Embracing Responsible AI

Conduct a thorough maturity assessment to evaluate clients' RAI adoption, score their status, and identify areas for improvement. 3. MATURITY ASSESSMENT: 4. RAI TRAINING AND WORKSHOPS: Creating RAI training modules and conducting workshops to promote awareness and evangelize RAI principles among stakeholders. Developing code modules specifically designed to address fairness, explainability, privacy, and drifts, supporting the implementation of RAI. 5. CODE MODULES: Demonstrating thought leadership in RAI through participation in conferences, workshops, and podcasts, sharing insights, and promoting best practices. 6. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Building a repository of RAI-compliant use cases and certifying all projects to ensure adherence to RAI standards. 7. RAI-COMPLIANT USE CASES: 8. INTEGRATION WITH ORGANIZATIONAL DATA SCIENCE PRACTICES: Integrating RAI into larger organizational data science practices and workflows, ensuring RAI becomes an integral part of the overall framework. As the power and pitfalls of artificial intelligence emerge increasingly into the spotlight, the demand for Responsible AI (RAI) solutions is on the rise. Fractal's innovative Responsible AI 2.0 framework takes a forward-thinking approach by incorporating General Artificial Intelligence (GAI) to deliver meaningful benefits in risk management, underwriting, customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, the bottom line—Trust Fractal to provide game-changing RAI solutions that enable your business to thrive in the era of AI.


Sray Agarwal

Ashna Taneja Consultant, Fractal Dimension

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