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Ever try to do too much? Especially after coming off of an unproductive time. I could never tell you howmany different injuries we have seen over the years when people return to their “regular” level of activities after a prolonged break from any significant activity. Sometimes it’s weight lifting, sometimes it’s running, sometimes it’s as simple as walking or even yoga. We don’t want to believe that we have to build back up to the level that allows us to do what we want to do. It’s frustrating when you can’t do what you want to do at the level you used to. • Is Stress Causing Your Neck Pain? • Relieve Neck Pain In Minutes • Patient Success Spotlight • Staff Spotlight • How Physical Therapy Can Help Neck Pain • You Do Not Need A Referral For An Appointment

It seems hard to believe that I can’t go as fast, lift as much or work as long in the yard as I want. Remarkably, a change in activity tolerance may not even be due to a prolonged break from the activity. Even a few weeks or less (particularly following illness or injury) can significantly reduce the levels you can perform. Sometimes it’s not too much that results in an injury but simply something new that your body isn’t ready for. So how can you prepare, or keep your body ready, for the things that you really want to do? How do you train it appropriately to get you back to the level that you want to perform? There are so many factors that lead to success or failure it’s almost impossible to narrow it down even to a few. It is never just one thing, but a combination – certainly including strength, mobility and endurance to name a few. But it’s always more – your belief that you’re ready or not, your nutrition level, rest levels, stress levels – I could go on. Belief is my favorite- helping change someone’s belief from “I can’t” to “I might” to “I CAN” is awesome. Last month I talked about “doing the work – not just saying it but measuring it”. KNOWING where you are at, not where you THINK you’re at, is a great place to start. To do that, in our clinic we frequently talk about how critical it is to find your threshold for activity. Record it. And if it’s not where you want to be- set a goal and the steps that will take to get there. And if you have an injury or ache or pain that’s stopping you from reaching that goal, let us know if there’s anything we can do to help get a plan in place to get you back where you want to be as soon as possible.


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