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December 24,207+ {R:*:';;':: *r::5*"5

First Medical Advisory Group Deborah Mattingly MD. 392 East 6400 South #104 Murray, UT 84107 RE; Clairnant Name: Callan Stone Claim #: 20\?L4397 Injury Date:

Septernber 27,2012


Parleys PPM LLC

Dear Dr. Mattingly:

0n April L1.,20L3 you agreed to er,aluate Callan Stone. The result of this evaluation was that it was well documented that Mr. Stone had recovered frorn the subdural hematonra lvithout any significant residual defects. Itwas recommended that he return to work and that no additional treatment was needed as a result of fte industrial iniury. An irnpairmenl rating was addressed in four separate categories:

1. State ofconsciousness and level awareness Z. Mental status and integrative functioning 3. Use and understanding oflanguage 4, Emotional or behavioral impairments

As a result it was felt that Mr. Stone did not have a permanent impairment as a result of the industrial injury,

Mr, Stone hired an attorney and was recently awarded a large third party settlement. While tryiug to prove their case, lvlr, Stone and his farnily asked Dr. Leininger to address an tmpairrnent raling. Dr. Leininger felt Mr. Stone qualified for a 720,h whole person impairment rating. \aml{afiarffi,it$a- lVorkers Compensation Fund has not paid for any additional treatment since your evaluation. We only have one additional officc note from Dr. Leininger dated May L4,2013 and Eiren the impairrnent rating don" @1L39lI I have included both of Ehese for your review.

Wili you please review Dr, Leininger's office note and impairrnent rating and let us know if you agree or disagree with the ratingT

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