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was produced from coal for a short period – and natural gas boilers were installed. By the end of the 1980’s, Albertslund, together with 10 other municipalities, created the district heating transmission company VEKS, from which the company buys all the heat. With VEKS and CTR (another transmission company), the renowned combined heat and power system of Greater Copenhagen was created. Today more than 90 % of the heat demand in Albertslund is covered by district heating. NEW SERVICES In recent years, it has been possible for end-users to rent a new heating unit from the company. The service is called “TAO”, a Danish abbreviation of “taking over the heating unit” and is highly appreciated by the customers. With TAO, we secure a cheap solution for them, and a continuous quality assessment of the work carried out in the homes is secured. The new service opens up for further dialogue with the end-users about energy savings and service improvements. A tendency over the last years is that the core business has gone from delivering kWh’s to providing our end-users with a good service – and heating. For more than 10 years, Albertslund Forsyning has had energy consultants focusing on energy savings at the end-users. A free and unbiased consulting is appreciated by non-professionals when they want to improve their buildings. And the same goes for the “TAO-service”: Let the professionals take care of my heating unit. From delivery of heat to energy as a service. That’s the trend. District heating part of the green transition Thus, the trend is more “energy as a service”. The DH supply is a non-profit business in Denmark; however, we need to constantly develop ourselves and our services in order to prove our right of existence. A key point is lowering the temperatures and securing the integration with the electricity net. The district heating sector in Denmark is now under competition with individual heating solutions as heat pumps, and we need to constantly focus on telling the many good stories there are to be told. And one significant story is that district heating is an important part of an intelligent, flexible and green energy system ready to meet the future.

January 2026 is the date where all district heating end-users in the Danish town Albertslund must be ready for a flow temperature of 60 degrees C (4G DH). The Strategy for the Development of the District Heating Supply in Albertslund was agreed upon in 2016, and all end-users were informed twice about the goal shortly after: By 2026, we will lower the temperature. Be ready! Albertslund District Heating Company (Albertslund Forsyning) is run as part of the Municipality of Albertslund. The city council is the board, and the mayor is the chairman. The company began operating in 1964, and the heat was produced from waste incineration and oil boilers. In the early 1980’s, the heat

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