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Where It All Began How I Met My Wife … Twice

I always look forward to the summer. The sun may be scorching, but the kids are out of school and I get to take some time off to spend with my family. When we’re spending quality time together, I often take a moment and think about how it all began. I don’t remember the first time I saw my wife. Usually, this would be a source of conflict, but fortunately, Tiffany doesn’t remember meeting me, either! In 2003, my best friend from vet school got married and asked me to be in his wedding party. Tiffany was good friends with the bride and attended that same wedding. Years later, after Tiffany and I got together, our friends insisted we met at their wedding, but we were sure we’d just missed each other. It wasn’t until a decade after the wedding when we went down to visit my friend that he dug out his wedding video. He paused it about halfway through, and sure enough, Tiffany and I were there, dancing together at the reception. Since neither of us remember dancing at that wedding, our story really starts when we met again in June of 2008. We were introduced the old-fashioned way — online through Our first date was great, but the second one didn’t quite live up to expectations. When I called to schedule a third date, I got her voicemail. A day or two later, I called again and got her voicemail a second time. I have a rule when dating: Only leave two voicemails. Any more and you’re entering stalker territory. It’s easy to miss one voicemail or get busy and forget to call back, but if you don’t hear back after two, it’s time to get the message. I’d gotten the message and was ready to move on when Tiffany called me back. Later on, she admitted that she was hoping I wouldn’t answer so she could leave a “Thanks, but no thanks” message. To her dismay, I actually answered the phone. But something changed during that call. Even now, Tiffany doesn’t know what changed her mind, but soon after that conversation, we were on our third date.

This wasn’t love at first sight, but when we met up for that third

try, from the second I saw Tiffany, I knew something was different. We clicked. Within weeks, we knew we were going to get married,

though we didn’t say it out loud. When I was ready to propose, my future in-laws let me use their lake house in east Texas. I proposed on a boat on the lake in a beautiful setting that I almost ruined by having nothing prepared to say. I was so nervous! I can’t remember what kind of mangled mess came out of my mouth. At one point I even quoted “Jerry Maguire.” It was so cheesy, and Tiffany has never let me live it down. But despite the less-than-poetic speech, she said yes anyway. Turns out, Tiffany could have saved me all that stress! Two years ago, she cracked and revealed that her dad had accidentally spilled the beans about my proposal beforehand. But she sold it well and acted like she was truly surprised anyway. We got married in November 2009. Almost 10 years later, I’m still crazy about her. She’s amazing, funny, and warm. It doesn’t matter if we’re at a Cowboy’s game or just hanging out at home, we have a blast together. Tiffany is my best friend. Thanks to her, I have two beautiful daughters. They all make my life so much better.

Thank you for everything, Tiffany. You complete me.

—Dr. Derrick Nelson


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