HOT|COOL NO. 3/2018 - "Digitization"



By Saška Rihtaršič, Configuration delivery team Director, Danfoss, Miha Bobič, Senior Director DEN Global Vertical, Danfoss, Anja Babič, Customer Engagement Specialist, Danfoss

BUSINESS STRATEGY Most organisations are increasing investments into digital, year by year with a main purpose to win, serve and retain their customers. What's more, they expect much of their near-term growth will be driven by digital. The main impact is expected to come from digital customer engagement, followed by digital innovation of products and operating or business models. In order to excel in digital customer experience especially international and cross-business companies are undergoing vast transformation journeys that involve: (1) Standardization of the procesess and platforms, including closing down old legacy systems and approvals and implementation of new potential platforms and technologies. (2) Digitalizing customer involvment process including finding faster and more direct ways of mapping the customer requirements, releasing of minimum viable product in order to speed up the releases and learn faster on what works and what does not work. (3) Adopting the new organisational structures to be more responsive in order to customer needs, creating dedicated (decentrilized) and competent teams who will be able to keep customer centricity and work crossfunctional, in parallel. WHAT DOES THE IDEAL SELECTION TOOL LIKE? The ideal selection tool needs to be easy to access and intuitive to use (fast). All information is to be contained in one place and integrated to support the whole design process. Finally, it has to be trustworthy and equipped with a feature for constant support. EXAMPLES OF THE SOLUTION Easy to access: The tool must be easy to browse or find on vendor's website. Most likely, it should be accessible online to provide constant updates and upgrades. Additionaly, registration should be optional and only needed when relevant for user experience. Good example: Asking registration as late as saving the project data for later personal use.

With no time to spare, heating system designers, planners and installers are looking for efficient tools. Recognizing this need, companies have to think beyond their products. Service is of growing importance and new digital technologies are here to support it. CUSTOMER NEEDS With growing complexity and (network) enlargement, simplified solutions are coming in the forefront of heating application experts' work. Their needs and challenges are various and diverse, resulting in higher expectations from products, solutions and services they use. Daily work of a heating application designer consists of planning, product selection and field work (to name a few). Still, a lot of tasks are done manually which makes them time-consuming and less efficient. Heating projects do not include selection only, but also product drawings, documentation and tender text storage, among others. Another challenge is the product knowledge needed in order to select the right application and quality solution which would suit the specific project requirements. Here, a designer very much depends on support from the solution providers. The list could go on, but even a short overview of daily challenges for consulting engineers, district heating utilities, installers and other professional experts, shows the need for a reliable, easy-to-use and time-saving solution. In the time of an on-going digitalization, this can become a reality – more than ever before. Instead of time-consuming manual work, online tools optimize the selection process. Through a guided process on the intelligent platform (product and solution knowledge and calculation-dimensioning), search for the right technical solution is growing in its simplicity. What is more, digitalized solutions enable numerous variations and specific approaches, depending on markets' and customer segments' needs. A consulting engineer from Poland and an installer fromAustria both need to make calculations and product selections, but will search for a product in a different way. That is where the solution providers, companies and organisations come in place.

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