is, the choices we make today will impact future generations. It’s time that we all consider the long term consequences of our decisions and do better. Sustainability platforms are an essential tool that businesses can use to achieve their sustainability goals. Sustainability platforms refer to a range of software and services that companies use to manage their sustainability data, measure their environmental impact, and communicate their sustainability achievements to stakeholders. These platforms play a critical role in supporting businesses to be more sustainable in their operations and supply chains. Sustainability platforms are crucial because they enable businesses to measure, track, and report on their sustainability performance. They help companies to identify areas where improvements can be made and provide benchmarks to compare their sustainability performance with competitors. Continued on page 4

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[2] Q2 2023

HandyCoat ®

Greetings All, The first half of 2023 has been very active. Numerous shows including Metpack in Germany and Craft Brewers in Nashville were well attended and showed the strength and innovation of the Metal Packaging Industry on full display.

The breakthrough for beverage can coating

The Summer/Fall lineup looks very good as well with: • LATAM CAN July 12-14 in Mexico City • IMDPA September 26-28, in Itasca IL near Chicago. • Canmaker Summit in Edinburgh Scotland - October 11-12 • Asia CanTech in Bangkok October 30-November 1st. I want to send a special thank you to both John Hrdlick and Renee Schouten from INX as John is moving onto retirement and Renee has resigned from the IMDPA Board of Directors. Both have dedicated many years and countless hours of service and support to the IMDPA. We wish them all the best in their new endeavors. With John and Renee leaving the Association we are looking for some volunteers to help run some of our committees. If you are able to help, please contact me at or Mike Masenior at Our goals for 2023 are: • Bring more value and expand the membership of the IMDPA. • Update the website and make it a more interactive tool for our members. • Develop a Technical Library for our Members to access and use to their benefit. • Review and simplify our strategic plan and realign our committees to focus on providing Value to our Membership. • Reconnect with University Programs and Packaging Schools and other outside associations we can partner with. The Conference Committee, headed up by Tim Duca from Canpack has done an incredible job putting together another great Conference Sept 26-28, 2023 at the Eaglewood Resort in Itasca IL. Our Keynote Speakers includes Gus Reall, CEO of Stolle Machinery and John Wilhelm of Monster. We also have a very strong 2Piece, Flat Sheet, Manufacturing and Thursday morning Session lined up. We look forward to seeing you all for another great IMDPA conference in Chicago in September.

Patented system: EU: PCT EP2005/010302 / US: 8,075,465.B2

Improved Ergonomics Cost Savings Time Savings Longer Lifetime

John Clark IMDPA President

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Q2 2023 [ 3 ]

3. CDP – The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a platform that enables companies to measure and report on their greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and climate risk management practices. The CDP platform also provides companies with a scorecard to compare their sustainability performance with their peers. 4. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) – LEED is not necessarily a platform. It is a green building certification program that evaluates buildings’ environmental performance across a variety of categories, including energy efficiency, water usage, and indoor air quality. LEED can help a business adopt sustainable building practices. The scope here is narrower than some of the other platforms. 5. Energy Star – Energy Star, is also not necessarily a platform. It is a voluntary labeling program developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that identifies and promotes energy efficient products, buildings, and practices. Energy Star enables a business to reduce their energy consumption and costs. Sustainability platforms are a critical tool for businesses that want to improve their sustainability practices. By using sustainability platforms, companies can measure, manage, and report on their sustainability performance, improving their environmental, social, and economic impact. With so many sustainability platform options available, companies can select a platform that aligns with their specific sustainability goals and needs.

With sustainability platforms, companies can take a data- driven approach to sustainability management, which can lead to significant improvements in their environmental, social, and economic performance. Using measurable sustainability metrics(KPI’s) should be the expectation. Sustainability platforms are also essential for companies that want to enhance their public image and brand reputation. Consumers and investors are expecting companies to demonstrate their sustainability commitment, practices, and broadcast those outcomes publicly. Sustainability platforms are a way for companies to show their stakeholders that they are committed to sustainability, and it also helps them to differentiate themselves from competitors. Sustainability platforms are valuable through the supply chain. They enable company and suppliers to work together towards shared sustainability goals. By using sustainability platforms, companies can collaborate with their suppliers to improve the sustainability of their supply chains. Sustainability platforms can also help suppliers to demonstrate their sustainability practices to their customers, making them more attractive partners for sustainable companies. Suppliers can also use sustainability platforms to manage their own sustainability data, measure their environmental impact, and demonstrate their sustainability practices to their own stakeholders. By improving their sustainability practices, suppliers can increase their competitiveness and access new markets. There are several sustainability platforms available in the market, and each platform offers different features and benefits. Here are some popular sustainability platforms that companies can consider: 1. EcoVadis – EcoVadis is a cloud-based sustainability platform that provides companies with a scorecard to measure their corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance. The platform also enables companies to monitor and manage their supply chains’ sustainability practices. 2. GRI – The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an international organization that provides sustainability reporting standards for companies. The GRI framework helps companies to measure and report on their sustainability performance using standardized metrics.

Rebecca Lipscomb, Director of Regulatory Affairs, INX International


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Control vibration and increase productivity

Installing new plant or need to solve issues with existing impact machinery? Farrat have been supporting canmakers for 62 years.

Request a quote or ask a question at


Q2 2023 [5]

Round Table Discussion

Prepress Tech Advancements Power Improvements in Quality and Efficiency We asked a number of experts in metal lithography operations their opinion on the current state of prepress functionality. Q1. The graphic arts and prepress functions have undergone a tremendous amount of change over the past few years – along with all technologies in our industry. What do you feel has been the greatest improvement in prepress tech? Brian Bates, RSI One of the greatest advancements widely recognized in prepress technology is the shift from analog to digital workflows. This transition encompasses multiple significant improvements, including: Computer-to-Plate (CTP) Technology: The introduction of CTP technology revolutionized the prepress process by eliminating the need for film-based workflows. CTP allows for direct digital imaging of printing plates, resulting in improved accuracy, faster turnaround times, and cost savings. Digital File Formats and PDF Standards: The adoption of digital file formats, particularly the widespread use of PDF (Portable Document Format), has greatly improved file exchange and compatibility between different software applications and devices. PDF/X and other PDF standards specifically designed for print production have helped establish consistent and reliable output across various platforms. Automation and Workflow Efficiency: Automation tools and software solutions have become more prevalent in prepress workflows, automating repetitive tasks, such as color management, trapping, imposition, and preflighting.

Peter Lockley Brian Bates General Manager Coating & Decorating, RSI

Jay A. Shah Managing Partner, Bharat Tin Works

Jeff Montross

Prepress Manager, Reece Brothers, Inc.

Paul Fennessy Crown Cork Mike Miller Manager Production Department, Silgan Closures

These advancements have reduced manual labor, improved accuracy, and enhanced overall efficiency in the prepress process. Color Management and Calibration Technologies: The development of advanced color management systems and calibration technologies has greatly improved color accuracy and consistency in print production. Spectrophotometers, color profiles, and calibration software help ensure that colors are faithfully reproduced across different devices and substrates.


[6] Q2 2023

Soft Proofing and Remote Collaboration: Soft proofing technologies have advanced significantly, allowing for accurate digital proofing on calibrated screens, reducing the reliance on physical proofs and expediting the approval process. Remote collaboration tools have also improved, enabling geographically dispersed teams to work together seamlessly and enhance overall efficiency. These advancements have collectively transformed the prepress landscape, enabling faster, more accurate, and more flexible workflows. While each of these improvements plays a vital role, the overall shift toward digitalization and the associated benefits it brings have been widely regarded as the greatest advancement in prepress technology over the past 25 years. Jay A. Shah, Bharat Tin Works I agree the graphic arts and prepress functions have undergone a lot of change. The software for processing artwork like CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator now offer a lot of tools and flexibility to our designers to work with, making their lives simpler. Another great improvement in prepress technology is the CTP technology for processing metal printing plates. We take pride in being the first can-making company in India to adopt this technology in 2020. Our company has been in the can-making business since 1965 and we bought our first metal printing line in 1979. However, the plate making process did not witness any change since then. It was the old traditional method that was followed where positives were made and then plates were exposed. However, CTP has been a game changer for us. CTP technology was initially introduced to us in 2017. We had our reservations back then on the same due to the bulky design of the machine and its processor and the complexity. However, CTP machines too have undergone tremendous upgrades from manufacturers like Fuji and Kodak where Kodak offered us their latest model Trendsetter 1600 F in which they had eliminated the processor unit altogether as well as made the design compact and user-friendly. This is when we decided it is time to invest in the same and we truly feel this is one of the greatest improvements in prepress technology. Jeff Montross, Reece Brothers I would say the biggest improvement on the prepress side would probably be more software based than anything else.

Computer processing speeds are constantly getting faster and software continues to become more user friendly. The ability to create job profiles and download them on the press allows for initial ink settings to be adjusted prior to running jobs. This helps to reduce make ready times and get the jobs into production quicker. Also having metal proofs, instead of paper proofs, provides for a truer color match. Mike Miller, Silgan Closures CTP (Computer to Plate) has improved the quality of images that are put on the press plate and improved development of the aluminum press plates. Using films to process press plate created many problems and inconsistency in alignment of images from plate to plate. Aluminum press plates have come a long way in durability and improved background. Q2: What are the most significant challenges from your perspective? Brian Bates, RSI The two most significant challenges in my perspective have been and continue to be: Color Management and Reproduction: Achieving consistent and accurate color reproduction across different devices, substrates, and printing processes remains a challenge. Color management requires careful calibration, profiling, and collaboration between designers, prepress operators, and print service providers. Ensuring color accuracy throughout the prepress process, from design to final print, can be demanding. Time and Cost Pressures: There is an increasing demand for faster turnaround times and cost-effective solutions in the graphic arts industry. Prepress operations need to find ways to reduce production time without compromising quality. Implementing automated workflows, efficient file handling, and streamlining processes are essential to meeting these time and cost pressures.

Continued on page 8


Q2 2023 [7]

Round Table Round Table Discussion

latest tools and capabilities. By leveraging augmented reality, we provide an immersive experience that allows customers to visualize their designs in real-world settings, gaining valuable insights before production begins. Our advanced 3D rendering techniques create highly realistic and detailed representations, offering a tangible preview of the finished product. Furthermore, our expertise in 3D printing and advanced prototyping empowers clients to hold physical models, assess functionality, and refine their designs based on actual prototypes. This integrated approach combines traditional prepress expertise with innovative technologies, allowing us to deliver unparalleled services tailored to each client’s unique requirements. Our collaboration with clients remains paramount as we work closely to understand their equipment, substrates, and capabilities. By customizing profiles that align precisely with their specific needs, we ensure precise and reliable print outcomes. This close partnership facilitates the delivery of the most accurate and timely print processes, resulting in high client satisfaction and optimal results. At Meridian Design Studio, our commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology and collaborating closely with our clients positions us as a leader in the graphic arts and prepress industry. By leveraging augmented reality, 3D rendering, 3D printing, and advanced prototyping techniques, we provide our customers with an enhanced understanding of their projects and deliver exceptional print solutions. Jay A. Shah, Bharat Tin Works We have internally addressed these issues by standardizing the sizes as much as possible for majority of the customers so the sheet layouts can be addressed. However, there are various cases where we still need to carefully monitor and recheck the layouts for non-standard or irregular can sizes. For the storage of the artwork files, we have moved the majority of the artwork file storage to cloud networks which do not hamper the efficiency of our computers as well as reduces the risk of loss of files in case of any issues with the computer systems. We have also created an internal SOP for the labelling and storage of artwork

These challenges highlight the evolving nature of the industry and the need for continuous adaptation to new technologies, workflows, and customer demands. Overcoming these challenges requires a combination of technical expertise, effective management strategies, and a commitment to ongoing learning and improvement. Jay A. Shah, Bharat Tin Works The most significant challenges we face in the processing of artwork is related to finalizing the sheet layouts and alignments due to the complexity of customer requirements and the large number of different can sizes we produce. Another major challenge we face is related to storage of artwork as the files are large in size and also remaining up-to-date with the latest versions of the artwork provided by the customers. Mike Miller, Silgan Closures Customer marketing teams and expectations of what can be gained on metal substrate to achieve the look they desire. Jeff Montross, Reece Brothers Taking an existing job that has been produced at another facility, trying to replicate the same look and keep it consistent with the prior press runs. It can also be a challenge, when there is a need for matching proofs made by another design house and reproducing the same look. Q3: How have you/your team addressed these challenges? Brian Bates, RSI Meridian Design Studio has transformed its portfolio to incorporate cutting-edge technologies, enabling our customers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the final results. In addition to our investments in color management software and imaging technology, we have expanded our offerings to include augmented reality, 3D rendering, 3D printing, and advanced prototyping techniques. Through our partnerships with world-leading companies, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of these advancements, ensuring that our clients benefit from the


[8] Q2 2023

Above all, prioritize your clients’ needs. Understand their objectives, provide proactive solutions, and deliver exceptional customer service. Regularly communicate with clients to manage expectations, address concerns, and foster strong relationships. Maintaining a customer- centric approach is fundamental for long-term success in prepress management. Jay A. Shah, Bharat Tin Works I would say my career has just started as I am new to the industry. I am the fourth generation of our family into the business and started my career in 2016 after completing my Masters in the UK. However, over these years I feel a lot has changed in our company as we have constantly believed in upgrading ourselves. We were the first company in India to get the largest size Mylander printing press of 45 inches in 1989, we were also the first company in India to successfully commission UV printing in metal in the year 2005 and again we were the first company in India to introduce CTP for metal printing. One bit of advice I would like to strongly follow is to continue this tradition of constantly being open to new ideas and innovations, exploring the new technology that the industry has to offer and keeping up with the constantly changing world.

to reduce the confusion and remain up-to-date with the latest versions of the artwork and also the timely deletion of the old / obsolete artwork files. Some of our customers have also introduced AMS (Artwork Management System) which is a software-based interface for processing artwork and obtaining approvals. This makes it easier to keep track and stay up-to-date with the latest artwork files and at the same time reduces the chances of human errors. However, AMS is adopted by very few customers as of now but maybe in the future we will see many customers adopting the same. Mike Miller, Silgan Closures Work with ink and coating companies as well as our design service team to meet the desired results. Finding time in a production schedule to print samples for the customer to review has always been challenging. Jeff Montross, Reece Brothers It’s always important to educate the customer and try to manage their expectations. Doing so, provides them with some understanding of the possible variations from the different proofing systems, the press capabilities and in achieving the exact look that they require for the finished product. Q4: Looking back over your career, if you could give your younger self advice around prepress management, what would it be? Brian Bates, RSI To excel in prepress management, it is vital to keep pace with the ever-evolving technology. Stay updated on the latest advancements and industry trends by dedicating time to continuous learning, attending workshops, participating in training programs, and staying informed about emerging technologies and best practices. Managing multiple projects simultaneously, coordinating resources, and meeting deadlines are inherent aspects of prepress management. Enhance your organizational skills and establish streamlined workflows to maximize productivity. Embrace project management tools, implement standardized processes, and leverage automation wherever possible to optimize efficiency.

Mike Miller, Silgan Closures

Look for additional options in trying to meet the challenges. Sometimes you have to look outside your normal suppliers to achieve the desired results. My entire career, mass producing of the products has been the main focus. The first half of my career I printed and managed Crowns and you had 526 crowns per sheet. To keep all of the 526 crowns looking the same and producing large volume of production was challenging. The second half has been the about the same, but the lug caps are bigger and a few less per sheet only 256 caps per sheet. Quality is important, but trying to meet expectations and mass produce can be very challenging. Jeff Montross, Reece Brothers Being able to understand the entire print process and issues that are associated with artwork, color sequencing and trapping so when making proofs and plates to make things more printer friendly.


Q2 2023 [9]

Metpack Recap Posted by MetPack via LinkedIn

72 percent of those surveyed said they intended to place follow-up orders on the basis of the information they had received at METPAC Process automation and networked production, for example through data analysis and the Internet of Things, were among the trends at METPACK 2023, as were digital printing processes that permit numerous new design options. “ The industry’s big goal is to use as few resources as possible, cut costs and improve quality at the same time. This can be achieved through new technologies and processes. At METPACK, the trade audience had every opportunity to catch up on the latest developments and experience innovations up close. The willingness to invest is high,” METPACK Committee Chairman Wolfgang Niemsch sums up. Next Metpack In May 2026, the next edition of the world's leading trade fair for metal packaging will take place at Messe Essen. The conditions are already right: 93 percent of the visitors surveyed plan to visit METPACK again; 94 percent recommend a visit. Of the exhibitors, 95 percent want to take part in the next trade fair.

International, innovative and sustainable – the METPACK slogan describes the past five days of the trade fair one hundred percent. Around 6,500 trade visitors from all parts of the world came to MESSE ESSEN/Germany from May 2nd to May 6th 2023 and experienced forward-looking technology, new products and further developments for the production, refinement and recycling of metal packaging. One thing became particularly clear: the industry is intensifying its efforts to position itself even more sustainably. Decarbonization, resource efficiency and digitalization were the defining topics in all areas of the value chain - from steel production to printing. The world’s leading trade fair for metal packaging recorded 313 exhibitors at its tenth edition - a slight increase. METPACK received a particularly large number of visitors from abroad. They accounted for a share of 73 percent. Italy, the USA and the UK led the national rankings. The quality of the visitors was also top-class: 88 percent of the trade show visitors had purchasing and procurement expertise. The exhibitors were already able to close successful deals during the trade show: One quarter of their customers placed orders directly. Post-show business also promises to be positive.



Celebrating our 27th Year!

CALL FOR ENTRIES Submissions due by August 15, 2023


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Safe & Sustainable Beverage Can Ink

Helps brand owners and metal decorators achieve their sustainability goals

Environmental Impact EcoCan meets the Material Health requirements of the multi-attribute Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Product Standard.

Performance and Efciency The metal decorating inks are formulated LoVOC, BPA-NI and offer excellent print performance properties for high speed decorators.

EcoCan is the industry’s rst and only eco-friendly metal decorating ink to receive a Gold Level Material Health Certicate from Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, in collaboration with the Environmental

Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA). Learn more about C2C ® Certication


Q2 2023 [11]

Technical Resources

Prepress Information and Operational Success By Mark D. Gojkovich

Introduction: Paper, Plastic, Tinplate Metal, no matter the substrate being printed on, there is a prepress department behind it all responsible for assuring the final product is correctly printed, manufactured, and satisfies both customer expectations, and meets manufactured quality standards. As the saying goes, water flows downstream. Every decorated can or packaged product seen on a store’s shelf started with a prepress department organizing the job project as the first step in a long process to get to its final destination.

In any manufacturing process, there are a multitude of critical component factors that must work together and if even one point within the process is defective, it can lead to a consequentially flawed end-product. The sooner an error is caught or stopped within the downstream process, the less costly it becomes. It is better to avoid such a scenario from the start, and it all begins with prepress playing a vital role in the production work process.

Mission Critical: As with any specialized production process, there is an entire array of machines, operators, equipment, etc. and the same holds true for prepress. Prepress is often perceived as a simple graphics production process that supplies presses with the plates needed to print a job, but it’s so much more. Prepress operations must contend with software programs needing constant updates, maintaining plate setter (imagers) lines, managing data on server systems in the terabytes, calibrating proofing devices; the list goes on. But… there is one critical KEY factor that is so often overlooked, almost to the point of obscurity, yet so vital, when it comes to managing the prepress operations, that every manufacturing step following prepress depends on this one critical factor to be successful. What is the big secret to the successful process? What can be more important than a souped-up RIP system creating rastered tif files from perfectly trapped art with spot on colors (see caption 1) all output at the correct line-screen and angles you ask? INFORMATION! What?!?!: Yes, you read right. Information. As mundane as it sounds, entire pallets of cans can be discarded and recycled after running the entire course of production, start to finish, only to end up in the trash bin because of inaccurate or missing information. Managing a prepress operation is not magic. For sure, there is a precise science behind the technical specifications of precision manufacturing, and though the press and assembly plants depend on the quality of our color proofs and press plates (see caption 2) as the final product of prepress manufacturing, the cans being delivered to customers around the globe are done so successfully, because of critical information management.

Caption 1: Photo of color management software tool used for press production and global color management. Photo Courtesy of Midwest Graphic

Caption 2: A fully automated plate production line with Auto-loading plate cassettes and automated plate stacker with multi plate size output capability and built-in press- punch system. Photo Courtesy of Midwest Graphics


[12] Q2 2023

Operational information management:

and started, and that the information collected is accurate and satisfies as answers to questions pertaining to each step of the manufacturing process. Pre-press information gathering is often an evolutionary process, improving with each iteration of an organization’s continuous improvement program. The steps we consider first are: What information is needed. For prepress it might be determining the line screen a job gets printed at. For the pressroom the information might be how many colors and what kind of press layout. For the can assembly plant, what size and type of can will be assembled including what type of weld margin. The mantra: Gather the data, centralize it, and make it accessible. But…It’s not good enough to just gather the information and go. There must be a validation process for the accuracy of the information being disseminated. Information must be centralized and accessible for each process step. Finding something out in an email is great, but no good unless the data is captured properly and documented in a way it can be referenced by all the units involved. It is an inherent aspect of the prepress department that we are the gatekeepers of information. Customer service representatives manage data on a daily basis to ensure that everything is consolidated, accurate, and published before the job is released for production. It is worth taking a hard look at your prepress department and to evaluate how information can be managed successfully because the reality is, it all starts with prepress.

Prepress operations of any print or manufacturing organization is the nexus between customers, sales teams, press plants, fillers, in short, we are the centralized gatekeepers responsible for HOW the job will be successful. Information is gathered by category and is specific to each area of operation. Such specific data must be supplied and available for each business unit so the data being managed is categorized for each step in the process. For a prepress (graphics) department, the information gathered may appear obvious at times such as what substrate are we printing on, size coat or white basecoat metal? Info was provided. What size and type of can are we assembling graphics for, straight wall or necked in? Info was provided. How many color separations will print? Info was provided. What’s the pressure rating on the can for DOT (dept of transportation) labeling? Info was provided. You get the point. There is no right method to manage information, or what and how it is gathered. Each organization’s operation is unique and may have specialized processes unique to them. For this reason, it is incumbent upon each organization’s business unit to determine WHAT information is needed and HOW it is provided, including specific or specialized instructions, and the methods utilized in the information gathering process. What is important to stress is the following: You can have the fastest production lines, the newest equipment, the best coaters, it all means nothing unless the right questions are asked when a job is getting set up

folding carton, large format, and most recently Metal print for Aerosol and specialty packaging. Being multilingual has helped in unforeseen ways throughout working career. Past work experiences included coordinated visits abroad to learn about prepress and printing operations in England, Australia, and South America.

Mark Gojkovich is Production Manager of Midwest Graphics, a modernized, state of the art prepress production facility located in Aurora IL, part of the CAPP division of Crown Cork & Seal. Employed with Crown for 5 years managing prepress operations for Metal Deco. Worked in the offset print industry for 30 years. Experience includes Commercial, Packaging,


Q2 2023 [ 13 ]

Key question from CBC 2023: How can craft breweries keep crushing the odds? By Chris Crowell via Chief Economist of the Brewers Association Bart Watson delivered a somber statistical overview to kick off the 2023 Craft Brewers Conference & BrewEXPO. Beer sales are down / flat. Closings are on the rise while openings are slowing. Watson considers none of this to be anomalous, calling it firmly the “new normal.” “We can’t continue to crush the odds,” Watson said. But that’s probably a good thing. The craft beer industry’s new normal follows a decade of what Watson called “abnormal,” when compared to historic small business success rates. For example, about 76 percent of breweries that opened in 2015 are still open today, vs. the 40 percent chance of any other small business surviving over that same period. Luckily, there is wiggle room between odds-crushing and sky-is-falling. How do you find your path there? Reflecting on these notes and key quotes from last week’s Craft Beer When reading the hop leaves of the market – beer is down, seltzer is down, but the flavored malt beverage category as a whole is way up – one can surmise that breweries should continue to innovate and explore new categories and flavor combinations as they did in beer. And as Watson notes, those customers “overlap with craft more than we realize.” That’s certainly one direction. But then again, chasing trends isn’t necessarily a great plan either. “No one was chasing style trends back in the day,” Watson notes. Which is true to an extent — but then again – how far back in the day are we talking? Not all of these odds-crushing 9,000+ breweries opened with a unique style and vision. Some opened and found success for a bit because craft beer became trendy, right? But if craft beer is less trendy in this new normal, which type of brewery is in a better spot? One that quickly jumps on new trends? Or a brand that always follows the boil of its own tanks? I think this was the best way to answer that, per Watson: “Focus less on what’s growing, and more on what you can grow.” Continued on page 19 Conference is a good start … Focus on what you can grow


Tuesday, Sept 26

IMDPA Memorial Scholarship Golf Outing and Banquet

Wednesday, Sept 27

- Annual Membership Meeting - Keynote Presentation by Gus Reall of Stolle Machinery and John Wilhelm of Monster - Sustainability in Packaging, Colleen Webster Sustainability Director, Henry Crown & Co / CC Industries - Awards Luncheon - Breakout sessions including presentations from Boettcher Systems, Pantone, CMA Imaging, American Canning, Koening & Bauer, EFI Inkjet, Farratt Isolevel, Sheridan Management Group and more… - Tabletop Exhibits and Sponsor Hosted Hospitality

Thursday Sept 28

- Keynote Presentation - Steel Supply Round Table - Presentations from RadTech and more… - Luncheon and Raffle Prizes

Registration Now Open,


[14] Q2 2023


Q2 2023 [15]

Education Committee Update

An Update from the Education Committee Sarah Jacks, Committee Chair – INX International Ink Co.

opportunities for internships, Co-operative education roles, and full time employment opportunities upon graduation. Make sure to follow the IMDPA on our social media channels such as LinkedIn to stay up to date on upcoming events at the various colleges and universities.

Since the IMDPA introduced the Education Committee, we’ve enjoyed connecting with various packaging and graphics schools throughout the country, and interacting with both faculty and staff throughout the last several years with the goal being to educate students and universities to the ever growing industry of Metal Packaging. As our indus- try continues to grow and evolve, we’re looking for ways to engage with students and universities in hopes of having new, young talent join us in the industry to help the industry continue to drive innovation! After welcoming professors from several universities including Clemson University as well as Michigan State at a few of our annual conferences in years past, we were excited to be able to welcome back a speaker to represent the Education Committee, Dr. Charles T. Weiss, Professor of Graphic Communications, from Clemson University at our first conference since the COVID pandemic. The audience thoroughly enjoyed his overview of both the Packaging Science and Graphic Communications programs that Clemson Offers and ways that members and member companies can get involved with the programs and students through internships, cooperative education experiences, and more! Since our annual conference, we’ve focused on promoting career fairs, industry events at universities, and related events for our members and member companies to participate in. Students are always looking for enriching

We are excited about further engagement with the various schools, programs, and universities that we have identified throughout the last few years, and look forward to assisting our members and member companies in hopes that their companies will take part in meaningful events and dates. The Education Committee is always looking for eager members who would like to volunteer with our committee to further help us reach out to schools, etc.

Additionally, If you are an alumni from a packaging, graphic, or related program, we’d love to feature you in upcoming promotions to help show current students what role you play in the metal decorating and packaging industries. Reach out to Sarah Jacks if interested!

Coming this September... Steel Processing Webinar: Tinplate 101 Join the experts at Arbon Steel as they walk us through the many steps leading to the tinplate used today in flat sheet printing.


[16] Q2 2023

Membership Brief

Welcome New Members!

Registration Now Open!

2023 Industry Events

LatamCan Conference July 12-14, 2023 Mexico City IMDPA ANNUAL CONFERENCE September 26-28 Itasca, IL

We are pleased to have the following industry personnel as new members of our Association and look forward to many years of participation in membership activities:

Asia Can Tech October 30–November 1 Bangkok, Thailand Canmaker Summit October 11-12 Edinburgh, Scotland

Smriti Arora BYK USA Patti Bradford Tecnocap Jonathan Brewer Anderson & Vreeland Troy Brodhagen Bunting Magnetics Kelley Kaezyk Steelforce Packaging

Liz Logue EFI Justin McFarland HeatTek, Inc Akihiro Tsuji Toray International

Membership Dues Reminder

Europe GmbH Shane Waller Fuji Kikai Kogyo Co, Ltd Robert Williamson Roeslein & Associates

2023 dues were sent out in January with a slight increase to $95 00 per year for 2023 Dues have not been increased in many years and after careful consideration, the Board decided that the increase was needed to keep our Association financially strong. Thank you for your continued support IMDPA Committees The IMDPA is constantly seeking active committee members and future association leaders If you want to get more involved please reach out to those officers and directors attending and express your wishes You can also email us at info@metaldecorators or contact us through metaldecorators org

Condolences We are saddened to announce the sudden passing of George Shillcock George joined the IMDPA in 2001 He had worked at SLAC Precision Equipment, Cincinnati Industrial Machinery, OKL Can Line and Stolle Machinery

Stay up-to-date on social media New! Find us on Instagram @metaldecorators

For the latest news and event information, connect with IMPDA on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram While you’re at it don’t forget to like, share and comment on our posts!

Membership Statistics (as of May 30, 2023)

Members 412; Honorary 21; Privileged 22; TOTAL: 455

Interested in becoming a member? Join us!


Q2 2023 [17]

Board Update

Board member John Hrdlick has retired from the Board of Directors. During his tenure John contributed to the growth and strength of the IMDPA most recently as chairperson of the member- ship committee. John’s 46-year run with INX International began in 1977 as a third shift worker with

Enter now Closing date 30 June

Acme Printing, which was later acquired by INX’s parent company, SAKATA INX Throughout the years, Hrdlick was promoted many times and took on responsibilities that impacted every INX business segment He also dedicated his time to various associations like the IMDPA and was recently award the prestigious NAPIM Ault Award We thank John for all of his contributions and most recent support of our strategic planning project and wish him a happy retirement



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[18] Q2 2023

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Disrupting distribution As Bob Pease, president and CEO of the Brewers Association, reiterated in the CEO panel that followed Watson’s presentation: “We win on-premise with draft. It is a point of differentiation for us.” So, for those who believe in that sentiment, how can you breathe new life into an account to sell more draft beer? “If your brand is relevant, and your product is something people want, they are going to demand that product,” stated Craig Purser, president and CEO of the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA), noting the variance in scale depending on the brewery. “Some of you guys have done a tremendous job of owning your marketplace. Some of you might own your neighborhood. What can you do to take that relevance and export it to differentiate yourself while also maintaining focus and not getting ahead of yourself and creating too many varietals?”

To read the rest of the article, click on the link below

11-12 October 2023 - Edinburgh, Scotland

Join canmakers, fillers and suppliers for two days of business intelligence and networking Register before 30 June for your early bird discount

Register here



Q2 2023 [19]





John M Travis Ltd 27031 Trinity Heights San Antonio, TX 78261 Tel: +1 740-407-0685 travisltd com

Anguil Environmental Systems 8855 N 55th Street Milwaukee, WI 53211 USA Tel: +1 414-365-6400 anguil com Babcock & Wilcox Megtec Systems 830 Prosper Street De Pere, WI 54115 Tel: +1 920-337-1505 megtec com The CMM Group 2071-C Lawrence Drive De Pere, WI 54115 Tel: +1 920-336-9800 thecmmgroup com Catalytic Products International 980 Ensell Road Lake Zurich, IL 60047 Tel: +1 847-438-0334 cpilink com Environmental Services & Technologies 4941 41st Street Moline, IL 61265 USA Tel: +1 309-762-9551 envsrvcom Epcon Industrial Systems PO Box 7060 The Woodlands, TX 77387 Tel: +1 936-273-3300 epconlp com epcon@epconlp com Pro-Environmental, Inc 10134 6th Street, Suite K Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 Tel: +1 909-898-3010

Coral Chemical Company (see Lubricants & Cleaners) Grace Davison Materials & Packaging 7500 Grace Drive Columbia, MD 21044 USA Tel: +1 410-531-4000 bryan t pugh@grace com Henkel Corporation 32100 Stephenson Hwy Madison Heights, MI 48071 Tel: +1 248-577-2243 henkelna com

Nordson Corporation 300 Nordson Drive Amherst, OH 44001 Tel: +1 440-985-4000 nordson com/container


Art International 16745 Cagan Crossings Ste 102B-69 Clermont, FL 34714 Tel: +1 831-295-2969 anilox@me com


Bottcher Systems 4600 Mercedes Drive Belcamp, MD 21017 USA Tel: +1 800-637-8120 bottcher com Finzer Roller, Inc 129 Rawls Road Des Plaines, IL 60018 USA Hannecard Roller Coatings, Inc./ASB Industries 1031 Lambert Street Barberton, OH 44203 Tel: +1 330-753-8458 hannecard com asbindustries com Pacesetter Graphic Service Corp. 2672 Hickory Grove Road Rollercoat Industries 10135 Hwy 62 East Tampa, FL 33610 USA Tel: +1 800-248-4351 rollercoat com Urethane Roller Specialists 100 S Central Ave PO Box 566 Eureka, MO 63025 USA Tel: +1 800-367-1136 urethaneroller com Acworth, GA 30101 pacesetterusa com


Continental Surface Solutions 4021 N 56th Street Lincoln, NE 68504


AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings 16651 Sprague Road Strongsville, OH 44136 USA Tel: +1 440-297-5589 akzonobel com Jamestown Coatings 108 Main Street Jamestown, PA 16134 Tel: +1 724-932-3101 jamestowncoatings com PPG Industries 500 TechneCenter Drive Milford, OH 45150 Tel: +1 513-576-3100 packagingcoatings com Prime Coatings 1002 Hickory Street Pewaukee, WI 53072 USA Tel: +1 262-691-1930 primecoatings net The Shewin-Williams Co. 2001 Tracy Street Pittsburgh, PA 15233 USA Tel: +1 412-766-9300 packaging@valspar com

Tel: +1 800-235-4632 www continental com

DYC Supply 5740 Bay Side Road Virginia Beach, VA 23455 USA Tel: +1 800-446-8240 www d-y-c com

Package Print Technology 1831 Niagara Street Buffalo, NY 14207 USA Tel: +1 800-382-8851 packageprinttech com

Trelleborg Printing Solutions 5680 Commerce Blvd Morristown, TN 37814 Tel: +1 339-236-5745 trelleborg com


Beckon Worldwide Inc 455 E Clinton Place St Louis, MO 63122 USA Tel: +1 314-965-0755 beckonworldwide com Stolle Machinery 6949 South Potomac Street

Anti-Vibration Solutions

Farrat Isolevel Limited Balmoral Road Altrincham, WA15 8HJ, UK Tel: +44 161 924 1600 farrat com Stephen Lloyd@farrat com

Centennial, CO 80112 Tel: +1 303-708-9044 stollemachinery com


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