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Sensory Integration/Processing Sensory processing refers to the way a person receives and interprets information from the environment and body and how they use that information to make a response or organize behaviors. When a person’s nervous system receives inaccurate or unreliable sensory input, the ability to respond and interact with the environment can be compromised or disrupted. Synergy Healthcare can help to diagnose and help your child using the following treatments: • Self Regulation, Attention and Organizational Skills • Frustration Tolerance/Coping Strategies

• Body Perception/Awareness in Space • Sensory Defensiveness or Sensitivities (Auditory, Touch, Movement, Visual, Tastes) • Motor Planning and Praxis • Feeding Aversion and Oral Sensitivities • Self-Esteem and Social Skills • Safety Awareness and Judgement • Body-Mind Connection Skills (continued inside)

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