HOT|COOL NO.2/2021 - "Economics, Finance & Money"

With 4GDH comes more focus on data. In 2020 we changed every +7.000 DH meters to smart meters. We built a Wireless M-Bus system in Albertslund. It makes billing easier, and it gives an in-depth knowledge of the energy performance in all buildings. Smart meters and “No money up front" Smart meters are considered a stepstone for lowering temperatures. Another important stepstone towards 4GDH was the "No money up front": An opportunity for end-users to rent a new DH unit from the utility. To be a part of it we require well-functioning radiators and valves inside the houses. We make sure the new DH unit is installed correctly and take over the maintenance of the units. The customer don’t have to pay anything up front - but only pays a monthly rent and service fee. We improve efficiency, and we get better connections with the end-users.

People should not freeze, so let's make sure they don't! In Denmark, we dimension heat systems for an outdoor temperature at minus 12 °C. But how often is it minus 12 °C? Not often!

And if it becomes minus 12 °C, we can increase the temperature for the few hours needed. LTDH 360 days a year is a vast improvement to HTDH 365 days a year.

What if everyone is not ready for lower temperatures in 2026? We believe we can find individual solutions for them. It could be an electric boiler at a historic building or some retired peoples home with no wish or money for energy refurbishment projects. If we raise the temperature for one and lower the temperature for 500, it makes sense. It's not all LTDH or no LTDH. Albertslund 4GDH is closely connected with the renewal of the town. Houses are refurbished, and the existing 3GDH are too. We believe the additional investment for the next step to 4GDH is profitable indeed. And research agrees with us. With more data, we will prove it!

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