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OBJECTIVE DraftSight ® helps users create new drawings and access existing DWG files with a powerful design solution that meets their 2D CAD needs.

While many companies are increasing their technology budgets to transition to 3D technologies to support and improve design, construction and manufacturing processes, 2D CAD software remains critically important. So important, in fact, that 2D CAD has become a commodity. Maintaining 2D legacy data, supporting traditional 2D processes/ workflows, developing 2D schematic designs/layouts, managing and marking up 2D drawings are some of the requirements for which users rely on 2D CAD software. DraftSight also offers reliability and savings for companies frustrated by the high cost of their 2D CAD licenses and upgrades, that are forced to have a subscription plan or feel they are getting limited value from their 2D CAD investments. OVERVIEW DraftSight is a professional-grade, 2D design and drafting solution providing Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) providers, as well as professional CAD users, designers, educators and hobbyists with a robust and reliable design experience, DraftSight allows users to create, edit, view and mark up any kind of 2D drawing, and has a familiar User Interface (UI) that facilitates a quick transition from a user’s current CAD application. With over 10 million downloads, this product is brought to you by Dassault Systèmes, the 3D EXPERIENCE ® company, and provides the following offerings for users to choose from: • DraftSight

• View, convert or edit legacy drawings. • Share or exchange drawings. • Mark up or document drawings. BENEFITS •

Lets users create, edit, view and mark up any type of 2D drawing. Offers a cost-effective solution compared to alternative CAD products. Provides reliable DWG file compatibility for current or legacy projects. Includes a familiar UI to minimize the learning curve. Transitions easily from a user’s current DWG application, including Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Allows users to customize and automate DraftSight using macros and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) . Includes an affordable network license option that is easy to deploy and manage. Provides access to extensive and valuable online learning resources.

• •

• Helpswith2Dcompliance,migration toMicrosoft ® Windows ® 10 (which could create compatibility issues with a user’s current 2D CAD product) and using LISP routines. Frees up budget for companies to reinvest in other technologies that can advance their business. CAPABILITIES DraftSight • For students, educators, hobbyists and others who need a straightforward 2D CAD product, DraftSight provides many useful tools to fulfill their essential drafting and documentation needs: •

• DraftSight Professional • DraftSight Enterprise • DraftSight Prosumer

Initially launched in 2010, DraftSight was created due to the high demand from Dassault Systèmes’ customers for a 2D CAD product that would fulfill their essential needs. Many companies today, including SOLIDWORKS ® customers, are using DraftSight to: • Create and edit new drawings. • View or work with drawings from suppliers or customers. • Print drawings.

Draw tools to create basic elements such as lines, polylines, arcs, circles, ellipses, tables, hatches and clouds. Modify tools to perform move, copy, rotate, mirror, pattern, scale, trim, chamfer and split. Dimensioning tools to measure distances between objects.

• Layer tools to organize a drawing. • Blocks to combine a collection of entities together into a single named object. • Attach a drawing to add an external reference to the current drawing. • Print to output a drawing to a plotter, printer or file. • SVG scalable icons to support high-resolution (4K) displays. This offering runs on Windows ® , Mac ® and Linux, and includes free online community support and an abundance of learning resources. Activation and an internet connection are required. DraftSight Professional For individuals or companies that need a professional-grade CAD product with productivity tools and have a need to customize their CAD system using APIs. Users who have automated, customized or integrated their current DWG-based CAD system through LISP routines or other macros will find significant value in these APIs. DraftSight Professional also includes industry-standard content that can be added to a document with ease and enables batch printing. Some of the powerful DraftSight Professional productivity tools include: • Toolbox to quickly generate hardware, holes, balloons, Bills of Materials (BOMs), welding and surface finish symbols. • Design Resources Library to provide a central location for user-defined reusable elements such as blocks. • Batch Printing to send a set of drawings and sheets to printers in a batch job. • Drawing Compare to graphically compare entities between two drawing documents. • Power Trim to trim multiple, adjacent entities by dragging the pointer across each entity. • G-Code Generator to communicate with a CNC machine for fabrication. • PDF Underlay to attach pages of a PDF document to a drawing. • Macro Recording to start programming and record actions performed interactively within DraftSight. • DraftSight APIs to allow end users to customize and automate DraftSight. • DGN Import to directly import and convert the DGN drawing into a DraftSight for direct editing. • Insert Centerlines to allow selecting two segments and generate a centerline equally in-between.

• Pattern Along a Path to create a pattern along with a predefined path. • Dimension Snap Offset Distances to provide “snaps” to place and locate dimensions with precision. • Split Dimension to create a gap in dimension lines when dimensions are intersecting with other drawing entities, in order to give more clarity to the drawing. • Quick Input methods to provide a command entry interface near the cursor to input distances. • Curved Text to place text along an arc to better control the text direction and location. • Hairline to allow machine to consume directly .dwg or .dxf file output for laser cutting. • Image Trace to convert an imported raster image file (ex. floor plan, logo) into vectorized line entities. • Formulas in Tables to support basic formulas in table cell such as sum, count, average, equations. • Trim Hatch to modify and trim the existing hatch patterns. This offering runs on Windows only and can only be purchased online. DraftSight Enterprise For organizations with many users and/or multiple sites that need a professional-grade CAD product to manage mission- critical CAD requirements. DraftSight Enterprise includes the productivity tools in DraftSight Professional, plus: • A network license to enable concurrent usage and compliance across the organization. • The Deployment Wizard to enable large groups of users to install or upgrade DraftSight. • Technical support to answer questions or troubleshoot issues related to DraftSight. This offering runs on Windows only with a minimum of two licenses required for purchase and can only be purchased through a reseller. DraftSight Prosumer For DraftSight and DraftSight Professional users who need support with installation, activation and configuration. DraftSight Prosumer includes telephone and email support, access to online community support and learning resources. Users can purchase 3- or 12-month licenses for Prosumer services online.

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