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broadcaster Monthly Publication o f the BIOLA FELLOWSHIP Voi. 4 No. 1 JANUARY, 1964 CONTENTS A PARENT'S BEST W ISH .......... 3 CONFESSING CHRIST W ITH THE MOUTH ............. 5 W ILL A M A N PLOW ON ROCKS .. 7 A MESSAGE FOR 1964: PEACE .... 9 PARABLES A N B P E A R L S............12 CHRISTMAS RADIO GEMS ........ 15 THE WORK OF THE CHURCH . .18 THE CHURCH IN PROPHECY .....19 SIGNS OF THE TIMES ...............20 RADIO QUESTIONS .................22 GOD'S CONSTANT GIFT ............28 THE LOOK OF FAITH ...............29 THE NAM ES OF GOD ............... 31 TUESDAY-THURSDAY BIBLE STUDIES .................... 33 COVER: Dr. Arnold Ehlert, head libra- rian for Biola College with students Bette Davis, West Covina, California and Rich Engnell, Canoga Park, Calif.

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by Walter L. W ilson

Have yôU yourself known enough of God intimately, and lovingly, to make such a declaration? Or mothers, have you ever told your daughter or your son, “I’ve had a wonderful God in my life. He has been so real and so pre­ cious. You know I’m a Christian, and I want you to be a Christian like your (continued on next page) 3

T h e B ible has much to say about home life. Certainly this is a day when we need to consider such things, too. David said to his son, Solomon, “My son, know thou the God of thy father, and serve him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind” (I Chronicles 28:9). Have you, as a father, ever said that to your boy?

A Parent's Best Wish (continued) mothS? I want you to have experi­ ences with God like I’ve had.” Did you ever do that? Everyone of our readers know s something about our president, but probably no one knows him personally. To know a person means that you are close to him and that you are home with him, understanding his weak­ nesses as well as his strength. David also told his sop, “Serve him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind.” A perfect heart is where one’s feelings are, and a willing mind is FRUIT BEARING BRANCH It is the branch which bears the fruit, That feels the knife. To prune it for a larger growth, A fuller life. Though ever budding twig be lopped, And every grace Of swaying tendril, springing leaf. Be lost a space. Oh, thou whose life of joy seems lost, Of beauty shorn; Whose aspirations lie in dust, All bruised and torn, Rejoice, tho' each desire, each dream, Each hope of thine Shall fall and fade, it is the hand Of Love Divine. That holds the knife, that cuts and breaks With tenderest touch. That thou whose life hast borne some fruit May now bear MUCH MORE! where his thoughts are. Now let me ask you parents, “Have $rou ever done that with your boy or your girl?” Let me ask you boys and girls, “Did you ever go to your father or to your moth­ er and say, ‘I notice that you know God real well; I notice that you pray and get answers; I notice that you love Him and He loves you. Will you tell me about your God, daddy, mommy?’ ” I know, we say, “I’m a Christian; I go to church.” But do we really know the Lord? Do our children know the Lord?

David wanted Solomon to have some experiences like he had had. David knew the Lord and he depended upon the Lord. Beloved, you can’t live for the Lord and live for the world, too. It is one or the other. David didn’t say, “Solomon my son, I want you to be­ come a millionaire, to get very rich. I’m going to show you how to make money, and how to get money away from your enemies as well as your friends.” He didn’t say, “Solomon, I’m going to show you how to oppress the people and make them like it; how to tax them tremendously.” He said, “Solomon, my son, know thou the God of thy father. Know the God Whom I’ve dealt with through the years, and Who has dealt with me. The God who promised to take care of my enemies and finally He did. I want you to know Him in a way that will make you a lover of the Lord and make you honor the Lord all your days.” My friend, why don’t you go to your child today? Tomorrow may be too late. Death comes so quickly. Or, there are worse things than death that come along. The child may slip into sinful practices and into sinful ways. Hundreds and hundreds of boys and girls are getting into trouble con­ stantly; sex troubles, financial troubles, social troubles, every kind of a thing, because daddy didn’t say anything about God to him; mother didn’t say anything about God to her. The father and the mother let the children drift. David called Solomon to his bedside and had a talk with him. Maybe daddy or mother, you could transfer your boy or girl from a careless worldling to a godly Christian. It may be that today you can influence that boy or girl of yours to become a great man or woman of God and to be a blessing to the neighborhood as well as to lost souls. The Lord wants that and He will do it through you. Maybe you don’t know God yourself. If so, get acquainted with Him today so that you can tell the boys and girls about Ham. Then you will be a blessing to civilization and God will honor you for it in eter­ nity to come. 4

T h e B ible tells us that we need to confess the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour. In Matthew 10:32 and 33 we read, “Whosoever therefore shall con­ fess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heav­ en. But whosoever shall deny me' be­ fore men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” This portion of Scripture doesn’t say we are to confess our faith. It doesn’t tell us to confess what church or denomination to which we belong. We are simply and assuredly to confess the Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 10:9 says, “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Some people erroneously try to con­ fess Christ by outward appearances rather than relying upon the testimony of a clean and pure heart. Our main business in witnessing is not telling others what we are or what we have done, but rather who He is. Tell about His wonderful saving power, the value of Calvary, the message of imputed righteousness, as well as our Lord’s coming again. Tell about His kindness to the poor and needy. Remind others of His love for lost sinners; His saving grace and His matchless mercy. When a woman gets married she immediately drops her own name and takes that of her husband. In this man­ ner she confesses her loye for her

spouse. Beloved, if you have taken the name of Jesus then you are confessing that you belong to Him. You are a part of the Bride of Christ. The .Bible tells us that God has visited the Gen­ tiles to take out from among them a people for His name; those who will wear His name proudly. This means we are to be identified with Him in His life, death and resurrection. Think of Christ’s dying for you and for me; suffering intense agony on Calvary. The evil crowd called Him names, they plucked the hair from His cheeks, they beat His back, all because they didn’t want Him to bear their burdens. They nailed His hands to Cal­ vary so He couldn’t work for them; they nailed His feet there, because they didn’t want Him to walk with them; they tore His back because they didn’t want Him to bear their burdens. Final­ ly, they tore His heart open because they didn’t want His love. But you should be different. You should say, “I am glad He is Lord of all for He is my God anil my Saviour.” You identify yourself with Him and in every way by letting others know that as far as me Saviour is concerned you are His and He is yours. I have been in meetings where the preacher would say at the invitation, “Now, every eye closed and every head bowed; nobody looking around.” Does he mean that somebody wants to sneak (continued on next page) 5

AND THEY EAT (A Modern Day Parable)

Confessing Christ (continued) into the kingdom? Is that right? Per­ sonally, I don’t think so. The Bible says that we are to confess Him before men. To see a man get off the broad road onto the narrow road is certainly worth watching. Think of the one who made such a decision. Wouldn’t you think he would w an t.others to see that he was leaving the devil’s ranks and enter­ ing the army of God. Why, that is the most wonderful thing in all the world to witness. It is true that the world won’t like it and will probably make fun of you. But what if they do? Re­ member, they won’t be around when death comes. If anyone laughs at you WE SHALL BE SATISFIED Always yearning, always longing, Reaching out for something more, Always hungry, hardly knowing What it is we hunger for. Wistful eyes forever searching Past the far" horizon's rim. Know you not it is your spirit Ever thirsting after Him? This divine dissatisfaction— Surely He would have it so, Showing us our incompleteness While we tarry here below. When at last we stand beside Him, He the Bridegroom, we the bride. And these eyes of ours behold Him,— Then we shall be satisfied! — Martha Snell Nicholson just tell them to laugh on. I would much rather be a fool for Christ than a fool for the world. Everybody is a fanatic about something. Golf, baseball, medicine or something else occupies the fancy of every individual. If you are a fanatic about Christ Jesus you will find that He is more than worth it. He is the Lover of your soul and the Sovereign of your life. That is why Jesus said, “He that confesses me be­ fore men, him will I confess before My Father.” Beloved, I commend to you Christ Jesus. To confess Him openly brings true peace and lasting joy to your own heart.

“ Behold! The club clubbeth together . . . and they eat. The businessmen taketh counsel . . . and they eat. The .church hath a social . . . and they eat. The young people elect officers . . . and they eat. And even when the mis­ sionary society meeteth together . . . they eat. (But this latter in good cause, because they eat in remembrance of the poor heathen who hath not to eat.) Behold, hath man’s brains gone to his stomach and doth he no longer regard intellectual dainties that thou const no longer call an assembly or get together even a baker’s dozen except thou hold up the baker’s delights as bait? W ill it be true that the day cometh when, to get a crowd at prayer meeting, the preacher must hold up a biscuit? For as one calleth unto the child and saith, ‘Come here, little one, and I w ill give thee a stick of candy’ — even so must thou say to his grown­ up father and mother, ‘Assemble ye together and we w ill serve refresh­ ments.’ Behold, may we rather desire spiritual food, fulfilling the promise of Christ who said, ‘To him that over- cometh w ill I give to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the paradise of God’ (Rev. 2:7).” * * * What most churches need is fewer steer­ ing committees and more good drivers. 6

F requently God asks some very in­ teresting questions in His Word. In Amos 6:12 we read, “Shall horses run upon the rock? will one plow there with oxen?” I have known of people who do this very thing. Of course we all know that rocks don’t raise any vegetation. Nobody plants seed on a rock. The question may seem strange, but in reality God has something very important to tell us. The Lord uses the same principle as we do in busi­ ness. One time I was making something in my factory which I thought would be a “money-maker” for sure. I ran big ads in the various magazines. Do you know what happened? Nothing! I didn’t sell enough to pay for the ad­ vertising. The product didn’t go over at all. Fortunately, I had sense enough to quit the project right then. As Chris­ tians, we are to do the same thing. One time I was talking to a group of preachers. I suggested, “Fellows, don’t have the same kind of a meeting every Sunday morning. Don’t let the people know what you’re going to do. Don’t start out with the doxology, ‘Praise God from whom all blessings flow.’ The people know the song too well. It doesn’t mean anything to them. They know they’re going to stand up; you’re not surprising them with any­ thing. Do something different. Have a different kind of a hymn to start with. Sometimes have the people stand; sometimes have them sit. Surprise the people. You’ll find the old way of doing things produced few results.

Some new ideas can really help.” I believe this is what this verse suggests. If you are doing something that isn’t producing results in your life or in your church, eliminate it and do some­ thing different. Down in Missouri we call it, “Spizerinktum.” This same idea is certainly true in soul winning. If you go through the regular unproduc­ tive program it will be like plowing on a rock; you won’t get any results. There is another interesting verse in Jeremiah 48:6 where we read, “Flee, save your lives, and be like the heath in the wilderness.” The “heath” is the same as our tumble weed. In the dry season the wind comes along and breaks this large plant at the top of the ground. It rolls along before the wind and piles up against a barbed wire fence. Finally it goes to pieces in the winter. Over in Palestine, however, I am told that when the dry season comes the heath shrinks and shrivels into the ground. The whole ball be­ comes smaller. Then when the winds come along the whole thing is blown up, roots and all, and rolls along until it comes to a marsh or a swamp where there is some water and the roots can catch hold again. The tendrils sink themselves down into the earth and draw up the nutriment therein. Then the branches open up and the plant blooms again. This is what the Lord is telling us. If you are in a place where your soul isn’t fed and there is no water from heaven, go where you can get something of eternal value. (continued on next page) 7

A MIXED UP SOCIETY Sociologists tell us that there has probably never been a time in the his­ tory of the world when more people have been frustrated and confused. As a humorous example, Texas Senator John Tower didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry after reading a letter from a woman in a small Minnesota town who wrote, “If you were a little older and more experienced l would want you for president, but 1 would like you for vice president and then president in four or eight years. Any­ way, I ’m so worried and mixed up, l had to write to you.” Thank God there is an inerrant chart and compass in this life which is faith in the Lord Je­ sus Christ. For as the poet penned: Though Christ a thousand times In Bethlehem be born, If He’s not been bom in thee. Thy soul is still forlorn. * * * The longer you look at an obstacle the bigger it will become. * * * THE LONGEST WORD Perhaps you have always thought that the longest word in the dictionary w a s “antidisestablishmentarianism.” That is no longer true. In the third edition of Webster’s new International Dictionary there is the medical name for a miner’s lung disease which is some 45 letters long and a real tongue- twister, “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsil- icovolcanokoniosis.” And yet, there is actually another word in the dictionary much longer than all the rest. It is “eternity.” How this should command the primary attention of every thinking individual. The Bible says, “It is ap­ pointed unto men once to die and after this the judgment.” Eternity awaits the other side of the grave. Our destiny can only be made assured here and now. The length of words is termin­ able, but eternity has no ending. Jesus said, “He that heareth my word and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life and shall not come into condemnation but is passed from death unto life.” 8

Will a Man Plow on Rocks (continued) Find some place where your soul and heart will be fed and where you will be enriched by the things of God. Don’t stay on a rock where there is no nutri­ ment and no water. Your soul will dry up if you do. Let the Holy Spirit, the Wind of God, blow you away to some place where there is the presence of the living God. If in our lives or businesses we are doing things which aren’t producing results, now is the time to make a change. There are some things in the Christian life which don’t have any spiritual calories or vitamins in them. What good are they? The Lord says to get away from those things which are not profitable. Maybe you are teaching a class and you don’t see anything happening. Something is wrong some­ where. The Gospel is the power of God "Life is a book in volumes three, The past, the present, the yet to be. The past is finished and laid away. The present we're living every day. The third and the last of the volumes three Is hid from sight, God holds the key." unto salvation. The Gospel has life in it so perhaps it is your method; the way you present the Lord’s truth. Either change your method or else go where the people have a heart and a desire for it. When one goes into a restaurant he does so because he is hungry and wants something to eat. People who come to church ought to do so only to get fed. If you aren’t being fed, or if your testimony is like plant­ ing seed on a rock, go find somebody who does have a deep desire and hun­ ger for the things of God. Your desire is for a spiritual harvest if you are a real sower. By the grace of God you will be surprised at the blessings. He will give you if you use good intelligence and common sense in the things of the ministry through the presentation of the precious Word. Our -desire should be to become fruitful and fruitbearing Christians.

M any of t h e precious words we love in the Bible are just small ones; some no more than five letters. The one which often occupies my mind is “peace.” Think of the words: Bible, grace, mercy, Jesus, water, and bread. All these contain five letters. This is because our blessed Lord knew none of us had giant intellects; few would be able to think deeply as did Einstein. So the Lord gave us simple words to present deep spiritual truths. In Isaiah 26:3, we read, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” One translation puts it, “Thou wilt keep him in peace, peace, whose imagination is stayed on thee because he trusteth in thee.” Most of man’s troubles are imagin­

ary. How many of you have ever thought you might lose all your money and wind up in the poor house? How many of you have had a recurring sore and imagined it was going to turn into a cancer? How many of you have been aboard an airplane and imagjned that it might crash? In His Word God speaks to us about two kinds of peace. There is peace with God about the sin question, and then there is the attend­ ing peace of God to be enjoyed in daily life. In Romans 5:1 we read, “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” We know our sins better than anybody else. But when Christ comes into the life He blots them all out. The (continued on -next page)

due examination, I said, “Yes, sister; as best I can. tell, you do have cancer. I’m sorry to tell you, but it’s a very rapidly growing cancer and you do not have many more weeks on this earth.” She sat down in a chair and wept. That, of course, isn’t the first time I have seen this happen, but what she GIVE ME A PASSION Did you ever win a soul to Christ? If so, how long ago? Has it been a week, a month, a year Since God used you to show The blessed way of the Cross to a weary soul, Weighed down with his sin, Since you felt the joyous thrill that comes As you see one enter in? Perhaps you recall it was your word That led some soul to Him Months or years ago, but now The memory's growing dim; But what of the days or weeks since then, What of this very day? Have you held forth the Word of Life To a lost soul today? Has your love for Him grown colder With every passing week? Has your ardor cooled till you seldom dare Of your Saviour dear to speak? Do you often a heavy-burdened heart Lift to the Lord in prayer For those without the Heavenly fold, Plead their salvation there? O Lord, convict each child of Thine Who does not heed Thy Word To spread the Gospel everywhere To those who have not heard. Convict of sin, for such it is, And give new love for Thee And for lost souls, that we may heed Thy words to us, "Go ye!" did next was strange to me. She put one hand on her heart and looking up toward heaven said, “Lord Jesus, You’re the great Physician. I thank You for letting me have this cancer. You’re so wonderful to me. You’re gra­ cious and kind and good to me to let me have this disease. Do You know 10

Peace (continued) Saviour has a bag for all our sins. What is more He says the bag is sealed up. Then, as if that were not enough, He throws the. bag into the depths of the sea. The Lord Jesus Christ paid all the debt and our sins are forgiven forever. Paul, in Colossians 2:13, de­ clares, “And you, being dead in your sins . . . hath he quickened (made alive) together with him, having for­ given you all trespasses.” That was written before you committed any sins at all. It is for this reason that we have peace with God. His death on Calvary satisfied God’s requirements. His death on the cross satisfied all God’s demands. There is the other kin'd of peace, however, which is different. All true born-again believers have peace with God. But, sad to say, many of those I know do not have the peace of God. And there is a vast difference. Peter exhorts us, “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you” (I Peter 5:7). Following such a practice as­ sures us, as Paul concurs, that “the peace of God, which passeth all under­ standing, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” (Philip- pians 5:7). That is why the Lord went to sleep in the storm. He had the peace of God. Of course, He was very God, too. When the Lord stood before Herod and Pilate His heart was at perfect peace. He had the peace of God be­ cause He was God. When you turn your life over to him, He will give you that same calm and tranquility of soul. It may be that you are worried about finances today. But has the Lord ever let you go hungry? Everyone who has starved to death, please raise your hand. I would like to see what you look like. You see, the peace of God concerns the body, too. Suppose the doctors say you have a cancer. A woman came into my medi­ cal office one time and said, “I think I may have cancer, doctor. I wish you’d tell me because I believe you’re honest. I have come to you because you’re a Christian.” So I placed her on the examination table and after a

with her children. Do you know what she was telling the Lord? She said, “Father, You gave Charlie to me and then You saved him and he belongs to You. You bought him and so You took him home for I know You have a right to do this. But since You took Charlie away from me and let me raise these seven little children, I expect You to take care of me and the children. Lord, I believe You will do it. Lord, when I see You and all the angels I’m going to tell them how You kept Your word with me. You said, ‘Let your fatherless children trust in me, and let your wid­ ows trust in me.’ I’m going to do. it now and as long as I’m here on earth!” Here, again, we find peace with God as well as the abiding peace of God. I stood beside a Christian man as his factory burned to the ground. He was penniless since he had no insurance. The bottom fell out of everything. We went down to the sub-cellar where only ashes were left and I said, “Mis­ ter, you’re broke!” He shook his head, “No, I’m not broke. All of that didn’t belong to me. Some years ago I gave my business to my Father in heaven. It was His business. I was just His office boy running the place for Him.” The very next night He was out on the street comer singing at the top of his voice, “Jesus saves, Jesus saves.” The newspapers were so struck by it that they put his story on the front page of the next edition. The total loss was about $250,000, and yet he could sing, worship and praise God without any depression. He had the peace of God. The Lord wants you to have both kinds of peace. You know, I wouldn’t mind going around the world in my old model car if the man who designed it and made it was sitting beside me. I have been on ships in storms both in the air and , on the sea. I enjoyed perfect peace as I looked at the captain and saw that he had charge. So you look to the Spirit of God and to the Lord Jesus Christ. The peace of God will fill your heart and mind. The love of God will con­ sume your life and you will have peace and sweet rest as a blessing to others and a comfort to yourself. II

Lord Jesus, I thought I was going to have to live to be a real old woman before I ever saw You. Now the doc­ tor tells me I’m going to see You real soon. In just a few weeks I’m going to see You. I’m so glad. You gave Your life for me. You died for me. You suffered terribly on the cross for me. I want to see You and tell You I love MY BIBLE AND I We've traveled together, my Bible and I, Through all kinds of weather, with smile or with sigh! In sorrow or sunshine, in tempest or calm! Thy friendship unchanging, my lamp and my psalm. We've traveled together, my Bible and I When life had grown weary, and death e'en was nigh! But all through the darkness of mist or of wrong, I found there a solace, a prayer, and a song. So now who shall part us, my Bible and I? Shall "ism s" or "schisms," or "new lights" which try? Shall shadow for substance, or stone for good bread, Supplant thy sound wisdom, give folly instead? Ah, no, -my dear Bible, exponent of light! Thou sword of the Spirit, put error to flight! And still through life's journey, until my last sigh, We'll travel together, my Bible arid I. You for it. I want to fall at Your feet and worship and adore You.” She went out of the door weeping for joy for, you see, she had the peace of God. There was a widow lady whose hus­ band had just passed away and left| her with seven little children. I went to see if she had any food for it was already a very poor family. When I entered the home she was .praying


GEMS parables and pearls

green “all clear” and the red “danger” signals with pieces of cloth. Then they set up their own portable amber-colored caution light to make the engineer slow down. Meanwhile, a half a mile down the track other members of the gang set up a special red stop light. Of course, it’s history now how the train slowed down at the yellow lights and came to a fu ll stop at the red one, sparks flying from the wheels. The robbery was effected, probably one of the largest in history. In a similar manner Satan seeks to delude the church of Jesus Christ by using false lights. As a result, lives are ruined, and multitudes are spiritually robbed. As true born-again believers, it is our responsibility to let our lights shine forth with thd truth of God’s Word. In an age when men say there is no hell, no judgment for sin, no life after death, no reality to the Word of God, we have an even greater re­ sponsibility to live holy and purely before the world. In Philippians we read the challenge, “That ye may be blameless and harmless, sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world; holding forth the word of life.” * * * The only people who never fail are the ones who never try.

No mechanical device builds up momen­ tum quite so fast as the human tongue. A RECORD PRICE FOR A BIBLE A recent news account tells how a very rare Bible is to be sold to an Amer­ ican library for a staggering amount near $100,000. This copy of God’s Word, printed in the 17th century, was carried by King Charles 1 when he walked to his death at the scaffold in 1649. The present British owner de­ clares, “1 am selling it for economic reasons. 1 have a large expensive house to keep up.” Now, what makes this book of such a tremendous value? Is it the words upon the pages or is it the dust which has collected through the years? Strange isn’t it how that we venerate paper and printer’s ink more than we honor the very breath of the Almighty, for all Scripture is inspired by God. You have this same precious Volume in your own home. What is it worth to you? How often do you read it? “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” * * * People, like boats, toot theloudest when they're in a fog. FALSE LIGHTS Criminologists were startled by the master-minded plot to rob a train in England containing more than seven million dollars. The thieves accom­ plished their treachery by rigging up a series of false lights. According to the press report, while the train was speed­ ing along at 75 miles an hour, two or three of the gang masked both the * * *


Once there was a little boy, who, when he was three weeks old, was turned over to a baby sitter, by his par­ ents. When he was two, they dressed

him up like a cowboy and gave him a gun. When he was three, everybody said, “How cute,” as he went about lisping a beer commercial he had watched over and over again on TV. When he was six, his father occasion­ ally dropped him off at Sunday school on his way to the golf course. When he was eight, they bought him a BB gun and taught him how to shoot sparrows. (He learned how to shoot windshields by himself.) Then he was ten, he spent his after school time squatting in a drug store news stand reading comic books. His mother wasn’t home and his father was too busy. When he was thirteen, he told his par­ ents other boys stayed out as late as they wanted to, so they said he could too. After all, it was easier that way. When he was fourteen, they gave him a deadly two-ton machine, wrangled a license for him to try it and told him to be careful. When he was fifteen, police called at his home one night and said, “We have your boy. He is in trouble.” “In trouble!” shouted the fa­ ther. “Why, it can’t be my boy. You’re wrong!” But it was. Yes, it is true, “As the twig is ben t” so w ill it snap back in the face of the unthinking; the un­ concerned. Children are to be trained in the things of God’s Word. We are to be examples for them, showing them the way, pointing them to the truth, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are to bring them up in the nurture and admoni­ tion of the Saviour so that when they are old they w ill not depart from it. * * * The less people speak of their greatness, the more we think of it. THE TATOR FAMILY Have you ever noticed how some per­ sonalities seem to fit their names so peculiarly? Have you ever met the Tutor family? The father’s name is Richard. You have probably heard of him. Dick Tator is the self-appointed leader of his church. He seeks to head all of the committees and feels very important. H e . never works, he just ■dictates. The mother is Emmy Tator. She never seems to have any thought

Biota School' of Missionary Medicine stu­ dents have opportunity of working with boys and girls right in hospital wards as a part of their training. Enrollment in this unique school has increased more than sixty percent this past year. of her own, but immitates, such as al­ ways seconding the motion of someone else. The oldest son,is Hezekiah Tator. He goes to college. When asked to do anything, Hezzie Tator just dodges the issue. He feels he can’t do any specific job; he’s always too busy doing some­ thing else. He hesitates long enough so he never does anything. The daughter is Carmen Tator. She sits on the back row in Sunday school or church com­ menting on everything and everybody. She has a word to say about everyone. In fact, she has opinions on things she’s never even heard of. Another of the young sons is Spec Tator. He is in'high school. When asked to take part in program or necessary church activities, he is always ready . . . to stand on the sidelines. He never takes part. Grand­ mother has one of the most unusual names, Agy. Now, Agy Tator is the oldest member of the family. She has been in the church for 40 years and doesn’t believe any changes are neces­ sary at all. M ixing seems to be one of her problems. That is “stirring” up trouble. Have you ever met any of the Tator family? Are any of them in your church? Are any of them in your fam­ ily? The Bible says, “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might.” And again, “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.” 13

were so impressed that the motto was allowed to remain until this very day. Those four words could well be in­ scribed not only on our own watches but also across our hearts and minds as Christian workers. We are to be about our Master’s business, not look­ ing into someone else’s, but- rather mak­ ing Christ known and living Him in a practical manner. This is the truth the Bible gives us when in the words of the Saviour Himself we hear, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” * * * The driver is safer when the roads are dry, and the roads are safer when the driv­ er is dry. * * * MONEY TO BURN Sometimes money is of absolutely no value. During World War II, on Cor­ regidor, the Philippine Islands were about to collapse. The bastion had sus­ tained unbelievable persecution and privation. Horses and other animals were being killed for food. Out of the fortress vaults, finance officers brought more than one hundred m illion dollars in currency. There was no way to take the money off the island and it couldn’t be left for the enemy. The only thing left was to burn it. The soldiers watched a tremendous fortune go up in smoke. Money didn’t matter for time was running out. You see, money is valuable only while time lasts. For in death it can’t be transported to the next life. No one is quite so poor as a rich man when he dies. The only thing he has, unless he is a Christian, is money. Then, all of a sudden he has absolutely nothing. That is why the Bible admonishes us, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all of these things shall be added unto you.” To what are you looking for satisfaction? The pursuit of money is like the drinking of salt water for it only creates an insatiable thirst for more. A man’s life, the Lord Jesus declared, consisteth not in the abun­ dance of the things which he possess- eth! 14

If you take responsibility on your shoul­ ders it will leave no room for any chips. * * * A MOTTO FOR YOUR CLOCK No doubt one of the most unusual timepieces in all the world is mounted in the temple hall of London. Back through the years, leaders of the com­ munity had ordered a large handsome clock to be built which was to carry an appropriate motto on its face. The man who designed and built the clock was frustrated because he didn’t know what inscription to put on it. Patiently he waited for a decision. The time for dedication was getting so close he be­ came desperate and so he kept pressing the mayor for some needed phrase. Daily he would come to his office to find out what it should be. The busy magistrate finally became angry and provoked. In hot-headedness he declared, “Go about your business.” According to London legend, at least, the poor crafts­ man thought that these were the words for the clock’s motto. So he blazened them in bold relief across the face of it: “Go About Your Business.” Strange­ ly enough, when people saw it, they Rev. William Eitzen, Biola Alumni Execu­ tive Secretary (right), greets Rev. Elcho Redding, missionary from India, who is now taking special training at Biola College. Rev. and Mrs. Redding have been used of the Lord to reach the refugee Tibetan people for Christ.


melody and got the words. These he took back to Salzburg where he intro­ duced it to the King. From there the song gained its popularity and remains today practically exactly as it was writ­ ten, “Silent Night.” THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS I question if Christmas can ever be "merry" Except to the heart of an innocent child; For when time has taught us the meaning of sorrow And sobered the spirits that once were so wild, When all the green graves that lie scattered behind us Like milestones are marking the length of the way. And echoes of voices that no more shall greet us Have saddened the chimes of the bright Christmas Day; We may not be merry, the long years forbid it. The years that have brought us such manifold smarts, But we may be happy, if only we carry The Spirit of Christmas deep down in our hearts. Threefold is the Spirit, thus blending together T h e .faith of the shepherds who came to the King; And, knowing naught else but the angel's glad message. Had only their faith to His cradle to bring; The hope of the wise men that rose like the Daystar, To lighten the centuries' midnight of wrong; And the love of the Child in the manger low-lying. So tender and patient, so sweet and so strong. Hence we shall not wish you the old "Merry Christmas," Since that is of shadowless child­ hood a part, But one that is holy and happy and peaceful. The Spirit of Christmas deep down in your heart. — Annie Johnson Flint

SILENT NIGHT Many are the beautiful and yet simple stories of the various familiar carols which have come to be loved by believers and blessed of God down through the years. Because the organ was broken at the little Austrian vil­ lage church at Oberndorf, a local busi­ nessman allowed the program to be given in his home. On his way back to the parsonage after the meeting, Pastor Joseph Mohr was touched by the set­ ting of the night. looking heaven-ward he pondered at the wonders of God’s handiwork and His matchless gift to man. It was a still, clear night. The next morning the preacher visited his church organist who was also the busy schoolmaster for the community. Franz Gruber, was given the carol the preach­ er had written the night before. The organist was asked to set it to music. So on December 24, 1818, 145 years ago, this song was born. A t the church, Franz Gruber accompanied his friends carol on the guitar since the organ still had not been repaired. Young men, 21 and 26 years of age respectively, nei­ ther had written a song before and so far as we know, neither wrote one again. As the two men sang together, the organ repairman memorized the

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Christmas Gems (continued)

had written, “To the Baby Jesus, Beth­ lehem.” Inside was a letter which caught the interest of 'the press, for she had written in large letters, “Dear Jesus, I am writing to You instead of Santa, because You are what Christ­ mas is. I would like to say before we all forget, ‘Happy Birthday’ and thank You for the present of Yourself. Love, Susan.” While tlfe postmen were not able to deliver the letter, the Lord got the message. May our hearts' also be gripped with the thought of God’s great love G ift of whom we read, “He made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men. Wherefore God also hath highly exalt­ ed him, and given him a name which is above every name: that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow.” NAILS Since Joseph was a carpenter when Jesus was a Boy, The Lad would sit and play with nails, nor needed other toy. He had a pocket full of them, a little hammer too: A block of wood He pounded full. But as He older grew Joseph taught Him how to be a work­ man skilled and true, One who took pride in honest work, as a workman ought to do. For three years then He went about His earthly ministry Of dealing with the souls of men; and yet I think that He When visiting at some friend's home, would find it good again To work with hammer and with nails as is the way of men. But one day on a little hill between the earth and sky. Men nailed Him to a shameful cross and left Him there to die. The great nails pierced His tender hands; precious the blood that ran; The sharp nails tore His bleeding feet, 0 dying Son of Man! And whose hand placed the cruel nails, and whose hand drove them through? May God forgive me, it was I; yes I, and you and YOU! 16

THE SIN THAT GREW A t Christmas time things were diffi­ cult for an extremely poverty stricken family. The children, a young bay and a little girl had experienced few of the joys most children have showered upon them the 25th of December. Christmas was only a few days away and the mother made a rag doll for her daugh­ ter out of a few scraps of cloth, stuff­ ing it with oats. Meanwhile the father made a bow and arrow for the bay. When Christmas came the children were thrilled with what they got. As is usually the case, however, a few days after Christmas they bitterly quar­ relled. In a fit of temper the boy took his sister’s beloved doll and buried it in the backyard. In vain, the whole fam ily searched for days for the rag toy. The girl was broken hearted. The boy pretended to look as hard as the rest of the fam ily but all to no avail, of course. It wasn’t too many days after this that he heard his mother’s voice calling, “Come outside, son.” When he stood beside her he was horrified to see some green blades springing up in the garden in a very curious form: a body, arms, legs and a head. The oats, with which the doll had been stuffed, had started to grow and the evidence was unmistakable. He was, of course, pun­ ished for the sin he thought he had so carefully hidden. It may be that we, too, have tried to plant some sin in the garden of life, seeking to hide it from friends as well as from the Sav­ iour. Be assured that the Lord already knows about it for His Word teaches us, “Be not deceived, God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.” “But if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins anfL to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” A BIRTHDAY CARD FOR JESUS It was in Belleview, New Jersey that postmen were somewhat confused to know what to do. So, marked, “Re­ turned for Better Address,” the letter was sent back to a little nine year old girl. On the front, little Susan Long

SUPPOSE Suppose that Christ had not been born That far-a*vay Judean morn. Suppose that God, Whose mighty hand Created worlds, had never planned A way for man to be redeemed. Suppose the Wise Men only dreamed That guiding star whose light still glows Down through the centuries. Suppose Christ never walked here in men's sight, Our blessed Way, the Truth, and Light. Suppose He counted all the cost And never cared that we were lost, And never died for you and me, Nor shed His#blood on Calvary Upon a shameful cross. Suppose That having died, He never rose, And there was none with power to save Our souls * from death beyond the grave. As far as piteous heathen know, These things that I've supposed are so. — Martha Snell Nicholson GOD'S GREAT GIFT The first great Christmas gift to men was hung upon a tree; It was not by a fireside, where only those could see Who near of kin or friendship were, and gifts exchanged would be; But out upon a mountainside for ail the world to see. He gave His all, His life, His blood, that men redeemed might be. Then what can man give in exchange for love so boundless, free? The debt of sin, He paid it all; naught ir> ourselves have we, Nothing to bring unto our King, Maker, Redeemer, He. Our hearts, if emptied of this world, filled with His love shall be; Our hands, if free from selfish toil, filled with His tasks shall be; Our sin-sick souls, if brought to Him, shall pure and cleansed be. What shall I render unto God for all His gifts to me? This only do; call on His Name, ac­ cept salvation free.

CHRISTMAS PROCLAMATION They tell me Jesus was not born on Christmas Day And Christmas trees were just a pagan rite they say, That decorations were idolatry, a work of art, Not symbols of the adoration of a heart That worship Christ as Son of God apart. It may be that the world is blind, Is worshipping mere trifles of this kind, And some folks blinded by the glare of customed gift Will miss the star and see not in earth's clouds a rift. But to the Christian this does symbols mean, In every Christmas tree he sees a gleam, For dates and signs are lost in Christ­ mas story, "H is advent," "and the hope of glory." He came! He came, the fact and not the time. Proclaimed in carols, and the truth sublime Is sounded through the earth on Christmas Day And the Light of all the world shines on the way. What though a fantasy on earth is reached If through the mist the Son of God is preached Though still in sinful pleasure men are found, Yet once a year they pause to hear the sound. That Christ may still be known, let carols ring, And trees and lights their age-old message bring Of God's great love and all redeeming grace, His Gift unspeakable to all the human race. — Anne E. Hitt

Many a man is too busy making a living to make life worth living. 17

NOTE: This continues and concludes the special prophetic series started in November on the Biola Hour.

The Work of the Church by Dr. Ralph L. Keiper I n order to appreciate the signs of this age it is necessary for us to see what the work is to be of each of the groups distinguished by God. Since the Church is the unique body to which all true born-again believers belong, we should understand clearly that our primary interest is to bring people to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. At the first council in Jerusalem, James, the moderator points out, “Simeon hath declared how God at the first did visit the Gentiles, to take out of them a people for his name” (Acts 15:14). Peter had felt that he and his race were the elite among the elect. He could see nothing but his own people. When the call came for him to preach the Gospel to someone who was not a Jew, he was greatly disturbed. With great'misgivings he went to the house of Cornelius, an outstanding Gentile leader, and proclaimed the Gospel unto him. He did it, not because his heart was in it, but because he was com­ manded by God. In this way Peter saw that the Gospel was not only for his people, the Jews, but also for the Gen­ tiles, and indeed for the entire world. At this same council Peter had given testimony, “Men and brethren, ye know how that a good while ago God made choice among us, that the Gen­ tiles by my mouth should hear the word of the Gospel, and believe. And God, who knoweth the hearts, bare them witness, giving them the Holy Ghost even as he did unto us” (Acts 15:7, 8). What amazed Peter was that God treated Cornelius equally as well as He had treated him. But after the barrier had been broken down and the emotional shock sub­

sided, Peter, always enthusiastic, evi­ dently took this from God without any difficulty whatsoever. He assured the group that God makes no difference between men. All are one in Christ Jesus. Peter realized that an immense social problem had been created which was due to a great heart problem. The reason people did not live together was because of the impurity of their hearts. Yet God in His marvelous grace could purify a Gentile heart as well as a Jewish heart. Today’s racial and social problems are of great concern to all of us. But let us not merely deal with superficial problems. We need to go to the center of the question. Until the individual heart becomes right with God, it will never be right with other human beings. This is why the church preaches the Gospel first of all. When we speak of personal salvation, which- is the primary work of the church to preach, we mean a conver­ sion which does something to a life. There must be a change which will cause the individual to be a living demonstration of the love of God among all nations. A life so saved in the love of Christ becomes contageous to the ones with whom it comes in contact. We have received “grace and apostle- ship through the obedience of the faith.” To the degree that you and I come to know and truly believe the faith, we are then in a position to obey the faith. So regardless of race, color, or circumstances, our great responsi­ bility is to direct men and women to the Lord Jesus Christ who has died for all mankind. Our calling is not to impose by force but rather by an ex­ emplary life. This will be contageous in winning people to Christ.





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