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New Years resolutions start off the year for a lot of us, including joining a gym, incorporating healthier eating habits, saving more money and the list goes on. 1. Stay active. This does not mean you have to join a gym on January 1st. This means - get up out of the chair and get active! Take walks, join a class which allows you to participate even if you have physical limitations, chair yoga, bicycling and even dancing. If you require more assistance, consider having a caregiver join you and simply be there to provide assistance, if needed. It is important to speak to your medical provider before starting any new activity to ensure you are in the proper condition for the activity you have chosen. 2. Follow a healthy diet. Reduce sugar and sodium intake as these can cause inflammation and swelling. Increase fruits / vegetables and foods high in fiber. Talk to a nutritionist and review a meal plan that is good for you. 3. Identify your stressors. Learn to keep your stress under control. Find out what helps you de-stress - reading a book,

gardening, or volunteering. Talk to your family and include them when you are trying to find a stress-relieving hobby. 4. Identify bad habits and seek resolutions for them. If you are a person who smokes, it is important to understand that smoking is the leading cause of PREVENTABLE death, per the National Institute on Aging. Quitting even later in life can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer over time. 5. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and reduce or eliminate sugary drinks as they can impact your glucose levels and weight gain. Take good care of your heart! Talk to your family, friends, and medical team to find out what support you might need to make changes and improve your heart! If you need more assistance in your home or are unclear if it is time to ask for help you can always contact PimaCare at Home for a free in-home assessment. (520) 305-3445


PimaCare at Home provides caregivers with training in our Raskob-Paulus Caregiver Skills Lab . Many times, people receive training in settings that do not resemble the actual work environment. Our skills lab is designed as a realistic home setting, providing a hands-on learning opportunity representative of what people may experience in their own homes. It is equipped with durable medical equipment (DME) and adaptive devices that can help people restore their independence, live with dignity, and remain safely in the comfort of their home. Using this skills lab and classroom, we provide caregivers with the highest quality of hands-on skills training combined with extensive caregiving knowledge, establishing a strong foundation for success for both the caregiver, their loved ones, and/or their future clients.

First Aid CPR Training

Gain the knowledge and confidence to save a life! Training can help save the life of someone from your family, job, or community! Location: 600 S. Country Club Rd. Tucson, AZ Register through Eventbrite to see available dates and locations. Don’t wait! Sign up now! (520) 305-3445

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