by Lee Ann Atwater IN THE SPOTLIGHT I f you know Michelle Stokes you know that this small town girl’s dreams and ambitions are as big as the ocean she grew up by. Michelle is passionate about helping others be their best, whether that is what you wear or where you live and she is always willing to share best practices to help you grow your business.

Michelle Stokes – Realtor, Blogger, Entrepreneur & Founder of the Bombshell by Michelle brand

“ Surprisingly, neither of my parents were business people.”

Spotlight on Business Magazine sits down, which is not easy, with this on the go, energetic entre- preneur and owner of Bombshell Boutique Inc, better known to her customers as Bombshell by Michelle, to learn more about the woman behind this amazing brand and where her drive comes from. SPOTLIGHT: Tell us a little about yourself, your hobbies, when you are not planning strategy, selling homes, running a business, or looking after the kids? MS: I like to say, “From an island off the Island.” I am a small-town girl who grew up in the town of Fogo which is surrounded by the ocean. Those of you who do not know where Fogo is, which I will assume will be most readers, it is an outport com- munity on Fogo Island in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. As a kid, I did most of the things kids “around the bay” would do. We played and hung out outside. Fogo is one of those communities where all the kids played on the streets and ran home when the streetlights came on. As for later in life, well I’m a shopper, walker, reader and writer. I love dinner and coffee dates. Running the kids to and from activities. Every spare moment we try to spend outside. We love vacations, but since the pandemic we’ve become

staycation-ers. Enjoying day trips, finding new restaurants and places to get ice cream along with a few nights away from the house at local Airbnbs. Now let’s learn more about Michelle Stokes the entrepreneur, and what got you interested in Real Estate? MS: Surprisingly, neither of my parents were business people. When I was in junior high my dad decided to go back to school. He was 35 years old and had been a fisherman for his entire life (since he was old enough to gut a cod fish). My father decided to pack up and move to St. John’s to work toward his captain’s ticket. I’ve never really looked at my dad as an inspiration but reflecting now and looking back, that probably had a huge impact on how I look at life and likely played a role in me wanting and taking the leap to do more and never really hesitating.





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