HOT|COOL NO. 3/2018 - "Digitization"


Frederiksberg Forsyning makes an effort in the communication with the consumer CASE STORY

A local owner’s association received a letter from Frederiksberg Forsyning, stating that the return temperature from their substation was too high, which indicated the need for a service check. Kjeld, a member of the board of the owner’s association, tells: “We had for years been struggling tomaintain comfortable indoor temperatures in one of our two buildings. I had a routine of topping up the system’s water level when getting home early from work – so the inhabitants of the building had a reasonable indoor environment in the afternoon, at least… But this was of course a non-optimal solution, and the experts from Frederiksberg Forsyning instantly identified the problem and proposed a solution”. Two new substations replaced the single existing substation in the middle of 2017, and the owner’s association also decided to give the task of operating and maintaining the new substations to Frederiksberg Forsyning: “None of us in the owner’s association are experts on heating systems, so it makes a lot of sense to leave the operations and maintenance to people with the required skills and experience. We are in close contact with the staff of Frederiksberg Forsyning, and so far, the new substations are running smoothly. It has been a relief for us to finally put the heating problems behind us”, says Kjeld. With the two new units, the owner’s association has also increased their cooling of the district heating water, saving them yearly expenses close to EUR 3,000.

These new services necessitate a further digitalisazation of the way we as a utility company work. Even though we have a control room which is manned 24/7, it is obvious that our staff cannot constantly monitor and operate 4,300 substations in addition to their previous tasks, no matter how skilled and experienced they are. Therefore, an important next step is to set up automatic alarms that can draw our attention to where it is needed. But we also need to develop software robots that can analyse the enormous amounts of data gathered and point out to us where we need to act in order to prevent disruptions and increase efficiency of the district heating supply. So far, these solutions are still developing, and the processes are to a large extent manually controlled. We have by now taken over the ownership of some 50 substations and the daily operation, maintenance and optimisation of 10 substations. This has already given us invaluable experience, which will be used in designing the more automatic solutions. At the same time, it has provided us with some very strong case stories that can be used in the marketing of our new digital solutions. Typically, after only a very short period, we have been able to document increased customer comfort, lower heating bills – and a more efficient (and consequently a cheaper) operation of the entire district heating system. Lots still need to be done, and we have only just started the process of digitalisation of our district heating supply. But one thing is for sure: at Frederiksberg Forsyning, we look at the digital solutions of the future with confidence and excitement!

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Frederiksberg Forsyning Att.: Søren Berg Lorenzen Stæhr Johansens Vej 38

Dall Energy Multifuel Furnace offers a number of advantages: • Low cost fuel (20-50% cheaper biomass)

Patent granted WO 2010/022741 A3

2000 Frederiksberg Tlf.: +45 3818 5000

• 95% less dust • 10-100% load • Low NOx & CO • Low maintenance • Low power consumption



The biomass is converted to flue gas in two stages: • In the bottom part the biomass is converted to gas. • In the top part the gas is combusted.

3 plants in commercial operation: • 2 MW, Warwick Mills, New Hampshire, USA • 8 MW, Bogense district heating company • 9 MW, Sønderborg district heating company


New heat and power plant in Sindal, Denmark Dall Energy builds a new heat and power plant for Sindal district heat company. The new plant combines the Dall Energy gasification technology with ORC heat and power technology. The plant will be built and commissioned during 2018.


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