FyzicalElPaso: Hand Therapy

April, 2020




At FYZICAL, Joe Cole and myself are passionate about the many benefits of hand therapy. When I was a student, I worked in a clinic with a physical therapist who was trained in themilitary and

It is also important to note that becoming a hand therapist is not easy – it takes extensive training and testing to become a CHT! I had such a positive experience in Philadelphia that I went on to receivemy certification and passed my CHT exam in 1999. Since then, I have loved each opportunity I have gotten to treat patients with severe hand injuries and help them integrate to a comfortable daily life. Good hand therapy is a game changer. A few years ago, Joe came tome expressing an interest in becoming a CHT. This is something I encouragebut amalways realistic when one of my therapists mentions it – as mentioned before, gaining certification is a difficult process and the exam has a high failure rate. However, I knew right away that Joe would be a good fit. He is patient, inquisitive, and willing to put in the extra work – all perfect attributes for becoming a CHT. He passed his exam on his first try and has been an instrumental part of our hand therapy service team since.

Luis Zuniga PT, DPT, CHT, MTC

had a gift for treating severe hand injuries. Watching him do his work impressed and inspiredme towant to do something similar. I started my journey toward excellence as soon as I was able. Fromthere, I was hooked. I would consistently ask to be placed in the hand therapy service during my clinical training. It took extra time but that was fine with me. I furthered my education at the Philadelphia Hand Therapy Center. It interested me to see both physical therapists and occupational therapists working as trained professionals in hand therapy. It is important to note – a hand therapy specialty is neither PT nor OT; rather, it is its own entity. CHT


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