The Thirty-A Review March 2020

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The Pointe is the Starting Point to 30-A b y M a r y We l c h

Mark and Emily Humphreys

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S ometimes something is just too good—too amazing, too unique—to keep it just for yourself. And that’s exactly how internationally known architect and developer Mark Humphreys feels about 30-A and The Pointe, a 68-unit luxury condo he developed and calls home. Humphreys, who has been developing properties along 30-A for more than two decades, says he’s never been more excited about a project. He bought the land, which was little more than a pine tree lot and recalls thinking, “That was the last thing I needed and all I could think about was all the approvals I would have to get to develop it. But I knew it was special.” His wife, Emily, wasn’t so sure. “He develops so much, I thought it was just another property. But once he cleared the lot, it was like an epiphany. It’s the gateway to 30-A. I told Mark that everyone going to 30-A was going to see it. He better not mess it up!” He didn’t. We wanted to create a modern Caribbean, Miami-type resort but it was very important that we were respectful of 30-A and Rosemary Beach.

Humphreys is selling 24 units with the prices ranging from $699,000 to $1 million. “It’s a good price considering we’re a proven rental property,” he says. Rental rates, depending on the season and unit, go anywhere from $200 a night to around $600. The Pointe is at the eastern corner of 30-A and U.S. Highway 98, and has a Caribbean yet modern feel. The Humphreys and his design team visited several elite resorts in the Caribbean and Miami to get the feel he wanted. He left the natural landscaping around the property but once you step into the lobby, the feel is entirely different. In fact, as soon as you enter into the lobby, you’re literally a few steps away from the pool. Instant relaxation. “We wanted to create a modern Caribbean, Miami-type resort but it was very important that we were respectful of 30-A and Rosemary Beach” The Pointe features 46 two-bedroom units of 1,200 square feet and 22 three-bedroom units of 2000 square feet. Each unit comes fully furnished, including gas cooktops and a washer/dryer. “Everyone wants to cook with gas but few rentals have all gas stoves,” says Humphreys. “We do!” Emily helped define his vision through her own experience as a single mom who would bring her kids to 30-A but split a rental with another family. Humphreys shares, “The economics of Rosemary Beach is that two or three families come and they rent out a four-bedroom, which is what Emily did, or they just need a one-bedroom unit. There were only a handful of two- to three-room units and they have the highest rent. She was very smart in giving me her opinion—because she was right.” The Pointe, Rosemary Beach, and 30-A, as Humphreys says, are extra special to him. “We not only live here, we got married here!”

Mark and Emily met at a lunch counter during a layover in Washington D.C. Emily, a single mother who lived in Nashville, saw this guy eating his soup and said hello. They started talking and Emily said she was going to the beach and share a house with a friend and all the kids. Mark asked what beach. Emily shares, “Of course, we were staying 10 miles outside of 30-A, because that’s what we could afford, and Mark said we could rent his Rosemary Beach home.” They started dating and the rest, as they say, is history. They both have 30-A history: Emily as a visitor, Mark as a developer and part-time resident. Humphreys came to 30-A about 22 years ago and started buying up lots in WaterSound and Rosemary Beach. He recently bought 18 Bourne and transformed it into a beautiful property. Even though he says the market is “hot”, Humphreys is still looking for opportunities. “I remember when there were dirt roads around here. Rosemary Beach and 30-A are maxed out and you can’t build hi-rises. We love 30-A and The Pointe. It’s my solace.” Emily agrees with the relaxation vibe. “You don’t even need to be physically at the beach to feel its vibe,” she says. “There are lots of cute towns and lots of places with gorgeous water, but it’s unusual to find that combination. Being on 30A you get a beautiful beach, great towns and an atmosphere where you relax and create real friendships.”

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