HOT|COOL NO. 2/2020 - "Decarbonizing"

Seawater replaces coal In September 2023, the work begins in the port of Esbjerg. Construction of a large seawater heat pump station. A biomass heat plant will follow, replacing the coal-fired CHP for DH. - We don't want to build one large unit depending on for the next 30 years. We only have a short deadline, and after September 2023, there is just no more heat coming from the CHP plant, says Claus A. Nielsen, and continues. - The opportunities we had, time and legislation considered, we decided to build a biomass heat plant and a seawater heat pump with 50 MW DH capacity. Amile of pipe is supplying water Even though the seawater heat pump (HP) location is in the port, it needs to get the water about a mile away.

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- During the design phase, we became aware of the importance of placing intakes and outlets far from each other - avoiding cold water outlets mixing with hot water intakes. Pumps run 4,000 liters per second! By placing far apart, we avoid the water in the port to freeze in winter, when the temperature fall and the pump run at full power. TheHP systemis electrically poweredand produces DH by cooling the seawater at a maximum of 4 o C locally at the outlet. It is planned to operate from September to May, provided the right electricity price and temperature conditions for running the HP at the lowest possible production costs. In the case of shut down at the local waste incinerator, the heat pump can supply all the heat for DH from June to August. The future must be green Although DIN can meet the demands of today with their new construction, they do not stop finding green alternatives for DH. - We want to bring the modular idea to life. After all, waste incineration may not cover 50% of DH needs in the future. So, we talk to local businesses and the local wastewater treatment plant about using their surplus heat. Likewise, if any new data centers show up in our district. All of us try to act according to sustainability, but circumstances can force us to act otherwise to replace a large supplier in a short time. The modular idea is good for the environment, and also for the security of supply concludes Claus A. Nielsen. In total, DIN expects to invest more than DKK 1 billion (130 million €) in the green transition within the next 5 years.

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Water treatment is asset management

Protect your district heating assets Successful asset management begins with correct water treatment. It is an essential component in minimizing corrosion, deposit formation and maintenance expenses. With more than 80 years of experience EUROWATER can design a complete solution that protects and prolongs the life cycles of your key assets, such as pipes, boiler and heat exchangers. Download recommendations Begin your asset management with correct water treatment. We have collected all you need to know to get started – download your copy today.

The Danish District Heating Association’s official water treatment recommendations

Introduction to water treatment for district heating and power plants (download PDF).

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