HOT|COOL NO. 2/2017 - "The Winter Package"


While progress has been achieved, Heat Roadmap Europe also shows that there are many more technical ‘low hanging fruits’ available. Savings must and can still be implemented to a higher level, but the current focus on the individual buildings risks that oil and natural gas boilers will be mainly replaced by biomass boilers or heat pumps. While these solutions certainly have an important role in the future, there are still vast amounts of untapped potential for cost-effective district heating. Additionally, this may hinder the use of low value heat sources for low value heat demands. An integrated approach is needed to take advantage of the remaining potentials and develop a smart energy system approach, where we intelligently connect the electricity sector with the heating

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sector using (large) heat pumps, co- generation and cheap thermal storage.

While there are positive indications in theWinter Package, future policies must be much more explicit about integrating energy systems to ensure affordable and sustainable decarbonisation. The next level in Europe could be to strengthen the national comprehensive assessments of heating and cooling as well as to require more concrete policies that enable comprehensive energy planning. The challenge is in heat planning and capitalising on these opportunities. Mechanisms have been introduced to drive change in the Winter Package proposals, but we must also start seeing real change on the ground. The problem is not that the low hanging fruits have been picked: it is that we must become better at picking the available low hanging fruits.

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Water treatment and corrosion prevention

Protect your district heating assets With more than 80 years of experience SILHORKO- EUROWATER knows the solution to protect pipes, boilers and other key equipment lies in optimum water treatment. Watch a short film (UK, DE, FR or DK) with a district heating company, that follows recommendations from the Danish District Heating Association for a chemical free solution to remove dissolved salts and oxygen.

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