Never Too Late - January/February 2024

Find the missing number: To get connected with a Caregiving and End of Life Specialist, call the PCOA helpline at (520) 7?0-7262. Answer: ____ = See Answer Key on page 32. This February we celebrate Heart Health Month. One of the ways to maintain a healthy heart is by managing your stress. We understand that life gets stressful with family, work, traffic, retirement, etc. You might even feel anxious about future events or concerns. We want to let you know that end-of-life decisions do not have to be one more of your worries. You can be ready for that chapter of your life by creating your end-of-life care plan and finally cross this off your to-do list. We hope you enjoy our end-of-life color-by-numbers activity as you think about your end-of-life wishes. Number of Advance Directives templates available for you at no cost from PCOA. Answer: ____ = How many types of Advance Directives are available in Arizona? Answer: ____ = Ending Life Well: Conversations & Connections Planning with Heart By Alex Trevino , Caregiving and End of Life Specialist

The Advance Directive packet named "Five Wishes" consists of how many sections? Answer: ____ = Number of letters in the word "Legacy”. Answer: ____ = The Advance directives template called "Thoughtful Conversations" Lists multiple medical procedures that a person may choose to refuse. How many medical procedures are listed? Answer: ____ = Find the missing number: It is recommended that everyone age 1? and older—regardless of age or health status—complete their End-of-Life Care Plan. Answer: ____ =

Number of witness or notary signatures needed for Advance Directives in Arizona. Answer: ____ = How many people can you name as your Power of Attorney under the "Life Care Planning" packet? Answer: ____ =

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