HOT|COOL NO. 1/2018 "Global District Energy Climate Awards"


IMPACT ON THE COMMUNITY AND ENVIRONMENT For building owners, the initial capital expense is lower because there is no need for oversized/redundant chillers, cooling towers, and ancillary equipment. With district cooling, building owners will see lower operational and energy expenses with stable and predictable prices. Building owners do not require highly skilled O&M teams, which reduces their O&M costs. The building design will have greater architectural freedom, and spaces that otherwise would be used for air conditioning equipment will be freed up for better uses. The tenant will enjoy better ambiance, greater comfort, more uniform temperature, and less noise. Society will see lower power demand with less stress on the electrical infrastructure, and emissions will be lower. Marafeq provided guidelines for the building owners to follow when they design and construct their energy transfer stations. To date, Marafeq Qatar has reviewed and inspected nearly 400 customer submittals and installations and regularly meets with them to discuss ETS issues. The community won’t notice this, but architects are free to be creative without being encumbered with locating local chillers and associated cooling towers, pumps and to handle the issues of space, noise, vibration etc. However, the community will notice the quiet ambiance because of the absence of local cooling plants. The community won’t see the 500,000 tons of CO2 not emitted, but the world environment will notice. The community will notice the reliability and comfort provided by district cooling even though they will forget it as district cooling becomes the new “business as usual”.

INNOVATION AND APPROACH The Lusail City project is so huge that each of the 19 districts or each of the four district cooling plants is like a project in itself. And within the overall scheme, Marafeq Qatar prepared plans for temporary, modular, and permanent chiller plants to serve the various districts. Marafeq Qatar understands the need to integrate the four system elements—building side, ETS, distribution network, and chilled water production. All four elements must function properly if the system is to meet customer expectations for reliability, comfort, and efficiency. We were aware of the past problems that district cooling providers suffered when capacity was built ahead of customer commitment. Based on gross floor area and building occupancy type, Marafeq Qatar estimated customer demand using key figures time-tested in the region. From the beginning, we constantly communicated with the master developer and validated construction progress through site inspections and discussions with sub-developers. Customer needs must be met but without building too much capacity ahead of demand. For this reason chiller plants will have the capability of expanding in phases to more closely follow growth in the development. Marafeq Qatar tracks changes in the development progress and adjusts how and where chiller production capacity should be added. Marafeq Qatar wi l l careful ly expand the system using efficient equipment, thermal energy storage to reduce power consumption and the demand put on the electric grid, recycled treated sewage effluent to reduce potable water consumption, and environmentally friendly refrigerants. Using the EN 253 piping system might cost more initially, but in the long run it will save money and thus benefit the district cooling customers. Employing welded isolation valves and Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV) in the ETS ensures a robust and better controlled customer interface. In the end, the district cooling services offered by Marafeq Qatar will reduce CO2 emissions by reducing power consumption, reduce power demand on the electric grid, reduce potable water consumption and all the while providing extremely reliable, flexible, and efficient service from multiple plants connected to a single integrated distribution network.

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