HOT|COOL NO. 1/2017 - "System Integration"


Geo Subsurface Energy Engineering

Schneider Electric Quality software for profitable operation of industriel plants and utilities

Kamstrup Supplier of energy meters & automatic meter reading systems for heat, cooling, water and gas

Gottlieb Paludan Architects

SPX Flow Technology Supplier of plate heat exchangers, hybrid heat exchangers and solutions for district energy

Logstor Preinsulated transmission and distribution pipes

Grundfos Pumps, controls and related equipment

SSM Denmark Supplier of steel stacks and exhaust solutions

MOE Consulting engineers and planners

HentechSolution ApS Mechanical seals

TVIS Heat transmission company of Denmark’s ”triangle area”

Niras Consulting engineers and planners

HOFOR Copenhagen Energy

Unotransport Transportation

Næstved Varmeværk Municipal district heating supply. Waste 80%, gas 20%. Heat sales: 200,000 MwH. 5000 customers

Hydro-X Denmark’s international water treatment specialist within the utility sector

VEKS West Copenhagen Heating Transmission Company

OE3i Developing optimizing solutions for district heating, district cooling and CHPs

Vestforbrænding Power and heat supply based on waste incineration

Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme Cooperative distributing DHC to citizens and companies in Hoeje-Taastrup municipality

PlanEnergi Consulting engineers and planners

IFU Investment fund for developing countries

Viborg Fjernvarme Municipal district heating supply

Rambøll Consulting engineers and planners

Intego Energy technology solutions

Wicotec Kirkebjerg Engineering and construction contractor

Ross Engineering Geothermal solutions for district heating

isoplus Denmark Preinsulated piping systems for district heating and cooling

Salling Plast Manufacturer of district heating fittings, reductions, bends and t-pieces

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