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AMBASSADORS OF NON-SURGICAL MEDICAL AESTHETICS by Lee Ann Atwater UNDREA NURSE INC N on-Surgical Medical Aesthetics continues to be a growing sector of the health and wellness industry. We had the opportu-

After graduating from UNB, Ritchie began her career as a cardiac and mental health nurse before being introduced to the cosmetic side of medicine and said that she “Immediately knew it was my calling.” Ritchie herself has suffered through skin issues her entire life from the time that she hit puberty and has personally seen the impact that these procedures can have on your own personal heath and wellness and the confi - dence that it can give clients. Ritchie recalls a particular trip to the medical spa for a treatment when she noticed a doctor in the spa that day. She began to ask questions and uncovered that the doctor was performing Botox and filler injections to patients, now remember that this was over eleven years ago so this is not something that you saw everyday. Ritchie began to ask questions to get a better understanding C of the services that were being performed by the doctor and with many hours of additional research uncovered that these were all proce- dures that could be administered by a registered nurse, and as they say the rest is history. Ritchie has been a registered nurse now for almost elven years. She has devoted over ten of those years to the cosmetic side of medicine as a Cosmetic Aesthetic Nurse Specialist and a trusted ambas- sador of the profession and industry. She said, “I have been extremely fortunate to learn from and trained with some of the top plastic surgeons and nurses from all over the world which has given me the experience needed to be at the top of my field.” Ritchie is always learning and focuses on keeping up with the latest innovation and products in this very evolving industry and was quick to tell us that, “My learning journey is not over as I am currently doing my master’s degree in Nursing at Athabasca University.” M Y CM MY CY CMY K

nity this month to speak with Aundrea Ritchie, founder of Aundrea Nurse Inc, about what motivated her to start a business in this innova- tive industry. We also learn how her desire to help others and to strive to make a difference in peoples’ lives powers her entrepreneurial spirit and have not only made her an expert in Non-Surgical Medical Aesthetics but an ambas- sador of the entire industry. When Aundrea Ritchie, then Trevors, was growing up in Miramichi, New Brunswick, a career in Non-Surgical Medical Aesthetics and being an ambassador for the industry and profession was the furthest thing from her mind. So, Ritchie’s journey begins when she leaves high school and her hometown in northern New Brunswick to obtain a psychology degree from St. Thomas University. “I soon realized once I completed my degree, I was going to need do something else for a career and the medical field and nursing had always been in the back of my mind,” Ritchie went on to say, “I have always had a strong desire to help others and to strive to make a difference in peoples’ lives. So, in 2008 I decided to continue my education and went back to school and on to receive my Advanced Standing Bachelor of Nursing degree from the University of New Brunswick.” It does not take long when speaking with Ritchie to understand that she is driven and very goal orientated as she was able to complete her nursing degree in two years rather than the usual four.

“I have always had a strong desire to help others and to strive to make a difference in peoples’ lives.”





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