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PROFITABLE AND CLIMATE-FRIENDLY Calculations performed by consultants Ramboll demonstrated that the exchanger solution was the most profitable, effective and climate-friendly approach to securing a reliable supply of heat in the area. At the same time, it provides a significant increase in capacity at low cost to Vestforbraending and in turn to the local community. The project is proving highly profitable for Vestforbraending, generating an internal rate of return in excess of 20%, significantly higher than the external loan interest rate of approximately 4%.

The cooperation between the two local energy providers demonstrates the ingenuity by which heat production can be made more efficient and climate-friendly while expanding the area of supply. Cost-effectiveness, high efficiency and a small footprint in terms of environmental impact have all been vital elements in the decision-making at Vestforbraending.

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The exchanger solution has also made it possible to phase out the use of gas to generate electricity and district heating at Lyngby CHP Plant. In future, heat production in the area will be entirely from waste incineration, thereby delivering more environmental benefit.

Pre-insulated pipes for DISTRICT ENERGY SOLUTIONS

We offer the largest range of pre-insulated products in the industry. This includes a full range of Steel (Conti & Standard), PEX, AluPex and other specialist carrier pipe products. Our steel products are available in 6m, 12m and 16m as standard to suit our customers’ needs. To compliment this, we also offer a full range of couplings, pre-fabricated branches, bends, valves, and other com- ponents. All our steel products incorporate an alarm monitoring system for ease of connection and use. For our products and service, excellent quality goes without saying. We offer a fully integrated installation of the network carried out by highly trained professional fitters etc., all of which are certified at our training centre. isoplus is also your partner during the entire project process. We offer a wide array of technical services, which provide peace of mind from the planning stage through completion to the maintenance stage. Contact us , and find out more about the opportunities and benefits of working with isoplus.

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