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History Bartholomews is a long established Bird Food Manufacturer and Supplier and is proud to be a family run company with a heritage of over 130 years in agriculture. Our foundation of trade was built in animal feeds, ranging from farm livestock and equine, to both wild and exotic birds. The company developed into the arable sector, where we maintain our reputation for providing quality and value to our customers, whilst also instigating sustainable agricultural practices that provide safe, healthy and affordable food that protects and enhance to environment and its wildlife. We have earned an excellent reputation with our Colonels, Gem and Avian Specific ranges and offer a wide variety of diets to cater for the feeding needs of Cage & Aviary Birds, Wild Bird and Pigeons. We are focused on high levels of quality and service which demonstrates why we are considered to be one of the leading Bird Food Manufacturers in the UK. Garden birds are becoming increasingly dependent on what we put out for them in our gardens and it is claimed some species that have been in decline are now starting to increase in number. It is becoming increasingly important to provide high-quality and dust free mixtures, so you can be confident that by offering our exceptionally high standard mixtures and straights, you are giving the wild birds every possible chance to flourish. In return you gain the pleasure and enjoyment of watching an ever increasing number of species visiting your feeders every day. Garden Birds

2 Wild Bird Food Mixtures

Winterfood 20kg A broad range of 15 seed types and sizes, including flakes (easier to digest). Designed to nourish all birds during a period when food is short and difficult to find. This popular blend includes peas, groats, rape seed, flaked maize, wheat, yellow millet, oats, black sunflower, barley, maize grits, linseed, flaked peas, peanuts and red dari. Xtra 20kg (Also available with Aniseed) Our most popular original mixture, it is especially appealing to finches. It contains the following ingredients to give that extra boost and perfect plumage throughout the year : black sunflower, maize grits, hemp, wheat, rape seed, yellow millet, linseed and red dari. Also available with aniseed.

City Blend 20kg Designed to have strong appeal for lots of little birds, with its high content of specially selected small seeds including maize grits, wheat, yellow millet, red dari, rape seed and small sunflower to entice urban dwellers into your garden

Summer Feast 20kg A delicious blend of mainly husk free small ingredients, to support parent birds during the spring and summer. This table feed is designed to make their foraging a little easier with this valuable blend of natural ingredients including elderberries, sultanas, niger, pinhead oatmeal, maize grits, groats, flaked barley and sunflower hearts Supreme 20kg A high energy mix containing 14 high quality ingredients including japanese millet, white panicum millet, chopped peanuts and sunflower hearts. We always use the very best ingredients to help you look after the wild birds. Feeding trials have shown this mix to be favoured by species such as wrens, gives species a welcome boost and includes fruit to attract blackbirds, starlings and song thrushes for feeding all year round. It helps small birds cope with the rigours of Winter, or build up reserves for their migration to warmer climates. The mixture contains chopped nuts, maize grits, groats, pinhead oatmeal, yellow millet, sultanas and sunflower hearts All Seasons 20kg A high energy, husk free table mix. This

4 Wild Bird Food Mixtures

Robin & Songbird 20kg A high energy table mix providing levels of protein and fat to help maintain populations of smaller birds. The mix contains chopped nuts, sunflower hearts, raisins, Japanese millet and dried mealworms.

Premium 20kg A high energy no mess mixture containing premium seeds which attracts a wide range of smaller birds throughout the year such as Blue Tits, Robins and Finches. This popular mix includes chopped peanuts, sunflower hearts, red and white dari and Niger seed.

F1 Economy Mixture 20kg An Economy Mixture good for general all round feeding on a budget including wheat, maize grits, dari, white millet, split peas, black sunflower, barley and groats.

F2 Economy Mixture 20 kg A Super Economy mixture, very similar to F1, but with a bit more wheat. For general all round feeding on a budget including wheat, maize grits, dari, white millet, split peas, black sunflower and barley.

City Blend

Summer Feast

All Seasons

Robin & Songbird

Winterfood Xtra



Black Bird

Blue Tit



Coal Tit

Collard Dove Dunnock


Great Tit

Green Finch House Sparrow Robin Song Thrush Starling Tree Sparrow

6 Wild Bird Food Mixtures

Quality Control

Over 50% of our bird food ingredients are sourced from UK Farms, with a majority grown locally. The Farms we purchase from are all members of the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme, the UKs largest food assurance scheme and we pride ourselves on the cleanliness and quality of our products. We are Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) accredited company meaning we can only accept products from approved suppliers and hauliers. With products coming from all over the world we must be vigilant. Anything coming into our warehouse in bulk from farm is always sampled and inspected for quality on intake, if it isn’t right we don’t accept it. Our Bulk raw materials are cleaned twice, once during the manufacturing process and again in the bagging and blending process. We are also constantly updating our plant equipment, so you can rest assured that whether you are feeding pigeon, cage and aviary birds or wild birds, they are always getting the best.

Environmental Promise

We use paper bags on our Colonels, Avian Specific, Gem Pigeon Corn and some of our straights. We produce a natural product, so why not put it into a bag made from a natural product Our Bags are sourced from well managed and sustainable forests; where growth and forest regeneration is exceeding cutting, this is enforced by the Swedish Forestry Act to ensure continued access to wood and long term production. Due to the close proximity of forests/timber sources to the paper mills, there are reduced transportation costs and emissions in comparison to collection, transportation and recovery of other packaging materials and plastics. The paper mills have a low dependence on fossil fuels and the waste from the debarking process is used to generate their own power stations, Water used is obtained from surface water sources, not ground water as used by many recycling centres.

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