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JUNE 2019

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With Father’s Day coming up, I want to take a moment to celebrate one of the best fathers I have ever known: my husband, Chris.

When I first met Chris, I thought he didn’t like me. Chris is very hard to read if you don’t know him. Sometimes he speaks in a monotone voice, and he is very serious. At the time, his furniture consisted entirely of large plastic storage bins. He was ready to pack up and move at any time. A lot has changed since then. He knows me better than I know myself at times, and when it comes to our daughters, he’s a real mother-hen type.

that. Chris also got her to take a pacifier for the first time that night, which gave me a little bit more free time when she was little.

We have three girls: Beatrice, Rowan, and Laurel. Chris is the sweetest daddy in the world. He does so much for our girls. For years,

when he worked long hours in the Army, Chris wanted to put the girls to bed every night because he wouldn’t get home until bedtime and that was the only time he got to see them. Chris is a loving, supportive father and husband. He has always looked for ways to help me and our girls. For example, Rowan cried a lot after she was born, and she only wanted me to comfort her. One night when she was crying even more than usual and I tried everything to get her to calm down, Chris made me give her over. He took Rowan upstairs where he turned on a loud fan and developed a special way of rocking her that would get her to fall asleep every time after

Today, he still finds new ways to make our daughters happy. Our oldest daughter, Bea, loves watching baking shows. She always wants to bake what she sees them making on TV. I hate baking, so I’m thankful Chris stepped in to bake with the girls. He loves it! He and Bea bake together all the time, and they even take orders! This past year, Chris made a watermelon-shaped cake for Laurel’s birthday. I helped with decorating a little, but Chris made it happen. It was so amazing. Chris is truly the best, sweetest daddy to our girls. He braids their hair, builds slip-and-slides for them, treats them like little princesses, and is always looking out for our family. When I’ve gone on medical missions to Honduras, he supported me and took care of the girls while I was away. Chris doesn’t like being praised for taking care of the girls, because he says a father should always be able to take care of his children. While this is true, I still like to remind him how wonderful he is. He works hard and deserves to hear it. There’s no question that Chris will always be there for our daughters and that they’ll be able to count on him for anything.

“Chris is the sweetest daddy in the world. He does so much for our girls.”

—Dr. Elizabeth Duling


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