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The energy plants we supply are from 1 to 25 MWper boiler line, of course they can also be connected in parallel. One of our areas with high focus in our work are the installations for the generation of waste energy. We have developed four standardized plant sizes - 4, 7, 10 and 15 MW thermal output. These boiler installations can burn all types of waste - from industrial plants, from urban landfills, and RDF residues from recycling facilities. By burning in our installations, all these types of wastes can lead to the combined production of significant amounts of electricity, steam or hot water. For a long time Verdo have been focused on Scandinavian markets. The experience we have, however, allows us to see a good future for this kind of installations in the Central European and the Balkan region. All our boiler installations, including those burning waste, comply with EU directives, regulations and requirements. This enables us to deliver and install them successfully throughout Europe. In Denmark, Verdo play a pivotal role as utility, a multi-utility you might say – spanning telecommunication, electricity, water and heating.

Each day Verdo focus our passion on becoming the greenest and most efficient energy group. We are privately owned – by ourselves – and pay no dividend. All our efforts go to our vision of creating an abundant supply of green sustainable energy through innovative solutions. Internationally, our strategic focus is a consolidation in the sector to create a leading one-stop partner on renewable energy technology from idea through installation, operation and maintenance of energy plants. Furthermore, we are a leading trader and supplier of biomass to the largest utilities and their combined heat and power (CHP) plants when converted from coal. Verdo deliver ideas, technology, installation, service and operation to energy plants connected to district heating networks and to customers within the private industry. We are a turnkey supplier of energy plants. You can expect professional advice, quality and high operational reliability, whichever plant you choose:

Verdo has around 500 employees and an annual turnover of around EUR 349 mill.

• Biomass-fired energy plants • Waste-to-energy plants • Energy system integration with, example, flue gas condensing and heat pumps

We are dedicated specialists with deep industry insight and ensure effective and profitable solutions for the industrial market and utility companies.

“Verdo Energy focus on optimizing and streamlining energy solutions. Our energy specialists support with everything from consultancy and project planning to development, fuel purchases and the operation and servicing of energy plants. Our aim is to give our customers a complete understanding of their energy needs and the solutions that create real value,” Bo Johansen, Sales Director Verdo Energy explains.

Contact person: Bo Johansen, Sales Director, +45 30 73 18 34,

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