HOT|COOL NO. 4/2018 - "Emerging District Heating Markets"


VALVE TECHNOLOGY IN FRENCH DISTRICT HEATING In the French district energy market, a core characteristic is a higher flow temperature than registered on other European markets and a demand for full bore valves with less pressure loss. Especially in a young market facing a rapid growth, the quality of the components is important in order to avoid accumulating quality issues – further stressed by the fact that no technology trends have yet become mainstream and no major standard demand specification has been settled. We have recorded a large demand for safety and security aspects, and also on the French market the most recent standards for underground valves are in request - like EN488:2015 and EHP003.

Installation of BROEN Ballomax® Trunnion ball valves in a hot underground water loop on the Paris IDF heat network, EN488:2015 EHP003.

Valve chamber around BROEN Ballomax® Trunnion ball valves for underground installation.

BROEN has for years kept an eye on the French market and seen a very high potential, but also a more modest development up until recent years. We now spur the first footprints of the expected solid and steep growth ahead. Some years ago, the French district energy market experienced declining development with a weak competition and small interest from European suppliers, but this now changes and the political initiatives from 2015 now seem to kick in. The major cities now all start investing in district heating and cooling, but especially in the Northern and Eastern regions of France, we see another kind of potential for synergies with networks that might, at a later point, get regionally connected. In general, the interest in district energy is quite substantial in France and the Danish heritage - with decades of accumulated experience from a Scandinavian climate - has given breed to quality products, which are in demand in France standing at the threshold of a steep growth in district energy. We believe our accumulated knowledge and presence in large district energy projects around the world will be a great advantage.

Flexible solution of operation of 3 underground BROEN Ballomax® Trunnion ball valves in a tight space.

THE POTENTIAL OF DISTRICT HEATING IN FRANCE Apart from the already mentioned political changes implemented already in 2015, a growing demand in France is gaining further momentum by the fact, that the country also needs to comply with environmental targets for CO2 emissions and meet already stated CO2 levels in 2020 and 2030. On a wider scope, the European Union in 2016 highlighted district heating as the backbone of the energy transition in general and also for this reason we see a tremendous potential in France in the immediate future - we are ready to meet this demand already now.

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