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The new biomasse heat-and power plant in Sindal by night.

By Jens Dall, Managing Director, Dall Energy

Sindal District Heating Company has chosen a new biomass plant, which uses a new gasification technology to achieve fuel flexibility and a very high energy efficiency in order to ensure lower district heating prices in the future for the 1350 homes supplied by district heating.

CLEVER INVESTMENT The budget of 65 million DKK (9 mio. €) makes the investment the largest investment locally and is one of the reasons why it has attracted a lot of attention in the town in the north of Denmark. However, it is a very sensible investment. The investment will pay back as the heating price can be lowered, since the new biomass plant is both highly energy efficient and fuel flexible. 90% of Sindal’s heat demand can be covered by the new plant, so from now on, the district heating company will only use its traditional gas engines or gas boiler at peak load.

In the Danish town of Sindal, natural gas is not welcome anymore; and biomass now enters the scene instead. However, the plant chosen is not a traditional burn-biomass-plant. Instead, the choice fell on a plant from Dall Energy, who has developed and built a brand-new type of biomass co-generation plant. The plant uses a newly developed gasification technology that supplies the thermal energy to an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbine to make both heat and electricity. Actually, this is the first time that such a plant is established ever, so everyone in the project team is very excited. The new plant was commissioned in the summer of 2018 - with official opening on September 15th, 2018 by the Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Christian Lilleholt.

Process diagram of the biomass plant: The biomass if fed into the gasifier by a pusher. In the gasifier is the biomass converted to gas. The gas is burned in two stages: First in the partial oxidation stage above the gasifier, and final combustion in the afterburner. This two stage burner result in a low NOx emission. The energy in the hot flue gas is transferred to thermal oil in the Oil heater.

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