HOT|COOL NO. 4/2018 - "Emerging District Heating Markets"


The complete system of district heating has been executed and funded in three blocks: the thermal power plant itself; the heat network of the primary circuit; and the hydraulic installations of the buildings. The production system of the thermal energy needs its own building. The cost of the building and the system itself is about 3 million euros (3,000,000). Nearly 50 % of this amount has been contributed by the San Sebastián Municipality. The TBA (Temporary Business Association) in charge of the operating service has contributed more than one million euros (1,000,000) while six hundred thousand euros (600,000) have been funded by the European Union within the Replicate project. With regard to the heat network, the costs have been integrated within the urban project. The costs for the hydraulic installations in each of the buildings lie with the building owners of the installations, with a lower cost for each residence than for an installation with the traditional system. The energy rehabilitation of the existing residences as well as the connection of these to the Txomin district heating system lies within the Replicate project, and in addition to the Horizon 2020 financing, it relies on funding from the Department for Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing of the Basque Government.

Thermal power plant building. The boilers and the control room of the heat network are located in a special building, financed by the city council of San Sebastián, the TBA that will operate the system and the European Union through the REPLICATE project.

In each of the buildings of the new neighbourhood, a substation for exchange and dual control (2x100 %) will be installed, which will be connected by two pipes' distribution to the individual heat units of each dwelling. The equipment has been supplied by the company Indelcasa, while the energy meters are from Kamstrup. The communication of these meters with the control system allows the monitoring of the main data of each of the consumption points from the central. FINANCING OF THE PROJECT For years, efforts have been ongoing in the Basque Country to promote this type of sustainable and ecological projects, and, in particular, heat networks. The district heating of Txomin is the result of a commitment on the part of the municipality, co- funded by the European project Replicate within the Program H2020, contract number 691735 (SCC1 Smart Cities and Communities), which is led by Fomento de San Sebastián and which also involves the cities of Florence and Bristol. The main objective of this project is to build a model of a sustainable city to promote the transition to a smart city.

Thermal power plant. Heat is produced in two 1400 kW biomass boilers. These boilers will generate 85% of the thermal energy consumed in the new neighbourhood.

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