Board Converting News, December 14, 2020

Get Ready For BCN Supplier Reports, Converter Outlooks For 2021 Board Converting News ( BCN) is now scheduling the con- tent for two of its annual features, Supplier Reports and Converter Reports. The year 2021 is expected to be an innovative and productive one as both suppliers and con- verters continue to grapple with the challenges created by COVID-19, which is projected to grow throughout and beyond the holiday season. An e-mail requesting a Supplier Report will be sent this week to all active BCN advertisers asking for information on what products or services they will be marketing and selling in 2021 and what business has been like as the in- dustry adapts to a “new normal,” that is, without industry meetings or trade shows. As in past years, there is “no charge” for having your Supplier Report in an issue of Board Converting News . It is essentially FREE advertising; a supplier has between 500-750 words to explain their product or service. It’s just another way that BCN thanks its advertisers and sponsors for their support. Supplier Reports will enjoy additional ex- posure as BCN continues to build its presence online at . Converter Outlooks for 2021 also promise to be infor- mative and enlightening.Converters who choose to par- CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

Boring? If we didn't paint it this way, it wouldn't get noticed.

When it comes to a baler that takes care of business, boring reliability is the holy grail. But right-sized automation that makes the baler an operator-friendly and low-maintenance part of your operation is no less important. The Balemaster brand of balers delivers both. (Paint job is extra.)

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December 14, 2020

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