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MAY 2020

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My mother was one of the most selfless people before she passed away a little over two years ago, which was about a year after my father passed away. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and how much I miss her. She was unmatched in the ways she cared for others, whether that was her siblings, her extended family, her neighbors, or my siblings and me. My mom’s parents were immigrants from Europe who came to the United States to get out of Nazi Germany. They had four children, and my mom was the oldest. When she was growing up, they had a jewelry store in Norfolk. While they were away working at the store, the responsibility to take care of the younger siblings fell to her. That was the first of many caretaker responsibilities she would take on over the course of her life, and she did it all without a single complaint. When she had kids of her own later in life, she took care of us with the same selfless attitude she had for her siblings.

true when she was with family. She, like my father, believed that nothing should come between close family. She was always the peacemaker during any disagreement between friends or family. Growing up, we had family all over the place, from Florida to California and New York. But because of my mom’s desire to see everyone taken care of, we always hosted family reunions and holidays at our house. She would take the cooking and planning responsibilities upon herself, and she didn’t expect anyone’s help getting it all put together. She never served anyone with bitterness or pride in her heart. She just saw serving other people as the right thing to do, and she did it. I like to think that a fraction of what made my mom so amazing rubbed off on me. She molded me into a better father and into a more sympathetic person toward the plights of others. It’s because of her that I don’t mind

working long, hard hours when it comes to providing for my family and helping my clients. It’s also because of her that I feel like I can empathize with the terrible situations my clients find themselves in. I don’t know if I could ever measure up to how great my mother really was. Who can, honestly? I’m not nearly as good at staying connected to extended family as she was. Life gets busy, and it becomes easier and easier to fall out of contact with the people you care about. Nevertheless, I try to emulate who my mom was every day. This Mother’s Day, I’ll be thinking of her. I hope you have plans to remember your mother, spend time with her, or celebrate being a mother yourself.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and how much I miss her.”

– Daniel J. Miller

Whenever possible, my mom did whatever it took to make everyone else happy before she took care of herself. This was especially

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