The Thirty-A Review March 2020

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Merry Beth Myrick b y L i e s e l S c h m i d t

T here’s an old saying about idle hands and for Merry Beth Myrick, that saying might hold some truth. It wasn’t until she put her “idle” hands to use making clothes and jewelry from old pieces she found lying around when she was sent to her room for punishment after bad behavior that she learned how to stay out of trouble. Little did that mischievous little girl know that her penchant for making things—jewelry especially— would eventually lead her to creating her very own jewelry lines. A former wardrobe stylist and boutique owner in Nashville, Myrick worked with a great deal of celebrities, dressing them for commercials, photo shoots, and album covers. And while her talents for putting together great looks kept her at the fore of her field, it was the added little extras that really made her stand out—and eventually gave her the inspiration she needed to find what she really wanted to do with her talent. “When I was styling celebrities in Nashville, I had access to all of the clothes I could ever want or need to create the perfect look; but finding the right jewelry was difficult, so I started making the ideas that were in my head,” Myrick recalls. “I would make pieces for myself and my clients started buying it right off of me. I loved the way their joy made me feel, and that’s when I realized I had a passion and a gift from God for designing jewelry. I haven’t looked back since.” Not looking back and going all in has proven to be the right move, as Myrick now runs a successful jewelry company comprised of two lines: Hardwear Merry and Merry Beth Myrick Designs. “Merry Beth Myrick Designs is my metal work. Each piece starts as wire, metal sheet, or metal clay; and is hand-forged using a torch, many different hammers, files, and an array of other tools. I get an idea in my head and run with it,” she says. “Hardwear Merry is a timeless collection of fun- loving, bohemian pieces made of mixed metals and repurposed materials. I put things together that I find unique, beautiful, and expressive.” Unique is the keyword in all of the things she creates, the very thing that makes her pieces so loved by her customers and the clients for whom she makes custom designs. “Each design tells a story of strength, life, growth, love, and self-reflection. I put my heart, sweat, and soul into every piece; and each line, fold, solder joint, hammer mark, scratch, and imperfection is created by my hands,” she says.

Each design tells a story of strength, life, growth, love, and self-reflection. I put my heart, sweat, and soul into every piece.

Artist Merry Beth Myrick

was the perfect place for both. An artist’s role is to inspire, connect, and collaborate. I love this community as a whole and especially love how much the artists support and collaborate with one another as well as with local businesses and non-profits,” she says. Clearly, living in a place that brings out even more of her creativity is taking her business to greater success; and the beauty, strength, and positivity she feels is taking shape in her designs. Every fold and solder line, every imperfection, is a perfect representation of Merry Beth— and that’s a magical thing.

There’s a beauty in this that people respond to, something that is lost in the mass-produced pieces that flood the market. “Because my pieces are handmade, they’re personal. They tell a story and are a conversational piece because they’re so unique. My clients appreciate the distinctiveness of the pieces, the quality of my craftsmanship, and the aesthetic of my work,” Myrick explains. “They tell me they feel empowered, sexy, and secure when they wear it, and I believe that is because each piece is infused with strength and positive intention.” Finding positivity is inspiring to Myrick. That’s something she’s experienced a great deal of in 30-A, where she now finds connection in the community that so embraces artists. “After vacationing on 30-A for about nine years, I felt drawn to this community and the thriving artist scene. I moved down here to expand my business and relax at the same time without knowing it

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