HOT|COOL NO. 4/2017 "Technical Innovation and Optimization"



Furthermore, the company has put its mark on various domicile and office buildings, shopping centers, care facilities, universities, hospitals and all sorts of infrastructure. District heating, biomass and sustainable energy is an important area for MOE. The company has designed and constructed more than 25 wood chip - or straw fired heating plants for district heating companies in Denmark in the range of 5-20 MW heat production and 6 solar heating plants. Since the beginning, MOE has become increasingly international. The company has five offices in Denmark, as well as two offices and a subsidiary company in Norge. In addition to Norway, MOE also has a subsidiary company in Manila, Philippines. According to Business Manager Finn Bruus, this presence is of quite big importance for the strategy of the company. MOE is the fifth biggest engineering company nationally, while the four biggest are very large companies and this is not necessarily what MOE is striving for. Then what is the next move? Well, according to Finn Bruus, one of the first steps was to open an office in Manila in order to lower the costs. However, the presence in the Philippines has inspired MOE to consider the area as a market in itself. As Finn Bruus says, “When you think of the services and special expertise we’re able to offer, it is obviously a good idea to explore the business opportunities in Asia. Enhancing the local presence is also an important strategy in both Norway and Asia.” Norway is a country with many opportunities. There are many demands and there is a lot of money. However, the country has a mindset which somewhat differs from the Danish way of doing things. Among other things, the country could choose to go for a 100% full-hearted and dedicated CO2-conversion, but that has not been the case so far, but hopefully it will in the near future. However, MOE is now ready to continue the growth path with the opening of a new office located in the Follo region. The Follo region is one of Norway's most powerful growth zones with a vibrant business environment and heavy construction activity. The region is centrally located between Oslo and Sweden, and in the long term, the new train line Follobanen will link the region even closer to the Norwegian capital. The location of the new office holds exciting possibilities, where MOE Norway collaborate with several partners in the region and have been involved in local projects for a long time in the fields of construction, infrastructure and industry.

MOE Domicile in Copenhagen - Søborg

The consulting engineering company MOE was founded back in 1930 and has subsequently evolved into being one of the leading Danish engineering and consultancy companies through acquisitions, mergers, growth and professional development. In 1930, consulting engineer A.J. Moe was given the task of planning an expansion of the CHP plant H.C. Ørstedsværket. He therefore established an engineering company, which then grew to become Denmark’s leading consultancy regarding power plants spread across the country. However, the company was also involved with significant projects such as prominent town halls as well as 6,000 bomb shelters during the end of the Second World War. Since the mid 1970’s, MOE has been owned by the leading employees and today it is Denmark’s largest owner-led engineering consultancy firm. A merger in 1994 provided new expertise in construction and especially airports. In 1999, Her Majesty, Queen Margrethe II, inaugurated the extension of Denmark’s royal library, the Black Diamond, and since MOE was the engineering consultant on the project, this was a starting point for becoming one of the leading engineering companies in the field of world famous Danish architecture. Among the spectacular buildings is the combined waste-to-energy-plant and ski slope, Amager Bakke (“Copenhill”) created in collaboration with Bjarke Ingels Group. In 2017, MOE won the European Steel prize for Amager Bakke and a building model of the project is also a part of the exhibition at New York Museum of Modern Art MOMA. The company also won the Danish Steel Award for Denmark’s new whirlpool formed national aquarium “The Blue Planet”, which has also been honored by several international architecture awards.


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