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McHutchison has partnered with Welby Gardens to supply rooted trial kits of the newest and most exciting varieties from the Dümmen Orange annuals assortment. Trial kits are available to ship week 9 of 2020 and can be booked at One kit contains 12 preselected annual varieties with 34 liners per variety. A total of four 102-trays in a single case.

Aloha Nani Calibash Calibrachoa

Wild Romance Blush Pink 2020 New Guinea Impatiens

Nani varieties are the most compact and early flowering of the Aloha family. Calibash has a unique citrus blend of colors with each flower having a completely unique pattern. Great for quarts or combinations. Main Street Beale Street Coleus The first and only Coleus to ever win the All America Selections award.Vivid red foliage, which is full sun or shade tolerant, excellent branching and extremely late to flower. This is a must-have foliage addition. Big EEZE Watermelon Pelargonium x interspecific Big EEZE varieties are known for their familiar zonal look, but with the heat and weather tolerance of an interspecific.Watermelon has massive umbels in a screaming watermelon red color. Sarita Dark Red Pelargonium x interspecific Sarita is a series of interspecifics with outstanding heat and drought tolerance.With their overlapping single petals which are self-cleaning, this is the top choice series geranium for landscapes. Survivor Pink Charme or White 2020 Pelargonium zonale The Survivor series is one of the most premium lineups of zonals available.The giant umbels and outstanding heat tolerance make these as attractive on the retail bench as they are in a late summer garden. Trial kits will include one or the other. Magnum Series New Guinea Impatiens These are the largest flowering New Guinea Impatiens on the market. Magnum is the premier lineup to use for impressive containers at retail in everything from quarts to baskets and combination containers.Two new vivid colors to the series this year include the Light Lavender with a bright white eye and the intense Magenta.

Wild Romance New Guineas are a premium line of double, frilly flowered varieties on vigorous plant habits.These large varieties are well suited for big landscape plantings and larger container sizes. Surprise LovePink! Petunia This was one of our most outstanding varieties in the summer trials last season. LovePink! puts on a profusion of playful pink and white bicolor blooms that are extrememly weather tolerant through heat, humidity and heavy rains. Surprise Pinkalicious Petunia A stunning variety for large baskets with oversized blooms in a rich vibrant pink color on vigorous plant habits. Pinkalicious will spread/trail with an endless amount of vivid summer color. Cupcake Coconut Portulaca Effortless summer color, the Cupcake portulaca varieties are the perfect component for hanging baskets, providing consumers with endless, low maintenance color, through hot and dry conditions. The new Coconut has a bright clean white color. Empress Sun Verbena x interspecific Empress Sun verbena varieties are the industry’s leading for garden performance and disease resistance.The interspecific breeding yields dark glossy green foliage that is incredibly mildew resistant, along with a powerful display of heat resistant blooms.The Empress Sun varieties are more suitable for landscape plantings with their vigorous habits, while the subseries of Empress Sun Compact varieties are more suitable for containers and baskets. Trial kits will include one or the other or Empress Sun Compact Red or Empress SunWhite.

Calibrachoa ALOHA NANI Calibash

Coleus MAIN STREET Beale Street

Pelargonium x interspecific BIG EEZE Watermelon

Pelargonium x interspecific SARITA Dark Red

Pelargonium zonale SURVIVOR Pink Charme or White 2020

New Guinea Impatiens MAGNUM Light Lavender

New Guinea Impatiens MAGNUM Magenta

New Guinea Impatiens WILD ROMANCE Blush Pink 2020

Petunia SURPRISE LovePink!

Petunia SURPRISE Pinkalicious

Portulaca CUPCAKE Coconut

Verbena x interspecific EMPRESS SUN Compact Red or White

2020 Dümmen Orange Annuals Trial Kit Details: FOB:Welby Gardens, Colorado Form: 102-tray with 34 cell splits One kit is four trays in a single case 34 plants per variety

12 varieties per sample kit Total Availability: 150 kits ShipWeek: 09-2020 Price: $142.00 + freight

Easy Order: Log in at and select ship week 09,Welby Gardens as your vendor and the item Dummen Annual New Intro Kit.

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