HOT|COOL NO. 1/2017 - "System Integration"


De-gassed biomass – a natural fertilizer When the biomass - including citrus peels - is de-gassed, the liquid fraction is delivered back to the farmers where it is used as a natural fertilizer on fields. The degassed biomass replaces “normal” chemical fertilizers here. Summary In summary - from the start in South America – the resources in the citrus fruits are used for 1) citrus juice, 2) citrus oil, 3) pectin, 4) surplus heat from the pectin production, - energy from the peels in the form of 5) district heating and 6) electricity, and finally 7) fertilizer value from the degassed biomass.

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All considered - a 7-times Kinder Egg – that is a fairy tale of 100% efficient use of resources. VEKS’ annual heat demand is around 9,000 TJ, but although the utilization of excess heat from the extraction process at CP Kelco contributes with only 150 TJ/year and utilization of excess heat from the gas engine contributes with only 100 TJ/year, both projects are very important for VEKS. Both projects show that a well-functioning DH system is a precondition for an efficient use of low-grade energy resources. Without DH, the resources would be lost for the society.

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