HOT|COOL NO. 2/2018 - "40 Years Anniversary"


Technology, finance, and business models and governance DE systems are recognizedworld-wide for advancing social, environmental, urban sustainability and economic development objectives, while providing ecomomic value to the communities, cities, campuses and districts they serve. Balancing the built landscape with the energy, social and financial landscapes is critical as is engaging in community level energy planning and stakeholder engagement and education. Good governance ensures that the shared objectives of all stakeholders including service providers, customers are being met Getting the technology, finance, business models and governance right is the key to setting district energy projects in motion, maintaining momentum & delivering service.

Building space served by district energy, Source: IDEA

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For further information please contact:

International District Energy Association Att.: Laxmi J Rao 24 Lyman Street Suite 230 Westborough, MA 01581, USA

Phone: +1 508-366-9339

How do you locate heat loss in your district? Imagine if you could use smart meter data to unlock the distribution network black box, locate heat loss and see what happens in the pipes below your feet?

Your district, your value

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