STES Newsletter Spring 2017 - 5-30-17


Is It Time To Upgrade Your Building Automation System?


Today’s facility manager must use systems that securely automate and centralize his/her facility’s critical energy assets while working with ever shrinking operating budgets.

Upgrade Your BAS

One way facility executives can respond to budget restraints is finding new ways to increase operating efficiency while reducing energy consumption. Building Automation Systems (BAS) achieve both goals when properly applied. If a building automation system begins to perform poorly or becomes outdated, it is time to think about upgrading the system, or even replacing it entirely. Here are four reasons you should upgrade or replace your building automation system, according to and Engineered Systems Magazine:

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1. New technologies: The advantage of new system technologies is one of the most compelling reasons to replace the current system. Advances in technology in recent years have improved system performance and make the newer systems easier to use. 2. Support: It’s time to replace the system if support is no longer available. Each system has a limited service life. Upgrading the system can extend the service life some, but upgrading to an entirely new system gives you a new service plan and it usually comes with better manufacturer support. 3. Performance: Even if systems are serviceable, they may begin to perform poorly or become less reliable. Performance may be improved through an upgrade, but sometimes a full replacement is the only viable solution. 4. Facility Needs: Over time the facility needs change. Upgrading an existing system may allow you to add system features that are more in line with what your facility needs. A complete system replacement will likely give the facility all the features it requires from a building automation system.

Regardless of which existing controls system you have, Seiberlich Trane Energy Services can provide a

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