HOT|COOL NO. 4/2020 - "Large and Growing Markets"

By: Alfred Heller, Civil Engineer, PhD, Chief Consulting Engineer, NIRAS A/S, Denmark

Cooperation between mostly Danish partners, aiming at the next generation digitally supported district heating, is described in Hot Cool 2020 no.1.

Here are some of the commercial cloud features the HEATman project will offer to district heating utilities and building owners in the future: - Data to be collected to an easily accessible central cloud platform. - Data owners can delegate third-party data access comfortably - from one central platform. - Cloud platformwith inbuilt data standardization of different types of consumption data, inlet/outlet temperature, weather data etc., which are easily collected through API. - Display and access data through the user-friendly Microsoft PowerBI visualization tool and API for automation. - Building owner can grant access to a district heating company to take control of a building, for demand side flexibility. - New data ingestion sources which will enable other HEATman partners to get hold of more data in order to deliver better analytics, insights and visualizations. - Danfoss heat controller (ECL) integration will allow 3rd parties (Building/Data Owner) to delegate access to data and control. Security and GDPR Cybersecurity and compliance with privacy regulations are pivotal for all platforms like HEATman. According to security by design principles, all the user data processed is stored separately from consumption data and device data. Storing the data anonymized strengthens security measures, making it possible only for authorized personnel to match user information such as names, emails, and usernames with their exact consumption information. End-to-end encryption starting from users, leading to the data collection devices. Credentials, security, and encryption keys are unique and single-use, and every device has a security protocol.

This article looks at new components in the cloud, performing a useful DH tool in the HEATman concept.

A research platform called "Science Cloud for CITIES" is applied - but not in the commercial version. All are open source, giving considerable freedom to design. HEATman plans to develop a commercial counterpart for the Science Cloud. This article shows the first insights into the "Commercial Cloud," one of the centerpieces of HEATman. The solution is developed by the Danish company NorthQ based on existing infrastructure monitoring and supporting buildings - primarily giving value to building-fleet owners. Commercial cloud solution As a central partner in the HEATman project, NorthQ handles the cloud platform and enables partners to exchange data, insights, and control options. The example image below describes the communication complexity of the commercial cloud concept. Scalability and security are pivotal. All considered apps and algorithms are secure, scalable, and easy to integrate - making district heating better, more cost-effective, and more efficient for users and utilities.

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