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Sensory Integration/Processing Sensory processing refers to the way a person receives and interprets information from the environment and body and how they use that information to make a response or organize behaviors. When a person’s nervous system receives inaccurate or unreliable sensory input, the ability to respond and interact with the environment can be compromised or disrupted. Synergy Healthcare can help to diagnose and help your child using the following treatments: • Self Regulation, Attention and Organizational Skills • Frustration Tolerance/Coping Strategies

• Body Perception/Awareness in Space • Sensory Defensiveness or Sensitivities (Auditory, Touch, Movement, Visual, Tastes) • Motor Planning and Praxis • Feeding Aversion and Oral Sensitivities • Self-Esteem and Social Skills • Safety Awareness and Judgement • Body-Mind Connection Skills (continued inside)

All About Kids The Newsletter About Taking Care of the Ones That Matter Most


Listening Therapies

• Therapeutic Listening (TL) by Vital Links • Integrated Listening Systems (iLs)

Both programs utilize music that has been specially recorded and enhanced to improve the brain’s ability to process and interpret sound. Children who benefit from this modality may see changes in attention, sound sensitivity, motor control, and organized behavior. Both programs are individually recommended by an Occupational Therapist to meet the specific needs of the child. Programs are to be utilized at home for maximum benefit and may also be used to supplement therapy sessions. If you are interested in these programs speak with your clinician as to their appropriateness to meet your goals. THERAPEUTIC LISTENING Synergy Healthcare is proud to announce that we offer Therapeutic Listening. Developed by Vital Links, it is a research based tool for treating people of all ages who have difficulty with processing sensory information, listening, attention, and communication. Kerri Lewis OTR/L has special training in determining each client’s specific needs. INTEGRATED LISTENING SYSTEM Synergy Healthcare is proud to offer the Integrated Listening System program to help adults and children reach their maximum abilities. Our Occupational Therapists are trained in determining how this program can be used to enhance and retrain your brain. Gross Motor & Coordination Skills Development Gross motor control refers to the movement and coordination of the larger muscles of the arms, torso, legs, and feet in order to participate in everyday movement, motor, play and school tasks.The following are ways Synergy Healthcare can help to to develop those skills:

• Postural control and strength • Endurance improvement

• Motor planning and praxis skills • Eye-hand coordination/ball skills • Assistance with adaptive activities, equipment needs, and uses • Assistive technology supports, modifications, and needs We are dedicated to providing the most integrative and comprehensive approach to help improve the lives of our clients by using evidence- based treatment strategies, nature, play, movement, art, and music. New patients can schedule today for a FREE screening for speech or occupational therapy! See details inside.

• Upper body and core strengthening • Bilateral coordination skills & balance • Neurodevelopmental facilitation techniques


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 17% of U.S. children ages 18 years and younger have a developmental disability. Play has an important role in the growth and development of children of all abilities, but it is particularly valuable for children with special needs. Through play, children with special needs develop cognitive, motor, and social skills in a fun and engaging way. Pediatric physical therapists help families set goals and develop strategies and ideas for play that focuses on the abilities of the child and the ways families can engage in play together. Choosing the right toy is a good place to start. Pediatric physical therapists recommend toys that promote physical, cognitive, or social development. Choosing the Right Toy First, identify the child’s play capability and consider his or her individual needs. Second, consider the skills that a toy can help expand or develop. The following tips are not all inclusive, but provide guidance on several popular conditions: For children who have difficulty communicating as a result of autism, select toys that encourage repetition of movements, have purpose, and promote activities that use both sides of the body together. Toys should not be battery operated or include lights or electronic sounds. Great examples like puzzles promote fine motor skills, communication, and problem solving. Activity cards and mats can help with cooperative planning and communication through movement. Findmore information@

Toys that encourage repetition of activities • Shape sorters, peg boards, Light-Brite™ • Higher-level cards with pieces to form a shape • Plastic containers filled with everyday, household items • Aqua Sand • Trains

Staff Spotlight

William Strong, M.S, CCC-SLP, Pediatric Speech Therapist

I’m excited to share my knowledge with you! I have a Master’s degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences (MS from Washington State University – Spokane), a foundation in psychology and linguistics (BS at University of Washington), and have worked with clients across the lifespan. I have treated clients in a variety of different settings including acute care, long term care, inpatient, outpatient, and schools. I also treat a variety of different impairments including speech, language, thinking, and swallowing. In pediatrics, I

have worked with students with hearing impairments, dyslexia, autism, Down syndrome, language delays, and speech sound disorders. I love building the bridge that helps us communicate and connect with others, starting with the individual sounds that make up words, to the organization of those words to communicate complex thoughts. When I’m not in the clinic, I’m likely exploring the outdoors with my family and searching for my next creative endeavor.

CDA (208) 666-0611

VALLEY (509) 413-1630


Patient Success Spotlight

“Synergy Speech Therapy is an amazing center for children. The staff is so friendly, warm, and inviting, I have taken both of my children here. Over the time I’ve been here, I’ve seen huge improvements in my kids. They get excited to see Mr. Will and the fun ways he works with them. Mr. Will is an amazing therapist, he is great with kids. I am so thankful to find this place. Hands down no better place for speech therapy in Coeur d’ Alene. I can never thank William enough for taking the time to help improve my kids’ speech. I am now able to understand my kids, and everyone around us compliments daily on their major improvements with speech.” - Maria W. “I can never thank William enough for taking the time to help improve my kids’ speech. I am now able to understand my kids, and everyone around us compliments us daily on their major improvements...”

Always learning…Always growing… Do you know a child who needs therapy? Pass this on to a friend! Does Your Child Need Help with hand writing, speech, language, balance, feeding, walking, running, jumping, playing with others, or just being a kid?

New Patients! Schedule today for a FREE Screening for Speech or Occupational Therapy


We can help by providing: Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy Evaluations & Treatment. Synergy Healthcare can further assess your child’s needs. Contact us today! Limit to one coupon per patient

6270N.GovernmentWay DaltonGardens,ID83815 P: 208-666-0611

The Chronicle Getting You Back on Track


committed attitude and willingness to work hard makes all the difference in your overall result. Know that we will be with you every step of the way, to guide you on how to move and strengthen your body. We train you how to get back to doing normal, everyday tasks with ease. Our therapists have years of training in helping patients just like you recover quickly andcompletely after surgery.Strength, rangeof motion, walking, and functional tasks are all worked on to ensure an optimum recovery. Following your doctor’s protocols, you are in good hands with our compassionate and dedicated staff. Trust us with your post-surgical care to help you obtain the best results and outcomes from your surgery. It is our goal at Synergy Healthcare to empower you and improve your quality of life. Call us today to learn more about a fast recovery with our joint replacement rehabilitation program!

Tens of thousands of patients undergo joint replacement surgery every year. Typically, this is done because of severe pain, limited movement, difficulty with walking, or sometimes after an accident or injury. Whether you had a knee, hip, or even shoulder replacement, a successful outcome depends on the physical therapy done after the surgery. After a joint replacement surgery, focusing on relieving pain and restoring motion are key. Also, the interaction with the right physical therapist and someonewhotruly listenstoyoumakesthedifference inthequalityandspeed of your recovery.That is why many patients come to Synergy Healthcare for rehabilitation as their premier choice. We help you decrease pain and swelling after surgery, and we then mobilize youroperated limbthroughmoreadvancedmotions,walking,andpersonalized programs to ensure a long-term recovery. We work closely with you and your doctor to make your recovery as complete and as quick as possible. The outcome of your joint replacement surgery is also dependent on you. A 12012EMissionAve SpokaneValley,WA99206 Phone: (509) 413-1630 Fax: (509) 413-1673

SPECIALIZING IN : Lower Back Pain • Headaches & Neck Pain • Sciatica & Hip Problems • Stenosis • Shoulder Pain & Tendinitis • Knee Problems • Concussion & Traumatic Brain Injury • Scar Tissue • Lymphedema • Myofascial Release • Craniosacral Therapy • Feldenkrais

All About Kids The Newsletter About Taking Care of the Ones That Matter Most


Recently, our speech-language pathologists attended a conference presented by Carol Gray, the developer of a concept known as Social Stories. Social Stories were created as a means to assist people on the Autism Spectrum with developing a greater understanding of social situations. These stories use a specific guideline that helps outline social situations in a way that best caters to the needs of children with social language delays and general language disabilities. These stories contain important social cues that are important to navigate a variety of social situations. They provide appropriate visual model narratives that are engaging and promote a greater sense of social awareness. The stories often give people on the spectrum examples of ways to respond and react to certain scenarios. The idea is that these stories make situations more predictable and easier to navigate. They provide coping strategies that may assist in reducing stress about the unexpected and abstract. Research about Social Stories has been mixed and further research is merited. These stories appear to work for some children when they are focused on one behavior or event and are introduced prior to a natural scenario in which the child is put in that situation. Our speech-language pathologists integrate the concept of Social Stories into lesson plans and plans of care to help promote social-pragmatic language. We have seen success in targeting specific behaviors while also using other evidence-based treatment techniques. We find that an integration of many different approaches is the best practice and see greater success in our clients when focusing on targeted goals with a variety of approaches.

William Strong M.S. CCC-SLP Pediatric Speech-Language Therapist 6270N. GovernmentWay DaltonGardens, ID83815 (208) 666-0611

SPECIALIZING IN : Sensory Integration/Processing • Listening Therapies • Gross Motor & Coordination Skills Development • Play Skills • Fine Motor/ Visual Motor Skill Development • Oral Motor/Oral Sensory Development • Speech/Articulation Development • Expressive-Receptive Language Therapy • Literacy & Cognitive Development • Social Language Skills

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