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The Truth Behind Your Favorite Home Improvement Shows

The Truth Behind Your Favorite Home Improvement Shows

Home improvement and renovation shows are as fun to watch as they are frustrating. They can be inspiring when you see design elements you want to incorporate into your own home. And they can be infuriating as you watch a design expert or homeowner make a questionable choice. But one thing’s for sure: Home renovation shows are more popular than ever, making up the bulk of HGTV’s programming. However, not everything is as it seems. Lurking behind the scenes are truths that don’t make it to broadcast. Home renovation is boring. If you’ve ever been involved in a home remodel, you know that from start to finish, the process isn’t that interesting and can take weeks or even months. Shows leave out many of the dull details, giving viewers a feeling of instant gratification. For younger would-be home remodelers, a real home reno can be an eye-opener when they realize just how much of a time investment it requires — even if it’s a single-room reno. 4

Home renovation is expensive. And speaking of the investment, even seemingly simple remodel projects can break budgets. Unlike the average homeowner, home improvement shows get to defer some of that cost. Every home renovation show is one big commercial, and they get steep discounts when they use specific products and manufacturers. Sometimes, they get materials for free. On top of that, TV shows often cut corners to minimize costs.

Home renovation is time-consuming. To cut costs and speed up renovation times, on-TV contractors often use cheap, quick-to-install materials. On camera, these materials can be dressed up to look Instagram-worthy, but in reality, they probably won’t last long in the real-world home environment. They want it to look as good as possible in the shortest amount of time, and the camera can hide a lot of the disappointment.

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