HOT|COOL NO. 4/2020 - "Large and Growing Markets"

District heating and cooling (DHC) benefits energy security, the economy, and the environment. It is one of the most effective means to implement renewable energy and benefit from heat and power coupling. But as you can read in this issue of Hot Cool, theDHCpotential remainsmostly unexploited globally. There are opportunities in many countries to deploy new DHC infrastructure, improve the energy efficiency of aging ones, and integrate higher shares of renewables into existing networks. But it doesn't happen — a reason is sometimes lack of experience, knowledge, or practical skills to implement these large-scale energy transformations. Here, DBDH comes in handy. DBDH publishes Hot Cool, but the main business is helping cities or regions in their green transition. We help to find specific answers for a sustainable district heating solution or integrate green technology into an existing district heating system. Any city, or utility in the world, can call DBDH and find help for a green district heating solution suitable for their city. A similar system is often in operation in Denmark, being the most advanced district heating country in the world. DBDH then organizes visits to Danish reference utilities or expert delegations from Denmark to the city. For real or virtually in digital seminars or in digital meetings.

DBDH is a non-profit organization - so guidance by DBDH is free of charge. Just call us.

We'll love to help you district energize your city!

Lars Hummelmose Managing Director, DBDH +45 2990 0080

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