HOT|COOL NO. 2/2017 - "The Winter Package"


Regarding future projects and activities that increase efficiency, Johan mentions: “We will gain a staggering amount of experience working with other companies, and I think that, in general, district heating companies should share and exploit the knowledge created in collaboration with each other”, emphasizing that once the merger between Gentofte and Gladsaxe is completed, Gentofte District Heating Company wants to work with other companies, further researching district cooling, low-temperature heating and best-practice solutions.

Public meeting.

Gentofte District Heating Company is in the process of establishing a specialized group of employees dedicated to researching better ways of meeting customer demand through technical optimizations of the heating network. Recently, the company conducted an experiment on low-temperature heating in co-operation with the Technical University of Denmark. The experiment revealed how to regulate temperatures efficiently in both old and new buildings. The project is intended to be explored further, preferably alongside likeminded people from the industry.

Construction of pipe bridge.

Are you ready for the shift towards a more energy efficient heat supply? You cannot optimise what you do not measure

The new energy reality requires an intelligent and integrated energy system with district heating as its natural cornerstone. With data-based knowledge, smart metering provides utilities with the basis for the high energy efficiency needed to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Download our white paper to take a glimpse into the future of district heating and learn much more about the importance of transparency throughout the energy chain all the way to the end user.

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