HOT|COOL NO.2/2021 - "Economics, Finance & Money"

Mixture of communication tools are used to share and disseminate R&D results.

Dissemination of our results To enable upscaling and acceleration of the collective heat transition, new knowledge is developed in this WarmingUP value chain, and is directly applicable in the day-to-day practice. Companies and governmental institutions deliver experiences from practical cases that are used to gain technical, financial, and social information. This information is enriched and processed to new scalable results and standards that can easily be applied to other locations. Cooperation in projects, thus, is a very effective way of sharing knowledge and experiences even in an ‘online world’. Reports and new knowledge are disseminated by the website, through webinars, interviews and by videos. There are several network organizations involved inWarmingUP to contribute to knowledge dissemination to specific target groups, also outside the WarmingUP community. They support in organizing webinars and help with the transfer of the reports to practical manuals and visuals. Two large events with various workshops have been organized to stimulate interaction between participants and partners and to use each other’s expertise for specific topics and R&D questions. So, a mixture of communication tools and activities are used to disseminate results and share latest insights as shown in the infographic. Last but not least, an ‘explanimation’ video has been made to explain the value of smart design and ditto operations of DH systems integrated with renewable heat sources and heat storage, see

What’s next At present,most of the activities aswell as the communication is in Dutch. As various European relationships of the WarmingUP community show interest in the results of our innovation plan, or even want to become a partner, more reports or at least the summary of these will become available in English in future. Another development will be the application of combinations of R&D results in demonstration projects, starting in less than two years from now. Information of more than 50 potential locations have been gathered. A selection process has started to end with at least four locations later this year: two based on low-medium temperature networks, and two with medium- high temperature networks. Preparatory activities for these demonstration projects are scheduled for 2022. Finally, this should show that DH systems can run on sustainable heat sources, and still are reliable and affordable for users, technically feasible and economically viable for investors and contractors. Our system approach should also show that future DH can be designed and operated cost-efficient and coherently.

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