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NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover lands safely on red planet






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March 2021 / Vol.13 / No. 3 3


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Cover: By NASA

8  NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover lands safely on red planet 12  IDEX 2021 24  AIRLINE INCIDENTS 36 WESTERN CAPE - Icy water, raging 46  Kotroni, centre of the Hellenic Naval Rotary Force 54  BELGIANAIR FORCE. Two new rescue divers for the 40th Squadron 62  The COVID Heresy IN CLOSING 66  THE WOES OF AONCE PROUDAIRLINE wind, wet winters, dry scrub-like semi- desert and haunting, isolated beaches

4 Vol.13 / No. 3 / March 2021

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The largest, most advanced rover NASA has sent to another world touched down onMars. Packed with ground breaking technology, the Mars 2020 mission launched 30 July, 2020, fromCape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. The Perseverance rover mission marks an ambitious first step in the effort to collect Mars samples and return them to Earth . About the size of a car, the 1 026-kilogram robotic geologist and astrobiologist will undergo several weeks of testing before it begins its two-year science investigation of Mars’ Jezero Crater. While the rover will investigate the rock and sediment of Jezero’s ancient lakebed and river delta to characterise the region’s geology and past climate, it will also search for signs of ancient microbial life. The Mars Sample Return campaign will allow scientists on Earth to study samples collected by Perseverance to search for definitive signs of past life using instruments too large and complex to send to the Red Planet. “Perseverance is the first step in bringing back rock and regolith fromMars. We don’t know what these pristine samples fromMars will tell us. But what they could tell us is monumental – including that life might have once existed beyond Earth,” says Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for science at NASA. Jezero Crater sits on the western edge of Isidis Planitia, a giant impact basin just north of the Martian equator. Scientists have determined that 3.5 billion years ago the crater had its own river delta and was filled with water. Equipped with seven primary science instruments, the most cameras ever sent to Mars, NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover lands safely on red planet

6 Vol.13 / No. 3 / March 2021


and its exquisitely complex sample caching system – the first of its kind sent into space – Perseverance will scour the Jezero region for fossilized remains of ancient microscopic Martian life, taking samples along the way. Paving the Way for Human Missions “Landing on Mars is always an incredibly difficult task and we are proud to continue building on our past success,” said JPLDirector Michael Watkins. “We built the rover not just to land but to find and collect the best scientific samples for return to Earth, and its incredibly complex sampling system and autonomy not only enable that mission, they set the stage for future robotic and crewed missions.” On the surface of Mars, Perseverance’s science instruments will have an opportunity to scientifically shine. Mastcam-Z is a pair of zoomable science cameras on Perseverance’s remote sensing mast, or head, that creates high-resolution, colour 3D panoramas of the Martian landscape. Also located on the mast, the SuperCam uses a pulsed laser to study the chemistry of rocks and sediment and has its own microphone to help scientists better understand the property of the rocks, including their hardness. Currently attached to the belly of Perseverance, the diminutive Ingenuity Mars Helicopter is a technology demonstration that will attempt the first powered, controlled flight on another planet. Project engineers and scientists will now put Perseverance through its paces, testing every instrument, subsystem, and subroutine over the next month or two. Only then will they deploy the helicopter to the surface for the flight test phase. If successful, Ingenuity could add an aerial dimension to exploration of the Red Planet in which such helicopters serve as a scouts or make deliveries for future astronauts away from their base. Once Ingenuity’s test flights are complete, the rover’s search for evidence of ancient microbial life will begin in earnest. “Perseverance is more than a rover, and more than this amazing collection of men and women that built it and got us here,” said John McNamee, project manager of the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission at JPL. “It is even more than the 10.9 million people who signed up to be part of our mission. This mission is about what humans can achieve when they persevere. We made it this far. Now, watch us go.” •

March 2021 / Vol.13 / No. 3 7

INDUSTRY NEWS With a changing global climate, the winters in The Netherlands have also become more moderate with hardly any freezing days and associated winter circumstances. For this reason the Dutch Helicopter Command (DHC)

has been scheduling its annual winter training for years in Norway to conduct exercises under arctic conditions. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, DHC decided to cancel this year’s arctic training edition. Surprisingly, February 2021 provided suddenly a small arctic period in The Netherlands with plenty of snow and daily frost. With

some flexibility the flight planning at DHC’s main operating and home base Gilze-Rijen was adjusted to give helicopter crews the opportunity to make use of the circumstances. Crews of CH-47D Chinooks, AS- 532-U2 Cougars and AH-46D Apaches conducted repeatedly “white-out” landings in this period. Similar to a brown-

Rare white-out training at home Text and photos by Peter ten Berg ©

8 Vol.13 / No. 3 / March 2021

out, where dust and sand blows up during landing, a white-out blocks a good view for the crew when the snow is raised by the down-wash of the helicopter. Frequent training, where the cockpit crew relies on instruments while working closely with the visual instructions of the cabin crew, helps establishing safe landings without disorientation.

Meanwhile the first 2 of 14 new ordered CH-47F’s are about to be delivered to 298 squadron in The Netherlands in a few weeks. The new “Foxtrot’s” are of the latest MYII CAAS Chinook version and will replace the older “Delta’s” in use since 1995. The six earlier Dutch “Foxtrot” types acquired in 2013, will receive an upgrade by Boeing USA, which will

bring them to the identical standard as the new ordered Chinooks. Furthermore the first three AH-46D Apaches of 301 squadron, have entered a complex revision and re- building program at Boeing Mesa, Arizona. All 28 DHC Apaches will run this intensive program which will give the attack helicopters an extended operational life until 2050. •

March 2021 / Vol.13 / No. 3 9


such as helicopters.

Russia is developing the world's first ATGM capable of shooting down UAVs

"KBP has started developing new ATGMs. The new design is no longer solely a highly specialised anti-tank weapon, but a multipurpose defensive and assault weapon capable of effectively hitting both traditional targets such as tanks or armored vehicles, but also a whole range of previously unattainable targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles," said Ozdoev, without specifying the name of the new weapon system. The new missile will combine both thermal and optical seeker technology, completely unique for any other ATGM designs. "New homing technology with TV-thermal imaging is being created for the new system. The new missile will operate on fire-and-forget principle," added Ozdoev. High Precision Weapons holding has also made a parallel announcement that KBP is working to improve the technology of manufacturing warheads for ATGM missiles. In particular, the new missiles will have come with new and improved compositions of explosives.•

KBP Instrument Design Bureau (part of the High PrecisionWeapons holding company of Rostec) has started developing the world's first multi-purpose anti- tank guided missile system (ATGM), which can effectively shoot down drones, announced Industrial Director of the Rostec State Corporation, Bekkhan Ozdoev.

There are currently no other anti-tank systems in service anywhere in the world that would be capable of reliably engaging unmanned aerial vehicles, because of their small size,

manoeuvrability and low contrast for targeting in the thermal spectrum. can shoot down large and low-speed aerial targets with sufficient heat radiation, Certain brands of ATGMs


Denel has appointed WilliamHlakoane as the acting Group Chief Executive Officer effective 22 February 2021. This is subsequent to Talib Sadik’s contract coming to an end.

Hlakoane, a Mechanical Engineer by trade with an MBA from Milpark Business School, is the current Group Chief Operating Officer. His appointment allows for a seamless transition into the role. He has a wealth of experience

Above: WilliamHlakoane.

10 Vol.13 / No. 3 / March 2021

cockpit and a Shakti engine. The contract involves integration of 19 major systems with the existing ALH MK III that includes IFF MKXII & ATC Xpdr with ADS-B Out, V/UHF Communication System, Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance (TCAS-I), SAR Homer system, Automatic Deployable Emergency Locator Transmitter

(ADELT), Loud Hailer, Radio altimeter, Rescue Basket, Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU), IADS System, AFCS, Digital Video Recording System (SSDVR), Automatic Identification System (AIS), High Intensity Search Light (HISL), Pressure Refueling System, Control grips, EO POD Rev III,

During early February HAL handed over three Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH Mk III) to the Indian Navy and two ALHs to Indian Coast Guard as part of its 16 ALHs contract at the ongoing Aero India 2021. The helicopters were handed over by Mr R Madhavan, CMD, HAL to Admiral Karambir Singh, Chief of Naval Staff and Mr K Natarajan, DG, Coast Guard in the presence of Defence Minister, Mr Rajnath Singh. “The remaining helicopters from the contract are under various stages of production and flight tests, and we plan to deliver all the helicopters within the contract delivery schedules despite production slowdown due to COVID restrictions” said, Mr Madhavan. ALH has clogged close to 3 00 000 cumulative flight hours and has proven its mettle in versatile operations. The ALH Mk III is fitted with state-of-the-art glass in the manufacturing sector, backed by a solid career track record that adds value to Denel. He is an experienced executive in operations management with in- depth technical abilities, project management and business development. The Chairman of the Board, Ms Monhla Hlahla, wishes to thank the outgoing

Surveillance Radar System and 12.7 mm Gun system. • HAL Hands Over ALHs to the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard

Talib Sadik for the enormous value he has added over the years and more specifically during his acting period. She further wishes to assure employees, suppliers, customers and all stakeholders that while the board is dealing with the difficult financial challenges facing Denel – the focus remains on the business turnaround towards sustainable

growth and profitability. The board welcomes Mr Hlakoane as the interim Group CEO and looks forward to working with him on a successful transformation of Denel. The recruitment process of the permanent Group CEO is underway and the appointment will be communicated to all stakeholders in due course.•

March 2021 / Vol.13 / No. 3 11

IDEX 2021

The Kalashnikov group presents its newest unmanned complex ZALA VTOL by ZALA AERO at IDEX 2021

12 Vol.13 / No. 3 / March 2021 number of equipment used when performing a flight mission, and fully automate the flight processes of the UAV. The computing power of the ZX1 on-board computer is The unique complex combines the best qualities of fixed-wing and multirotor types of UAVs and can change the configuration depending on the conditions of the performed task. The ease of operation of this unmanned complex allows to reduce the role of the human factor, decrease the The new hybrid unmanned complex ZALA VTOL is unveiled at the IDEX 2021 International Defense Industry Exhibition and Conference, which opened on February 21st in Abu Dhabi.

based on artificial intelligence which makes it possible to process data in Full HD and transmit HD video and photos via encrypted communication channels to the GCS, ensuring the effectiveness of monitoring even before the aircraft lands. The versatility of the ZALA VTOL design makes it fully compatible with all existing ZALApayloads, and also allows

the installation of additional surveying equipment. The complex is an effective solution for performing air monitoring for the fuel and energy complex, search and rescue operations to ensure safe take-off/landing from unprepared sites in urban environments, as well as hard-to-haul routes.

ROE.RU/ENG/ more info at

Rosoboronexport is the sole state company in Russia authorized to export the full range of defense and dual-use products, technologies and services. Rosoboronexport accounts for over 85% of Russia's annual arms sales and maintains military-technical cooperation with over 100 countries worldwide.

27 Stromynka str., 107076, Moscow, Russian Federation Phone: +7 (495) 534 61 83 Fax: +7 (495) 534 61 53


IDEX 2021


IDEX 2021, the international defence exhibition and conference, was held in Abu Dhabi from 21 to 25 February. The latest technology across land, sea and air sectors of defence was on view and the show provides a platform to establish and strengthen relationships with government departments, businesses and armed forces throughout the region.

Emirati defence conglomerate Edge Group unveiled four multirotor loitering munitions, sometimes called kamikaze drones, during the first day of the exhibition. Known as QX there are four different aircraft with the first one, the QX-1 micro- UAV, is a quadcopter capable of carrying a payload of 0.5 kilograms and with a platform weighing three kilograms. The QX-2 mini-UAV is much bigger using a larger platform that can carry a 1.5-kilogram payload. The unveiling was done by Mohamed Abdullah Al Nuaimi,

senior business development manager with the manufacturer. “The QX-3 small UAV can carry basically up to four guided munitions of total weight of 5 kilograms; and the QX-4, which is a fixed-wing, vertical-takeoff- and-landing UAV with a 5-kilogram payload, can fly for 90 minutes,” he said. The locally made precision- guided systems were produced by Edge subsidiary Adasi, and they use artificial intelligence software for targeting and strike missions, according to a news release. The drones are

Rosoboronexport and Ruselectronics to jointly promote Russian ele ctronics to the global market

which are exclusively manufactured in Russia. Today, due to the development activities of Ruselectronics enterprises, we are able to offer our partners high- tech intelligent control and communication systems, electronic warfare assets and special equipment both as part of integrated systems and as final products. I am sure that the agreement will expand the line- up of our offers for the external market and make themmaximally customer-oriented,” saidAlexander Mikheev, Rosoboronexport Director General and Deputy Chairman of the Russian Engineering Union. In the course of implementing the signed programme, the parties will be able to interact in the development,

During the IDEX 2021 International Defense Exhibition held in Abu Dhabi, Rosoboronexport and Ruselectronics holding company, both subsidiaries the Rostec State Corporation, announced the signing of a joint action programme to promote communications, automated control, electronic warfare and secure information/ telecommunication systems to a global market. “Rosoboronexport, which operates as a ‘one-stop shop’, is often faced with demands from foreign customers to supply military and civilian systems

14 Vol.13 / No. 3 / March 2021

was shown to customers and official delegations. AMBER™ is a 2nd Generation constellation which will provide demodulated intelligence data from space in addition to the mere geolocation of RF emitters.The AMBER Constellation of CubeSats is a Space-Based Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA)

not intended for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, but rather to identify and destroy targets. Edge also showed off its Shadow 50 (to carry a payload of 50 kg) and Shadow 25 drones, as well as the Rash 2 gliding munition kit for mortars. It can glide in flight and direct

munitions to ground targets. Horizon Technologies Horizon attended IDEX for the first time this year and were pleased to show new and existing clients their impending AMBER™ SIGINT CubeSat launch this (European) summer. A full-scale model of the AMBER-1 CubeSat

production and promotion of Russian-made export products in the world market as effectively as possible. In addition, the programme includes a work plan to identify potentially promising military products for export. “Ruselectronics comprises more than 140 largest research organisations and industrial enterprises of the electronics industry in Russia. This enables the holding company to establish cooperative chains based on market needs and forming a complete product life cycle - development, production, supply, maintenance and customer training. We expect that Rosoboronexport’s strong foreign trade competencies and long-term experience in the field of military-technical cooperation will enable us to take a leading position in our segment of the world market and ensure the long-termworkload of our enterprises with export orders,” said Sergey Sakhnenko, Ruselectronics Director General and a member of the Russian Engineering Union. The joint action programme includes coordination of efforts in promoting military products and services,

elaborating proposals to improve their competitiveness, as well as expanding the sales geography of Russian products and increasing their exports. In addition, Rosoboronexport and Ruselectronics will jointly prepare and hold presentations, technical consultations and demonstrations of the combat and technical capabilities of military products offered to foreign customers. “In line with global trends in the arms market, Rosoboronexport and Ruselectronics intend to actively interact with foreign partners in the framework of industrial partnership. To this end, we have agreed to prepare proposals for the implementation of joint R&Dwork according to design specifications of foreign customers. Willingness and openness to technology transfer are in high demand in the market today,” saidAlexander Mikheev. The document was signed between JSC Rosoboronexport and JSC United Instrument-Making Corporation, Ruselectronics’ parent company. •

March 2021 / Vol.13 / No. 3 15


unveiled its HALCON AntiShip-250 (HAS-250) cruise missile on the first day of the IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi. The HAS-250 is a UAE- designed and developed surface-to-surface missile capable of travelling at speeds of up to 0.8 Mach thanks to its HS-350 turbo jet, with a range of over 250 km. During its terminal phase, it can fly towards its target at a sea- skimming altitude of below 5m. Engineered to provide the highest performance, the HAS-250 utilises Global Navigation Satellite and Inertial Navigation Systems (GNSS + INS) and for high accuracy targeting is equipped with an active/passive terminal seeker and radio altimeter. CEO of Halcon, Saeed Al Mansoori, explained that the focus on smart capabilities continue to deepen as world-class products are produced locally. The HAS-250 is seen as a significant advancement in the UAE’s quest to equip naval forces with the highest performing cruise missile system. “This weapon will assist in the active defence of the UAE’s water ways, and build on EDGE’s expanding reputation for being bold, agile, and disruptive,” he said. China offers A-Hawk-I to UAE Some years ago when the U.S. refused to sell armed drones to the UAE, the area turned towards the East and purchased Wing Loongs, the medium-altitude, long- endurance (MALE), unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by Chengdu Aircraft Design and Research Institute (CADI),

16 Vol.13 / No. 3 / March 2021 advanced technologies that will better equip pilots to transition to any modern aircraft. correlate these signals against the presence of AIS beacons. EDIC Horizon Abu Dhabi's EDIC Horizon, plans to upgrade its existing fleet of Bell 206 helicopters with new single- engine glass cockpits. The training academy’s decision to invest in an upgrade is driven by the rising demand from aspiring pilots to be trained on helicopters featuring advanced technology. The Bell helicopters will feature integrated advanced technology cockpits, FADEC controlled engines and other Data-as-a-Service (DaaS). The AMBER payload will be able to locate and track vessels worldwide by picking up their RF emissions using the L-Band Sat Phone detection sensor package derived from Horizon Technologies’ existing FlyingFish™ system, combined with X and S-Band sensors and an AIS receiver to detect, geolocate, and

The new system provides unparalleled crew situational awareness and dramatically reduces pilot workload, which results in enhanced safety and mission capabilities. The average age of the Bell 206s under replacement is 35 years, and they are primarily used for basic flight training, IR and Type training. Hareb Thani Al Dhaheri, CEO, EDIC Horizon, stated at the show that “By upgrading our current fleet with single- engine glass cockpits, we are ensuring that our students are prepared for the future. The upgraded fleet enables us to meet the latest technology needs of aspiring pilots, while giving us a competitive edge in the market. We are confident that this investment will go a long way in helping our pilots stay ahead of the curve.” Anti-ship cruise missile unveilded HALCON, is a regional leader in the production and supply of precision-guided weapons. The company

a division of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). Now China is hard-selling its A-Hawk-I electric multi-role unmanned aerial operational system to the United Arab Emirates. “Initial discussions regarding product introduction and customer suggestions are underway between the two countries as the system is suitable for a variety of users for the purpose of anti- terrorism, fire suppression and police enforcement with strong ability for air strike,” according to an official at China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation. The system’s platform- loading ability can be used for fire extinction, cargo transportation and special operations as well as against terrorists and other criminal offenders. The UAV has a maximum take off weight of 165 kilograms and can cruise at a speed of 60 kilometres per hour. It has an endurance capacity of 30 minutes. Makeover for Dash 8-400 Also launched at IDEX was the P-4 Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft, a special mission modification of the De Havilland DHC-8-400. Mahmoud El-Awini, Director of Programme Management, PAL Aerospace, told visitors that although, PAL Aerospace takes passenger aircraft, strips them down and turns them into special mission aircraft for surveillance, recon and intelligence gathering, this is the first time PAL have missionised this type of aircraft. This P-4 MPAwill be fully- equipped with anti-surface

March 2021 / Vol.13 / No. 3 17 company Cerbair launched the latest version of Chimera, between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and the United States – known also as the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement – and concerns a treaty of peace, and a full normalization of the diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Chimera French technology of the South African global aerospace and technology group of companies, that new offices would be opened in Tel Aviv, Israel. The office opening comes in support of the recent signing of the historic Abraham Accords for a normalisation of trade and relations between Israel and the UAE. The agreement means that customers and partners based in the Middle East and the wider European Markets, will benefit from a direct and on-site point of contact through the new Israeli branch office. The expansion came as a result of a joint peace deal that was signed in September 2020,

and anti-submarine capability, able to detect, interrogate, track and strike assets. The UAE Armed Forces currently has two Dash 8-300-based special mission aircraft, and El-Awini hopes to attract their attention with the P-4 MPA, as it is larger, faster, with a longer range and greater endurance. Modifications done include the addition of SPS Sensor, satcom, lightweight torpedo, chaff and flare dispensers, sonobuoy launcher, drop hatch, ESM sensors and mission IRS/GPS. PAL Aerospace LLC is a joint venture between Canada and the UAE, which carries out aircraft modification integration, maintenance, logistics support and training for special mission aircraft and operates intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft. Paramount expands with new Israel venture Paramount Group was present at IDEX where it was announced by ADGM, the UAE-based parent company


require precision aiming, it simply needs to scan the area, it can be carried on the left, leaving access to the right side weaponry unhindered. The swing and scan action allows the operator more time to react and, although the tracking setting is done in one simple trigger action, the operator has to change hand position and reset the safety switch in order to begin jamming the frequency. This prevents unintentional jamming. Boeing Despite the setbacks being experienced in its aviation division, Boeing expects the aerospace defence industry to grow in the Middle East. Boeing’s discussions at the exhibition focused on a wide range of important services including the T-7A Red Hawk pilot training system, KC- 46A tanker, AH-64 Apache, CH-47 Chinook, and laser weapon systems. The U.S. manufacturer did not make any major announcements at IDEX, instead highlighted its support services and sustainment of existing customers and partnerships with Middle Eastern companies. Government support and services from 2020 to 2029 is expected to be worth $1.4 trillion with the Middle East representing $195 billion of which more than 50% is for defence and security services. The French defence industry Tawazun Economic Council and Thales Emarat Technologies have announced the launch of a Radar Centre of Excellence in accordance with the UAE Strategic Vision. The mandate for the Radar Centre will include the development,

its portable drone jamming technology at IDEX 2021. Cerbair’s equipment is designed to detect and jam the frequency of rogue drones for the protection of commercial airports, military air bases and other sensitive areas. The system uses gnometric scans of the radio frequency to locate the drone and the radio unit controlling it, allowing detection and neutralisation of the threat. A statement by Philippe technology was developed in response to the growing threat of disruption, or worse, from drones. Specifically, Rouin, Vice President Marketing, said: “The

when a drone flew over the Elysee Palace, as well as the well-publicised disruption caused at Heathrow and then Madrid by drone pilots. Each unit has its own patterns of communication, specific to the make of the drone.” The Chimera is the portable version of the equipment, designed to be carried by military units. The lightweight unit weighs only 8kg, has a new body shape making it easier to carry, and combines a back pack with antenna, that contains the detection module, a chest mounted tablet and a linked ear plug, providing both audio and visual input. As the ‘gun’ does not

18 Vol.13 / No. 3 / March 2021

building, maintenance and support of Thales radars with specific focus on the development of high potential new generation radars. The Centre will also create job opportunities in United Arab Emirates in the technical field. "Thales Emarat Technologies was created to focus on critical systems such as radar, radio communications and a variety of defence aerospace technologies. Consequently, this is the first major collaboration we have put into place, and an important milestone as Thales seeks to further its contribution to the UAE in the development of its sovereign capabilities. Thales Emarat Technologies is the engine, the catalyzer of the deployment of our strategy in the UAE." he added The Naval Group drew attention to its capacity to

provide customer-centric innovation and differentiating technological responses to the most critical naval capability needs, such as information superiority, combat superiority and ability to last at sea. Eric Papin, the company’s executive vice president and chief technical and innovation officer, commented that it is essential that countries continuously implement the latest solutions to protect themselves, especially as connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and quantum technology are evolving at a very rapid rate. UAE and Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) and UAE-based Nimr teamed up to transfer armoured vehicle production and

technology to the kingdom in a move described as setting a regional precedent. The two parties signed a teaming agreement on the second day of IDEX 2021 under which the original equipment manufacturer of JAIS 4×4 MRAP vehicles will work together exclusively to produce the armoured vehicles locally in Saudi Arabia. “This is a very important step that demonstrates a precedent,” Khaled Al Zaabi, chief commercial officer at Nimr, stated. “We’ve never had such industrial military collaboration in the region so this definitely cements us as a major global player.” This agreement comes as part of Nimr’s strategic initiatives to develop the industrial capabilities in the markets, to serve two

March 2021 / Vol.13 / No. 3 19


main purposes. The Nimr Jais family of 4×4 and 6×6 vehicles is based on the former BAE Land Systems South Africa RG35 MRAP before the design and development rights of the vehicle were

a dozen was secured by local players and rest were international firms, according to an official spokesman. Local firms got a big slice of the deals worth Dh3.939 billion and international companies Dh1.091 billion. Abu Dhabi-based Calidus, a technology development and manufacturing company, won Dh1.697 billion contracts to buy 12 B-250 jets and the International Golden Group bagged Dh689 million deal to purchase ammunition. U.S. firm Insitu (Dh405 million) and France-based Thales (Dh350 million) were top gainers among international names. There were a few products launched as countries exhibited their military might to entice potential buyers, all this while the organisers and volunteers kept reminding everyone about wearing masks, maintaining safe distancing and not letting their guards down.•

with MSP’s WARBLE FLY Air Target Fire System provides a significant advantage for users to accurately detect, track and eradicate targets from a distance, even in poor visibility conditions. After launch, in the event of the need to abort, the WARBLE FLY can be safely redirected to a landing zone and recovered. Deals signed On day one deals worth Dh5 billion were signed by the UAE Armed Forces with day two seeing even higher figures. The UAE Armed Forces signed 11 deals worth Dh7.29 billion with local and international companies of which Dh6.98 billion were international and Dh310 million with UAE companies according to Staff said Staff Brigadier-General Mohammed Al Hassani, spokesperson of IDEX and NAVDEX exhibitions. Out of the 19 contracts worth Dh5.030 billion,

purchased by Nimr. AGEMA UGV with MSP unveiled

Milanion Group’s new AGEMA UGV was unveiled mounted with MSP’s next-generation Loitering Munitions System. The agreement between UAE-based Milanion Group and Polish company MSP, will bring together two autonomous unmanned systems to deliver unprecedented loitering munitions support. The fully amphibious AGEMA UGV is built to be deployed for multi-mission support and has gone through the most rigorous testing in extreme and harsh conditions. Fully integrating the AGEMA

20 Vol.13 / No. 3 / March 2021


ROE.RU/ENG/ more info at

Rosoboronexport is the sole state company in Russia authorized to export the full range of defense and dual-use products, technologies and services. Rosoboronexport accounts for over 85% of Russia's annual arms sales and maintains military-technical cooperation with over 100 countries worldwide.

27 Stromynka str.,107076, Moscow, Russian Federation Phone: +7 (495) 534 61 83 Fax: +7 (495) 534 61 53

March 2021 / Vol.13 / No. 3 21

IDEX 2021

Russia’s State-of-the-art Armament s

JSC Rosoboronexport demonstrated newly- designed products of Russia’s defence industry and some military equipment that is most in demand on the world arms market. The show is extremely important as a platform for the exchange of experience and technologies, and as an international forum, offering unique opportunities in establishing new partnership links. “The Middle East and North Africa are now among key customers in the arms market. This region accounts for about 1/3 of the total market volume. Arms with the

“Made in Russia” trademark are well known and sought- after here. They have made a very good showing in adverse climatic conditions – on sea, land and in the air. Taking all this into consideration, the region is very important for us. At year-end 2020, the MENA countries accounted for over 50% of all export supplies through Rosoboronexport. In addition to the growth of exports and product mix, we have considerably expanded the geography of our cooperation in the region. In 2021, these positive trends will be continued in accordance with the objectives set out for us by the country’s leadership,” said Director General of Rostec State Corporation Sergey Chemezov. Traditionally,

Rosoboronexport acts as the organiser of Russia’s joint display at IDEX 2021, which occupied more than 1 200 square metres of the exhibition space. The joint display represented products from Rostec State Corporation holdings, including JSC High Precision Weapons, Uralvagonzavod, Kalashnikov Group, Technodinamika, United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation, Shvabe Holding, and the largest Russia’s defence industry companies – Almaz-Antey Air and Space Defence Corporation, JSC Concern Morinformsystem- Agat, Research Production Association RusBiTech, Proekt- Technika Corporation, and the Kazan Gunpowder Plant. The display focused on the demonstration of technical



22 Vol.13 / No. 3 / March 2021

assets and solutions, aimed at responding to present-day security threats and challenges, primarily of attack weapons development, including missiles of various ranges and strike UAVs. Rosoboronexport introduced its approaches and solutions in countering terrorist groups and provision of security of vital state, infrastructure, transportation and energy installations. Rosoboronexport demonstrated newly-designed products including the new armoured personnel carrier and infantry fighting vehicle, the Boomerang unified wheeled combat platform, the Antei-4000 air defence missile systems, Viking and Tor-E2, were seen for the first time in this region. Also for the first time public presentations were held of the T-14 Armata tank and new types of firearms

produced by Russia – KORD assault rifle, Lebedev pistol and the newest Kalashnikov assault rifle, AK-19. The system designed to counter unmanned aerial vehicles which is a Rosoboronexport’s package solution, and training simulators produced in Russia was also discussed. Rosoboronexport’s display included mock-up models of aviation equipment, i.e. the Su-35 multi-role, manoeuvrable fighter and the Mi-38T transportation and assault helicopter which may considerably increase the combat capabilities of an aviation task force of any country in the Middle East or North Africa. It also incorporated air defence such as the S-400 Triumph and Tor- M2KM systems, as well as the Kupol-PRO anti-drone system, which are popular in the Middle

East market. In the area of unmanned aviation, LLC STC provided information on the Russian unmanned Orlan-10E. The naval section of the state special exporter’s display included presentations of the mock-up models of the Project 22160 patrol boat and the Karakurt-E small missile ship of Project 22800E by the Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation. The V.A.Degtyaryov Plant, demonstrated the new 7.62 and 5.45 mm calibre KORD assault rifle for the first time abroad. Also present were the LLC KBIS with its long range sniper rifles with its Lobaev Arms trade mark - DVL-10M1 Saboteur, TSVL-8 Stalingrad, DXL-3 Longstrike and DXL-4 Sevastopol. The exhibit also featured mock- up models of armoured vehicles of the Typhoon and Tornado families.•





March 2021 / Vol.13 / No. 3 23


IT’S RAINING AIRCRAFT PARTS A United Airlines Boeing 777-200 By Greg K__ca


to a Boeing 747-400 after it suffered an engine failure. It was reported that two people on the ground were slightly injured while vehicles and property were damaged by the fragments of metal. The

Boeing’s problems with its aircraft is continuing with not one but two planes losing metal parts in the space of just a couple of days. In The Netherlands a cargo plane departing Maastricht Aachen Airport lost metal parts as it took off for a flight to New York. It appears that these pieces belonged

Right: United Airlines' engine on fire

shortly after take off fromDenver.

Credit: @michaelagiulia

24 Vol.13 / No. 3 / March 2021

aircraft was diverted to Liege. The aircraft was operated by Longtail Aviation. A company statement said that the crew noted an engine problem shortly after take-off and subsequently followed the correct procedures to investigate the problem. The decision was made, with air traffic approval, to divert to Liege Airport, Belgium, where it landed safely. “Our flight crew dealt with this situation professionally and in accordance with the correct aviation standards, resulting in a safe and uneventful landing,” said Martin Amick, Accountable Manager for Longtail Aviation. “We are now in the process of working closely with the Dutch, Belgian, Bermuda and UK authorities to understand the cause of this incident.” A video taken and posted to Twitter shows the 30 year old 747 emitting smoke above

to be parts of the engine casing, was spotted strewn across a residential area in Broomfield. The 777-200 returned to Denver International Airport and landed safely with no injuries suffered by the 231 and 10 crew on board. The local police department in Broomfield, which is around 40km from the Colorado capital city, posted several photos on social media of what is believed to be debris from the plane, with the large rim of the plane's engine appearing to narrowly miss a house in the town. Although police officers have requested any injuries to be reported, as of 21 February none had been reported. The National Transportation Safety Board has been tasked with the investigation into what happened, and has asked that all debris remains in the place it was found. •

the skies of Meerssen – less than three kilometres from the Maastricht Aachen Airport runway. Pieces of metal came down from the aircraft in the Meerssen area, sending one woman to hospital with a head injury. A second person was also injured with neither being serious. It is believed that some sort of object was ingested into the engine, causing damage to the turbine blades. With one engine incapacitated the Boeing flew with three engines and landed safely at Liège. United Airlines jet loses engine The Boeing 777-200 took off from Denver International Airport en route to Honolulu, Hawaii, when it experienced a right engine failure. Debris from the aircraft including the engine rime and what seemed

Pratt & Whitney Statement on United Airlines Flight 328 Pratt &Whitney, a division of Raytheon Technologies (NYSE:RTX) issued the following statement UnitedAirlines Flight 328 is currently under NTSB investigation and Pratt &Whitney has dispatched a team to work with investigators. Pratt &Whitney is actively coordinating with operators and regulators to support the revised inspection interval of the Pratt &Whitney PW4000 engines that power Boeing 777 aircraft. Any further investigative updates regarding this event will be at the discretion of the NTSB. Pratt &Whitney will continue to work to ensure the safe operation of the fleet. regarding United Airlines flight 328 of 20 February

Boeing Statement on United Airlines Flight 328

"Boeing is actively monitoring recent events related to United Airlines Flight 328. While the NTSB investigation is ongoing, we recommended suspending operations of the 69 in-service and 59 in- storage 777s powered by Pratt &Whitney 4000-112 engines until the FAA identifies the appropriate inspection protocol. "Boeing supports the decision yesterday by the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, and the FAA’s action today to suspend operations of 777 aircraft powered by Pratt &Whitney 4000-112 engines. We are working with these regulators as they take actions while these planes are on the ground and further inspections are conducted by Pratt &Whitney. "Updates will be provided as more information becomes available."

March 2021 / Vol.13 / No. 3 25


Aviator expands market presence with SAS startups in Norway

26 Vol.13 / No. 3 / March 2021 of aviation services across 15 airports in the Nordic region, addition to the previously established SAS/Aviator partnership at Bardufoss airport. As a full-range provider Following a previously secured agreement with Scandinavian Airlines in late July 2020, Aviator Airport Alliance AB successfully launched the start-up of ground handling operations for the airline across multiple airports in Norway. Over the next five year period, commencing 1 February, 2021, Aviator will be the provider of ground handling and de-icing services for SAS at the airports in Bergen, Tromso and Kristiansand. These three new collaborations come as a valuable

the operational start-up of ground handling services provision byAviator was

the possibility of my being on-site to meet the staff and monitor operations, I followed all procedures remotely. I highly commend this impressive start withAviator, pointing out that all KPIs were met or even exceeded. Despite the current harsh winter weather conditions being experienced in Norway, it is good to report that all operations have gone particularly well. Additionally, the communication fromAviator management and staff has been both seamless and efficient. I must highlight the fact that due to the commitment of, and preparations completed by Aviator‘s team in advance, I was confident Aviator would not let us down, but, deliver a safe and punctual product that meets our expectations. We look forward to a continued and fruitful partnership in the years to come.“ Robert Andersen, Aviator

initiated simultaneously at the three airports. The extensive preparation fromAviator to position its teams and equipment to meet the demand and relative size of SAS’ operations has resulted in the profound success of the start-up. As testimony to this success, Tomas Holm, SAS Head of airport Operations East Europe, Finland, Norway, the Baltics, and Russia offered a statement: “On the 1st of February, Aviator Airport Alliance AS took over ground handling for SAS at an additional three line stations in Norway; Tromso, Bergen, and Kristiansand – these are in addition to Bardufoss where we have shared exceptional cooperation for many years. Despite restrictions limiting

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Station Manager at Bergen outlined the developments stating, “Over 3 000 man- hours have been utilised in preparation for ramp, passenger service, and de-icing operations for this start-up. The magnitude of the SAS- contract has tested every aspect of our skills and capabilities when factoring in scenarios like heavy snow, extremely cold temperatures, irregularities, late incoming traffic and missed connections. Our team’s commitment to the ground handling start-up with a high level of professional skill and execution has resulted in a smooth and fine-tuned start of SAS procedures.” Adding to the preparations, Maria Botolfsen-Knutsen, Aviator Station Manager at Kristiansand commented, “After a month of intense staff training and

preparations, we were finally up and running with SAS on the 1st of February. The very first aircraft was on the ground overnight and we had plenty of time to install Aviator's equipment, leading to our first de-icing procedure with the airline. SAS has chosen KRS as a pilot station for testing a new BRS system and KRS is the first station in Norway to implement this new system.” Detailing the procedures at TromsoAirport, Kurt Jensen, Aviator Station Manager at Tromso, stated, “The winter of 2021 came to Tromso with full force and the 1st of February successfully marked the start of our handling operations with SAS. After spending an enormous amount of time planning and training to establish a firm foundation for the start-up, our TOS station was

well prepared for the size and demand that comes with our new customer - Scandinavian Airlines. All the staff on the station and the Aviator network involved in the start-up were a vital part of the success at TOS. All flights were on schedule from the very first day, thanks to the tenacity, dedication, and efforts of the Aviator Team in the City of the Northern Lights.” Expanding on the station operations in Norway, Per Wassberg, Aviator Managing Director Norway added, “This SAS contract entailing operations at four stations in Norway is a significant milestone in our company’s history. It not only diversifies our customer portfolio, but eliminates vulnerabilities and dependencies found in a lack of customer diversification in uncertain market environments such as those induced by the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, we are delighted to handle SAS at BGO, TOS, KRS and BDU stations in which de-icing procedures are included in our list of services provided for the airline at TOS and KRS.” The agreement strengthens Aviator’s previous relations with the airline in which the provision of ground handling services in Sweden, at both Landvetter and Malmo airports, came into operation from September 1st, 2020. Because of this, the developments in Norway broadens Aviator’s presence as a leading ground handling provider in the Nordic market, and aligns with the company’s focus on expansion and introducing further services in the region. The success of the start-up highlights the company’s capabilities to cater and ensure

28 Vol.13 / No. 3 / March 2021

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