HOT|COOL NO. 1/2020 - "How to District Energize your City"

Lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership


When district energizing your city, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the essential choice factor for pre- insulated pipe systems. Heat loss properties of the pipe system are an important part of the TCO. Thus, we are proud to present our FlextraPipes with a new foam, where we achieve a heat loss reduction on 9% based on the lowest lambda certificate ever, 0,0193 W/mK.

heat loss is maintained throughout the service life of the pipe.

Work environment - up to 3 times as easy to bend compared to other pre- insulated PUR solutions, ensuring a good working environment and faster installation time. A complete program - we have expanded our range of accessories, and we now offer a complete range of accessories for house installations.

With our FlextraPipes you will as well secure:

Flexibility - most flexible PUR foam with no cracks in the foam during bending, thereby retaining the low heat loss and mechanical properties. Robustness - Flextra is suitable for controlled under-drilling installation due to its robust construction.

With our unique diffusion-tight jacket , we also ensure that the low

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