HOT|COOL NO. 4/2017 "Technical Innovation and Optimization"






Pernexus Systems is a software solution company wi th almost 20 years of experience working with utilities. The company knows a lot about the processes and challenges facing construction projects involving cables or pipes in the ground or indeed any type of infrastructure development. Currently Pernexus Systems has 10 employees that continuously work on improving our main product - The Works Portal. The Works Portal is a Software as a service (SaaS) platform where many of the different parties that make up a construction project come together and work through the same shared procedures and data. The people behind Pernexus Systems are also involved in Veriloc is an RFID-solutions provider to mainly enterprise level companies. Using Veriloc solutions makes it possible to track components on a global scale and avoid supply errors, find the exact location of buried cables or pipes and in many more scenarios. Better quality is virtually guaranteed while simultaneously saving money on construction work and the following maintenance.

STAC Technology has developed an economical and decentralized cooling solution for the district heating industry utilizing hot DH water to make cool air on the location where the need is. A customer case could look like this: The DH end-user has identified a need for cooling and contacts the DH provider that is cooperating with STAC Technology or their local partner. The need for cooling is quantified and the solution is verified by the STAC technician on the location where cooling is needed. The STAC technician gets into his service van and picks out the STAC cooling unit/s with the appropriate cooling capacity and through the plug and play the unit is connected to the DH outlet. A small quantity of DH hot water is tapped from the outlet and fed into the STAC turbines and steam is developed and sufficient amounts of the cool air is provided directly or through vents to the satisfaction of the end-user.

Linka Energy is among the wor ld leaders within development, design and construction of fully automatic high- quality biomass plants. The solutions are based on the customer’s situation and needs, and we offer close collaboration as a sub-component suppl ier or a turn-key contractor. With more than 3,500 plants throughout the world, and even more to come, Linka is a skilled international collaborator – as developer and contractor. Plant sizes range from 100 – 15,000 kW, and are primarily based on fuel types such as straw, wood chips and wood pellets, but also other more exotic biofuels can be used. With 40 years of experience in biomass, the company has built an extensive expertise. This gives an advantage on a market where envi ronmental requirements are continuously increasing. Linka offers its assistance as a full-service partner, who manages the entire project from start to finish, and advises regarding solution, design and construction of your biomass plant, along with subsequent environmental tests. Advanced 3D images enable you to experience the plant visually before production.

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