If you get the chance, you must stop in to visit the McGuire Chocolate Shop. It is there that you can enjoy your daily hot beverage, satisfy your choco- late cravings, and soak in the aromas of delicious freshly baked bread. Also, be sure to admire the company’s packaging. The product is made in small batches, so each bar is packaged with care by hand and cacao origin is transparent on each label. What is most admira- ble however is the artwork created for the brand. In Calgary, an artist named Jim Little created the pencil sketches that decorate the Hank series of bars. Since opening in St. Andrews, Kristofer Parley from Victoria has created watercolour imagery for the McGuire’s that depicts cacao farms, aspects of their chocolate operation and local landscapes. The McGuire’s are proud to have contracted artwork that “has a unique and relatable identity while supporting fellow artisans doing what they love for a living.” The eye-catch- ing designs stand out on shelves. Although the McGuire Chocolate Company has enjoyed success in the craft chocolate business, they have also faced challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic created a bit of a shock to sales and tourism at first, but the McGuire’s were commit - ted to “keeping grounded on our critical path, to weather the turbulence and keep a steady eye on the future.” They have used these obstacles as an opportunity to evolve. Existing investments in online and mobile infrastructure allowed for a timely transition to increased online shopping and curbside pickup options. They are also lucky to have serviced a new clientele, Maritimers who have chosen to vacation closer to home. The McGuire’s look forward to seeing what their business will become when “the world returns to normal.” McGuire shares that there are “cool things in the product pipeline” as origins from Madagascar, Vietnam and Tanzania have recently become available and there are also some unique limited release bars to follow.

“keeping grounded on our critical path, to weather the turbulence and keep a steady eye on the future.”

When trade shows start to run again, the McGuire’s will embrace the opportunity to attend chocolate related events to “absorb the vibrations of the industry.” Trade shows allow crafters to learn new things and connect with their peers and other stakeholders. The industry is small, and chocolate makers like the McGuire’s are open to sharing so that they can “nourish the global chocolate making community.” They also look forward to continuing to give back to their community. Mark McGuire is the treasur- er of the Chamber of Commerce and finds it is a good way to stay in touch with the local business community. He has his finger on the pulse of the ebb and flow of the challenges and opportunities that their fellow business owners face. We at Spotlight also look forward to watching as their business continues to grow and evolve. We wish the McGuire’s every success, as their story and their chocolates are truly delightful. To learn more about the amazing products that the McGuire Chocolate Company has to offer or to place an online order for their sensational treats, visit , you can also email you can also follow them on their Facebook (@mcguire- chocolate) or Instagram (@mcguirechocolate) pages. You can also drop in and see them the next time you are in Saint Andrews, New Bruns- wick, they would love to see you.

“nourish the global choc- olate making communi- ty.”





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