HOT|COOL NO. 2/2018 - "40 Years Anniversary"


ELECTRIFICATION The increase of renewable energy in the energy consumption/production system is inevitable, both due to political will and because the renewable sector becomes more and more competitive compared to fossil fuel. The development of solar, offshore and onshore wind, more heat pumps, as well as more bioenergy will fill more and more in the energy production. The expectation about the increasing electricity consumption is due to the increased focus on electrification of the energy within transport and heating. Electrification with regards to heating will be furthered with an increased use of heat pumps. According to Knud-Erik Andersen, electrification is really important and will be increasingly discussed. The more “uncontrollable” green energy production we get in our system, the more we also need a way of balancing across sectors and across seasons and EE Gigastorage provides a solid solution to that issue.

European Energy has visualized what a Gigastorage in Copenhagen would look like, based on the wind turbines at Middelgrunden.

Gigastorage uses electricity from renewable sources and heat pumps to heat the water in the Gigastorage. The hot water is then sent into the district heating system – while the cooler return water is sent to the Gigastorage for reheating.

NIRAS Energy Private as well as public investors prefer NIRAS’ international experience within district heating and biogas plants. This applies to both renovation of existing plants and establishment of new plants. We provide expert consulting through- out the entire process – from business plan and authority approvals to design and tender documents. We supervise the construction phase and during commissioning.

Expert consulting – all the way from idea to commissioning PURE ENERGY

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