HOT|COOL NO. 2/2020 - "Decarbonizing"

Illustration: BIG

Carbon Capture at a waste incineration plant in Copenhagen

ARC is currently actively working on constructing a carbon capture plant within the next five years, cleansing the smoke from at least 160,000 tons of CO 2 .

Amager Resource Center (ARC), the owner of CopenHill (the cover image), burns the non-recyclable waste to produce electricity and heat for the capital region. The smoke is cleansed from more than 99% of the harmful particles, so the smoke is mostly water vapor - and a lot of CO 2 . The ARC emits 480,000 tons of CO 2 annually, of which 160,000 tons are so-called fossil CO 2 , resulting from the burning of plastic. In collaboration with the five owner-municipalities, ARC has investigated the possibilities to capture CO 2 and recycling it. The conclusion is that it is possible - both technologically and economically. The energy to operate the carbon capture plant comes from CopenHill's production, and the CO 2 can be sold - e.g., to the upcoming eFuel giant plant in Copenhagen (see above).

The final decision to build a carbon capture plant is up to the politicians in the ARC's owner municipalities.

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Source material: Ørsted Ingeniøren Ingeniøren Siemens Audi

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